Get Laid Using Racial Leverage

Asian girls love white guys… Dont believe me? take a trip to south east asia and find out for yourself.

If your having trouble with the white girls in your town try your hand at an asian party this weekend. You may not picture yourself with an asian wife in future but it’s a great way to get your feet wet. You can screw up a few approaches and mess up in bed a few times but if your anything like the women I have talked to lately they will love you…whatever you end up doing.

Enjoy the boost in confidence that these submissive asian girls give you and when your ready you can move outside your comfort zone and go back to your local women… But more than likely you will fall in love with asian girls in the process.

Sound wildly racist to you?

It’s nothing close really – your just taking advantage of a well known fact. A fact you may be unaware of currently. Most asian guys love blond haired blue eyed women and asian girls go wild for white men. I’m guessing because it’s different and also because western american society is much admired.

So instead of going out to a bar tonight and getting shut down or disappointed by a drunk arrogant entitled white slut (wow that was heavy) , try your hand at approaching that asian girl in the library or mall you saw yesterday.


Dating Advice: Convey Personality with Props

The most important dating advice that you should not forget is the use of props in attracting women. A “ladies man” should have the looks, attitude, confidence, and appropriate props to convey an interesting personality. You don’t want to be the plain, boring uninterested guy. This is not the way to attract women. What you want to have is a lively, mysterious, interesting look and personality to get the girl of your dream.

It’s important that you are spontaneous and being able to adapt and talk to women without using lame pickup lines. What you need is the ability to take advantage of what you have and what is happening around you. To increase your chances of talking to women you can use the following props. This provides a good excuse to talk to them. It offers a new idea or topic to talk about. It also allures them to come to you. So take note of the following pops and how to take advantage of them when seducing women.


Your K9 friend did not get the name “the man’s best friend” solely from its loyalty. Literally your pet can be your best wingman. Women are naturally attracted to dogs. And you can easily channel that attraction to you. Women like someone with a pet because it shows that you are a responsible and caring person. It’s not a joke to have a pet. So they will like you for that.

dating props

So don’t keep that pet at home. Walk your dog as often as you can. Bring it to the park and stay there and watch the ladies pay you some of their elusive attention. If you don’t have dog you can borrow it from a friend. Volunteer to take care of it for a day. If girls ask about it then tell them that you volunteered to take care of it for a friend.

Interesting Books

A book conveys your interest in academics. If you want to show your intellectual side you can use books to convey that personality. This works best if you are a natural book lover or if you actually read books. Buy a good book, a fiction pocket-book will do. Try also best-selling authors. Read about the author and his works too.

If you’re not into books and you are trying to seduce a bookworm chink then you can try to seek her advice on which one to buy or start reading. This can be a good chance for you to start paying some interest in reading.

Magazines/News Papers 

A well read person will always have a print at an arm’s length. A good magazine or newspaper can be used as props to convey this personality. Choose business magazines, and reputable newspapers. Don’t be tempted to bring or read tabloids and paparazzi newspapers.

You can easily choose to start a good conversation from what you are reading.

Business Card

A good business card shows that you are an established person. So invest a few dollars in an elegant looking business card. Ask someone to design it for you. Minimalist designs are great. Make sure it shows the right information. Handing her your business card is a good strategy if you want her to have your phone number. She can call you whenever she wants. She will probably keep it in her purse and will notice it again sometime. Just a word of caution, make sure that you hand her your card in a NOT so businesslike manner. Make it casual, friendly and even flirty.


A lighter can be used to approach women. I am talking about smoking women. If you see her taking a cigarette, it’s your cue to approach and offer her a light. Don’t ask if you can offer her a light. Just light it and cap it with your hands. Don’t bring it too near her face, a foot away from her would be nice, just allow her to come a bit closer and lit her cigarette.

Don’t say anything she would not probably be able to talk until she finished the first or second puff. If she is ready to talk or if she is interested to talk she will talk to you. A simple thanks or thank you is good enough. You can carry the conversation from there.

A Watch

A watch can be very helpful aside from telling the time. It can also help you approach women. If you wonder if someone has been watching you, try to casually look at your watch. Then if she does the same thing she probably have been eyeing you.

You may also use your watch to close or excuse yourself from a conversation or engagement. You can look at your watch and say that you have something to do and leave.

The choice of watch matters. The best thing to do is pick something that is known by brand like a Rolex or Omega. But not all of us can afford those fancy looking watches. In this case you can go for vintage but smart-looking ones which are not so expensive.


One of the best gadgets you can have is a good camera. Carry with you a DSLR or some fancy looking digital camera. There are two ways to use it. First you can use the camera to show off your pics from your travels or recent adventure.

You may also use it to take her picture. But don’t forget to ask if it’s okay if you take her picture. So it will not be obvious that you’re only interested with her ask her friends to join her. Also incorporate the surroundings to the background or with the picture.

A Wad of Cash 

If you are going to seduce women the best way to do it is to show that you have the cash. My advice is to ditch your wallet and start using a “money clip”. Bring with you a wad of cash and pay everything in cash. Leave your cards at home. Withdraw some cash before you go out for the night. If you don’t have a think wad of cash borrow it from someone else. You don’t have to spend it all. Remember it’s just for show.

High-End Car

A gorgeous car can always lure the ladies. Driving a high-end car can convey the kind of person who has money to spend and great taste in automobiles.  You just don’t drive to get to your destination but you also drive with style. This can drive the girls wild.

Your Mum

If you know how to treat a lady like a complete gentleman you should start with your mum. Ask your mum to have lunch or dinner with you. Or maybe spend some relaxing afternoon at a coffee shop. You may also help her do shopping. If ladies see how you treat your mum then they will see you as a respectful and very caring guy.  This is a great thing to do to score with women plus you also have some bonding time with your mom.


Being a babysitter is not a joke. But it can also give you an advantage towards women. Try to volunteer to baby sit your nephew or niece for a day. Then go out with the kid. Hang out in a park, restaurant, or go shopping. Girls are naturally attracted to children and this is how you will draw them to you. Make it clear that the kid calls you uncle not daddy.

Final Words…

These props should only be an add-on to you being a man. Don’t rely on it too much. The idea is to try to identify which of these props would work for you and you are comfortable with. You can align it to your interest or to the interest of the girl you are trying to seduce.

There are those who advice on combining these props to achieve the needed effect. It can be great and it can work wonders for you. But there are risks; it can make you look ridiculous if you don’t know how to handle it.

Do’s and Dont’s of a Modern Day Chivalrous Guy

We can’t deny it women likes modern-day Chivalrous guys, times may change but the “gentleman guy” is timeless. Being a modern-day knight is an attitude. It must be practiced everyday so you can be a genuine gentleman. The technique is to practice it at home with female family members. Like your mother, sister, grandma or aunt. If you do this, then you will be liked by them. In no time you will be their most favorite guy ever!


  • Do Hold Hands When Walking Outside
  • Do Offer Your Seat
  • Do Offer Your Coat or Jacket if it’s Cold or Raining
  • Do Open and Hold Doors for Her
  • Do Pull Out the Chair for Her and help her get Sitted
  • Do Carry Her Bag
  • Do Send Her Flowers
  • Do Date Her
  • Do Listen to Her
  • Do Fight for Her
  • Do Avoid Pornography
  • Do Have an Excellent Hygiene

helpful guy


  • Don’t come too short with compliments.
  • Don’t Ogle Women In Her Presence
  • Don’t Disrespect Her
  • Don’t Make a Promise You Can’t Keep
  • Don’t Swear
  • Don’t Be Late
  • Don’t Dress Inappropriately
  • Don’t Ignore Her
  • Don’t Make Her Feel Jealous or Insecure

Being a gentleman is very rewarding and at the same time frustrating. Believe me because I had my fair share of this misery. Let me share a couple of my experiences.

While on the bus I tried helping a woman carry several of her shopping bags and other belongings. But it seemed that she was not too happy with my offer. She said she’s okay. Well she was able to carry all her stuff but she looked like a Christmas tree. I wasn’t helping her because she can’t do it I just wanted to make things easier for her.

It made me feel bad because I have been turned down. I was expecting some gratitude but I got the opposite. So my expectation was not met. But come to think of it. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Or maybe I was too strong on my approach that it felt like I was invading her privacy. So in the end I let it pass.

I had a similar experience while at the office pantry where it can be super crowded during lunch breaks. I offered to share my table with a lady who could not find a seat to enjoy her lunch. She declined and choose to wait until she had a table for her own. I reasoned that she probably just wanted to be left alone. Or maybe she thought I was trying to pick her up. I’m not good-looking but I don’t look like a sex offender either.

I felt bad on both occasions. There was even a time when I have almost given up on my chivalrous acts. But then I came to realize that what I was doing was actually nice. If they declined my chivalry act it’s their loss not mine. And it only happened once in a while. Most of the ladies are appreciated if you show them kindness and respect.

I must also caution you guys with women who are abusive. I know that part of being a gentleman means that never expecting anything in return. But you must have limits. You have a life to live and it does not include enslaving yourself for someone who wears skirts and pretty high heels we call ladies. This means that sometimes you have to learn to say no.

Decoding The 12 Types of Women

Sometimes it can be really frustrating when we try to get to know and understand women. There is a lot of misconception about women. Many people especially men thinks that women are hard to understand. Girls, please don’t fret,  admit it you are really good at giving us men a hard time. But tell you what guys, women are not that hard to understand.

Generally we can categorize women into 12 types as enumerated below. From here we will have a general understanding on how these girls’ thinks and acts. We can use this knowledge  on how to make them fall in love with us. If you want to be a player or just want to find someone to love. You may use the following guide to better understand women.

Types of Women

1. The Smart Ass

This girl has a college or university degree. She has received a good education. She is a well read too. She reads newspaper, magazine, likes politics, finance and other fields of academic interest. You will find them at school campuses, libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops. They prefer to have eReaders than tablets.

Now this girl has a high IQ and they use it to reason out. They are very methodical and articulate. They like to engage their man on an intellectual showdown. She likes to discuss things and debate. They sometimes argue just to make her point and get your opinion.

2. The Gold Digger

These are often called high maintenance women because keeping them means that you have to maintain sizable expenditures. Most of them would stick to you for one thing. Your MONEY. If you don’t have money then they will ditch you and look for someone else. They are different from women looking for sugar daddies. They only love wealth and richness. They would do everything to get it. If you have the money to spend then all is well and wonderful.

3. The Psycho

The typical psychos are the overly attached women. They are the ones who are becoming overly attached girlfriends. You may also include the stalker, control freaks and the typical paranoids. These girls have trust issues so you better be careful with them. They usually are good girlfriends at first and it’s hard to identify them until you already have been dating for some time.

First they will try to invade your personal life and would not give you any personal space. They will try to get hold of your phone, check your texts, emails, phone numbers and social network accounts. They will try to control you and use emotional blackmail on you. Unless you really love her and you are ready to deal with this kind of stuff then you may want to avoid this kind of types of women.

4. The Sophisticated Type

These girls can be intimidating. They belong to the elite type of women.  Generally they come from rich and famous families. So they are rich and popular. Most of them have been well educated coming from exclusive private schools. What makes them hard to date is their status quo.

Most of them would date someone from their circle. If you walk on the same groups then you also have a good chance of dating them. Other than that you will have to need a lot of self confidence to date this type of women.

5. The Arty Hipster

This is a creative type of women, opinionated, witty and very stylish. She appreciates all types of art. You can see her in art exhibits, art galleries, festivals, and other art expositions. They can be difficult to handle. But if you are both an artsy hipster person then you might click. Generally these women are very passionate about their art. But they are never into tidying up their stuff or their place. They can be really messy but they like it that way.

6. The Soulful Woman

This type of women is into yoga and meditation. Contrary to the arty hipster type the soulful type is very tidy, organized and sometimes they can be clean freaks. They like to eat healthy foods and sometimes they are vegetarian too. These kinds of women will keep on searching for meaning on everything. They would usually ask you what she meant to you and what the relationship means to you as well. You must answer well when they ask you this because they put a lot of weight on this.

7. The Career Woman or Alpha Female

If there is an alpha male there is also an alpha female counterpart. These types of women are focused on their work. If you want to be with this woman you will have to compete with her work for her time and attention. They are not really intimate and cheesy because they show more of paternal love.

types of women

8. The Wife – Mum Material

This type of women would rather stay at home and tend the house and the kids. They like to take care of you, cook for you and do the laundry. She is the perfect domestic wife and perfect mum for your kids. She is pretty laid back who thinks that socializing is a waste of time. She would rather have a house party instead of going outside. They develop culinary skills so they would rather cook for every meal and occasion compared to catering.

9. The Easy Girl

Not that she is easy to get. In fact she’s single and probably not going to be in a relationship. She is just happy, easy to be with and hang outs and flirts with the boys. She takes care of herself she does not have any important obligation other than work and herself. She is not also into big commitment too. More importantly the easy girl wants to travel and enjoy life.

10. The Drama Queen or Attention Whore

I think these women are the most annoying. They like to make drama not a scene just drama because they like it. Probably because they are bored. All they need is to get your attention and maybe just to piss you off. If you are short tempered be sure that you don’t clench your fist because you might seriously hurt her.

11. The Nymphomaniac

You might think that you have found the jackpot with this type of woman. She is like a sex machine. She is always horny and willing to experiment for new ways to enjoy sex. She takes pleasure in sex and also wants to please. But there is also a NOT so good side to this story. There is a good chance that she will look for sex somewhere else. Well shit happens right and sometimes it’s just suck to be you.

12. The Winner

Okay this is the ultimate girlfriend material. She is the perfect girl for you because she posses everything that you are looking for in a girl. If you find this woman you should never let her go.

Our list is composed of both the good and the bad type of women. It’s better if you will get to know the person first before jumping into a more serious relationship. You never know you may be dating a psycho and it can be too late for you to find out.


Simple Ways to Be a Better Man

We all strive to be a better person. We live a life with constant struggle for our betterment as well as for others. We all have something to improve it may be the physical, spiritual, social or psychological aspect of our life. The point is we want to be good at whatever we want to do and that is how we live our life to the fullest.

To help you become a better person, as a lover, parent, professional or just everyday normal guy that is you. The rules we have laid below will be very helpful. We have divided it into two parts namely the Fundamental Ways to a Better Man and Simple Every Day Habits to Be Better Man.

4 Fundamental Ways to be a Better Man

To become a better man we must realize that we are a social animal. We live in a world where we need to relate and connect with the people around us. You can be a better person as you personally perceived and based on how other people thinks and feel about you. If you want to have better relationships with other people it’s a must to follow the following fundamental ways on social interaction.

# 1. Be genuine

The very best thing that you can do is be true to yourself. Be the real you. Don’t try to copy someone else personality. You are better off being the sociable and cultured yourself. It’s easier for you to get along with other people if you are being real. Other people will also notice if they know that you are just putting up a face.

#2. Think first before you act

This is not an easy thing to do if you are not used to it. Some of us has developed a bad habit of acting first before thinking. This is the reason why you are getting into a lot of trouble. Try to relax and think of what to say and do. Consider the impact of your actions. You should think of alternatives that can be beneficial for yourself and for others. Sometimes we say or do things that we don’t really mean. But the truth is it can hurt other people’s feeling. Once the damage is done it becomes hard to fix. This is what we should try to avoid.

#3. Practice selflessness

Selflessness is avoiding being greedy. You should put the welfare of the majority before your personal interests. In fact you should make  the welfare of everyone as your personal interest. This is how you become selfless. This is a noble act that everyone will appreciate.

#4. Walk it like you talk it

Now that you have considered your actions. It’s time that you prove to yourself and others that you are trustworthy individual. To do this you should mean what you say or do. It is the only way for people to trust you. With trust you can build a good relationship with others. You will also earn their respect and loyalty.

better person

Simple Every Day Habits to Be A Better Man

  • Be helpful.  Be ready with a helping hand especially to those who can’t repay you. Always be willing to help and go out of your way just to assist or help someone.
  • Compliment genuinely. Make sure that everyday you compliment someone. You can compliment anyone even a complete stranger. It will NOT take too much effort to appreciate someone but it will make them feel a lot better. But be sure that you give genuine and wholesome compliments.
  • Talk to your loved ones. Don’t let a day pass without calling or talking to someone you love. Call your parents to say hi, or someone from your  who are far away. Just talk to them, tell them what you did that day and ask about how have they been.
  • Exercise. Take 10 – 15 minutes everyday to workout. You will be surprise at the results and how it will make you feel even better.
  • Do your best. Always give it your best shot at work or on a hobby.
  • Cook. Learn to cook or prepare for your dinner or lunch. Get into the habit of cooking for yourself and let go of the dining out and take out routines. You can save money, eat healthy, and learn some culinary skills. Which is very sexy for a guy these days.
  • Read. Reading is a good habit. It stimulates your brain and lets you relax. Read the newspaper or watch the news.
  • Save. Start saving for the future. Saving is not a one time bank deposit that you do every time get your paycheck. This should be incorporated with your daily life. Think about what and how you can save.
  • Change bad habits. Recognize your bad habits. Work on changing them. If you smoke a lot try to reduce the amount of cigarettes you consume everyday. If you think you have a drinking issue it’s time that you slowly let go. Again do it slowly but surely. The change should be slow but effective.
  • Learn something new. Look for ways to improve yourself. Learn something new or develop a new skill. You may also want to enroll in a short course class. Some dance lesson or voice lesson. Attend workshops and seminars or start a new DIY project.
  • Control your temper or emotions. Having a total control over your temper and emotion is a skill. This is very useful because you become objective on your judgement when dealing with people.
  • Smile and make an eye contact. Make it a habit to smile and make eye contact. This is to show that you are polite and has manners. Don’t avoid having eye contact by facing away or trying to toy with your phone if someone is talking to you.
  • Make firm handshakes. Make firm handshakes. This tells about your personality. It means that you are a person with high conviction.

Final words…

We all have room for improvements. But we don’t really switch from one ordinary asshole person into a super liked by all people. It’s a process and it does not happen over night. It will take weeks or even months. The key is to start doing small things that will make you a better person. Good luck!

Things Women Hate About Men

In our last post we have talked about things that women like about men. Or the types of men that women like. We have enumerated several characteristics that women are attracted to and why they like it.

But not everyone would fall into the magic category that makes them natural women magnets. Even the perfect guys would once in a while slip and do something to turn a woman off. The following are the common things that women hate about men.

When she gives you the silent treatment, you know that you did something wrong. When it happens go and check the following list. Try to spot which of the following thing you did wrong.

Things Girls Hate About Guys

#1. You Stop Being Romantic

What you have is a romantic relationship. When you stop being romantic, it will destroy the very reason why you are being together. This will affect everything that you have or whatever you had accomplished.

You stop being romantic when you don’t bring her flowers, presents, or you just stop making her feel special. When you are living together it does not mean that you will have to stop wooing her. You stop dating, and all the fun things that you used to do.

Try to find ways on how to keep the spark on your relationship going.

unhappy girlfriend
#2. You Turn Down Sex

It’s an insult to turn down an offer. If you say no when she wants to have sexy time then she will be offended. She will feel that she no longer excites you. We understand that your little man may not feel all too excited about her specially if you are not feeling like doing it. Boredom, stress, and health reasons may drain you out of your precious testosterone. That is why you should always be ready for times like these. Workout and be sure that you have that reserved stamina to keep her happy.

#3. When You Ignore Her

Don’t ignore her. Men are good in focusing their 100% attention to whatever they do. She wants to think and feel that she is your priority. So there are times when she will try to get your attention. No matter how annoying it maybe you still have to give her your attention.

Don’t ignore her over your video games or over your guy buddies. You may spend a lot of your affection on your car and she will be jealous about it. So try to balance your time.

#4. You Watch Too Much Pron

It’s okay to watch pron once in a while. But to be addicted to it and enjoy watching it compared to having sex with her will definitely turn her off. Watch pron to start a sexy time with her. Invite her to watch it with you.

#5. When You Avoid Commitment

Women like guys who plan for the future. When you stop being committed and stop planning then she will think that you are being uncommitted and immature. It’s not enough that you have plans. You must work to make it happen and pursue your plans.

#6. When You Talk About Your Ex

There is a reason why it’s called ex. It means previous and it should belong to the past. Brought it up but don’t get too excited about it. Don’t be tempted to compare her to your ex. This is a very sensitive matter specially if you think that your girlfriend is a bit too insecure. But maybe it’s because you don’t make her feel secure about your relationship. You should think about this.

#7. When You Start Nagging

Nagging is for women. They don’t expect you to nag at them. Specially if you start hot topics like how she spends her money. Don’t talk about her spending if you are not the one providing her with cash. It’s just unreasonable. You may also nag at her attitude and the way she treats you. This will be an easy avenue to get your ass kicked. Women are slackers too. Just like men, they may procrastinate, become messy and all too lazy. They are people too. When you were dating all see was her good side, very tidy, organized, and attentive. Well after months of living together you will start to see her other side. And it may not seem too attractive.

#8. When You Become Too Dominant

A woman likes a man or a guy that has the alpha male character. It means that you command with leadership. You plan ahead and pursue your plans. You have rules and you want them followed. But what they don’t like is a dictator. So be careful with this.

#9. When You Make them Your Nanny

Don’t look at women as your nanny who will look after your mess, laundry, dishes, and makes you a sandwich when you need it. If that is what you’re looking for then you are better off with a nanny or babysitter than a girlfriend.

Let them serve you, do favors for you and pamper you but don’t order them to do it for you. You may request a favor every now and then but be sure that you return the favor.

#1o. When You Become Too Dependent on Her

Generally women expect guys to be the provider. But life is full of uncertainty and you may find yourself in between jobs. At times like these all we need is her comforting arms to inspire us to get going and start somewhere else.

But don’t be too comfortable when she is the one providing for both of you. It’s okay to ask for support and swallow your pride. What is important is you strive to do your best and work hard on landing another source of income except her savings account.

10 Important Open Relationship Rules

We enter into and build relationships based on what we think is best for us. This is among the reason why not all of us would have the “in relationship” status. Finding a partner is a challenge.  But finding the right person is another thing.

All of us are unique persons with unique needs and preferences. There are people who want to be unconventional and live a non stereotypical lifestyle. This is also true  when it comes to relationships. There are those who wants’ to be on an “open relationship”.

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship is a type of relationship where the participants don’t practice monogamy. They might be involved in a romantic relationship but they don’t practice exclusivity. One or both of the partners might be involved in another romantic activity with other people not including the original partner.

An open relationship offers a chance for a person to try new things and explore new possibilities. Sure it offers some exciting features but it also has its own pitfalls and challenges. Open relationships might not work for everyone, but for certain couples it suits them just fine. You can read more about open relationship from Wikipedia.

open relationship

10 Open relationship Rules

If you are in an “open relationship” then you must be a very lucky person or couple! You should feel good because again it is not for everybody. Here are some guidelines and rules on how to make your open relationship work. Following the rules below will allow you to enjoy a happy life full of endless possibilities.

#1. It should be based on mutual consent.

An open relationship that is not based on mutual consent is a lie and probably you are cheating! Cheating on your lover or original partner and cheating to yourself as well. Spare yourself with a lot of trouble. Only practice being in an open relationship only if both of you are okay with the idea.

There are ways on how to come into an agreement. You can make your intention clear right from the beginning of the relationship. Sometimes old lovers who fall out of love would choose to keep the relationship going just for the convenience it offers but with no commitments.

#2. Know your limitations.

Both partners should have limits. This will be your guide if you have crossed the line already or not. It should avoid conflicts. It’s best that you too have your own set of limits and rules. An example of which would include how many other relationships to maintain at the same time.

#3. Remember to Communicate.

This is the key to any successful relationship. This relationship might not have exclusivity, full trust and commitment but it will be a lot easier if you remember to communicate. You are in this because there is something that you like about it. There is also a lot of room for improvement which you can talk about. Talk about how you can make it more mutually satisfying.

#4. Don’t Fall In Love.

Don’t take this literally. When love beckons you, one can’t really do anything about it. What I mean is to watch whom you are falling in love with and refer to your agreement. This will depend on your mutual agreement and to whom you are falling in love with.

If you both agreed that you will not fall in love with each other then don’t. Having a serious feeling towards your partner and letting him/her know what you feel might ruin your relationship. For some they also agree to call it quits when one of them finds love with someone else.

#5. Schedule and Plan Ahead.

It’s best if you have a schedule on when you should be mutually available for each other. And if you can’t because you have other engagements you should make early notice so you won’t keep the other hanging.

What good is a relationship if you can’t have some romantic time every now and then. Keep in mind that there some successful couples who are in an open relationship who are living together. There are also other’s who finds it more convenient to have separate places.

#6. Make the person public but keep the how and why private.

Men do not kiss and tell. But it does not mean that you have to hide your relationship with that person. That will not be fair. Unless of course you have agreed to keep a clandestine relationship.

#7. Don’t let the partner interfere with work and family.

This relationship can be very erratic unless handled correctly. Just to make it safe and avoid so much trouble try to build open relationships only to people who are not connected with your work or not a family friend.

This is a very risky relationship and your partner can ruin your life or career is he/she would want to. So just a word of caution, keep your personal and professional life away from this.

#8. Practice safe sex.

This is a non monogamous relationship. Assume that your partner sleeps with other people. So make your safety as top priority.

#9. Don’t be needy.

Keep jealousy in check. Don’t be needy or overly attached. Remember what you have agreed on and remember your limitations. If you don’t have this then it’s time to agree on something or call it quits all together.

#10. Treat each other with respect.

You have an unconventional relationship. You like on a non stereotypical life. But you are still humans. Treat yourself and your partner with respect.

10 Types of Guys Every Woman Wants

By now you may have already noticed that some men are natural women magnets. Well this is actually true. There are men who are born with natural or have acquired traits and characteristics that women can’t resist. These men can easily pick up women for dates and get into serious relationships. Why? It’s obvious because women want them. They don’t need to put up too much effort in approaching women. In fact they don’t even have to bother doing cold approaches and using lame pickup lines. They are the type of guys who have natural born talent of seducing women. They can do it almost unconsciously.

In this article we will reveal the top 10 types of guys every woman wants. We will also try to explain why women crave for these types of men. This will make you better understand the strong and weak points of these characteristics. So if you fall into one of these categories you will know how to take advantage of it.

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10 Types of Guys Women Can’t Resist

#1. The Single Guy

Obviously the single and available guys attract women most. I don’t see the need of explaining this any further. I will just bore you with it. Let’s move on to the next.

#2. The Romantic Guy

Women want to feel they are special, appreciated, and loved. This is what the romantic guy will do. She can’t resist him because he will pamper his girl with candle lit dinners, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dances. He also tells her how he feels about her. The romantic guy is corny but let’s face it girls can’t resist them.

#3. The Confident Guy

Confidence is one of the qualities that girls look for in a guy. This type of guys knows and believes in their capacity and ability. They think and capitalize on their potential. This creates some sort of attraction. If a guy thinks and believes that he is great, girls will also think that he truly is the best. She thinks confidence is sexy that is why they can hardly resist a confident guy.

#4. The Creative Guy

This is an artistic person who has a high passion for his art. He regards his art on top of all. Girls should expect that she will be second on his priority with his art on number 1 spot. But women like to think that she inspires this artist. And she definitely likes it when he offers or dedicates his song, painting, or work of art to her.

#5. The Bad Guy

This person is rebellious with an easy go lucky attitude and is unlikely to comply with social norms. Women like to be with this person because she thinks she can influence him or transform him. This might be impossible to do but still they are enticed with the challenge of transforming him for the better because.

Some women also want to be with her because she is equally free spirited. They want to live a life of adventure, free from the worries of the likely consequence of their actions because they want to live for the moment. Women who have gone tired and broken up with the good guy type of man would want to get tangled with this type of guys.

#6. The Intellectual and Funny Guy

These types of guys are academically oriented. Most of this has a college or university degree while some have a master or PhD diploma. They can crack good and intelligent jokes. They are very reasonable. They can be cheesy and romantic but you know he is doing it for a reason. He plans and makes schemes. Women like to be with these guys because they are fun to be with at least intellectually. They like to engage in conversation about politics, finance, psychology, etc.  Another thing why women like them is the fact that she can reason with him.

 #7. The Chivalrous Type Guy

Don’t make a mistake of labeling the gentleman type of guys as the good guys as oppose to what is mentioned in # 5. They can be any of the types we have here but have a special way of treating women.

He is understanding and sensitive. He is also very well mannered trained by his mama. He opens the door for her, pull out her chair and get her seated. He walks beside or behind her on the street. He holds her umbrella and carries her bag. He may seem the guy from the 19th century but she like him.

#8. The Charismatic Guy

This guy has the ability to attract attention and command action. He is nice to be with and you can’t explain why. Women like the charismatic type of men because they seem to be strange, unique, and interesting. She craves for him because she desires to uncover him.

#9. The Knight in Shining Armor Guy

He is the hero type. This type of guy will do everything to keep her safe and will die for her if needed be. He is always there for her to save you her honor, dignity, and life. I think you already know why women will like you.
#10. The Jack of All Trades Guy

This is the perfect guy. He seems to have every bit of the characteristics mentioned above. These guys have the greatest potential of being a player. But not everyone can be like him.

Just a word of advice. Don’t try to fake being one of these guys. Girls will know it sooner or later. What you should do is analyze these traits. Find out which of the types or traits you may want to adopt and feel comfortable with. That should be the point where you should capitalize your efforts.

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