Girls Tell All – What Women Crave From Men In Bed

If you are interested in learning how to truly satisfy women in bed then you have come to the right place. Not only do you want to be the guy who satisfies women in bed but YOU want to be the guy whose bed women come back to without even asking. I know this because […]

Dating Tips – Pick Up Your Balls And Stand Out From The Crowd

Yeah you heard me… If you want dating succes you are going to need to pick up your nuts and stand out. This one could be tough to get your head around but you DONT want to be just another easy college dude and you DONT want to be easy to pick up. Desperate needy […]

Redefine What Love Means To You

When you ask yourself what love means to you it would be a great idea to read some quotes from 4-8 year olds when asked the same thing. How do you stack up when it comes to what you expect and what you GIVE BACK in a relationship. What does love mean to you? Heres […]

How To Meet Women In Bars

How To Meet Women In Bars First of all… Your success with meeting women in bars will come down to several things but never let the conversation become boring or conversational! As soon as the conversation gets “boring” the women will move on and never come back. There are just to many distractions and to […]

Your Online Dating Plan Of Attack

Your Online Dating Plan Of Attack

Before you dive head first into the scary waters of online dating you first need a plan. Are you going to take the preferred route and reveal all about yourself or create a secret online avatar to test the waters. If you are unsure about this whole online dating scene and feel that you want […]

The Second Of Five Secrets About How Women Communicate

This is the follow up post from The First Of Five secrets about how women communicate Women explain there thinking and feeling processes out loud with DETAIL The problem most couples have is that men usually cut to the chase and give an overview of the current situation. Glossing over or completely leaving out ANY […]

How To Attract The Right Man

Your about to learn the secrets that most women will never know about How To Attract The Right Man In order to attract the right man you must first understand how a man’s mind works and not only that but also how male attraction works at the psychological level. How do men relate to certain […] UK Online Dating UK Online Dating’s online dating site makes it easy to meet singles in the uk. You can find members in your area using Cupid’s free search tools, and then create your free profile for other members to see. UK Cupid has one sexy almost dreamy layout which makes it super simple to navigate and use the free […]

Foxy Singles Online Dating Search

Foxy Singles Online Dating Search

Are you looking for an on line dating site which searches all the other sites then directs you to your perfect match? If you are like many others and have no clue as to which dating site best suits you then foxy singles online date site search might be what you are looking for. Simply […]

The First Of Five secrets about how women communicate

If your in a relationship you will benefits from these secrets by talking about them and listening together. If your women it might be useful to help you explain how to better communicate to the man in your life why you do the things you do. 1. Women love to talk because it creates connection […]

Why 99.9% of all Relationship Conflict Can Be Solved

The reason why relationships are often rich in argument and low in sexual tension after the honeymoon period is often due to the perception differences that exist between males and females. The fact that we are wired differently means relationships become argumentative or worse not as rich and meaningful as they could be. Become Aware […]

How To Get And Keep A Girlfriend

The title how to get and keep a girlfriend is somewhat misleading because there is no set method for getting a girlfriend apart from chatting to more girls and using certain techniques that will increase your chances. Nothing is concrete due to human emotions being so intangible and changeable. In saying that lets try and […]

Your Emotional Control = Your Success With Women

Have you even been in a room with your mates where everything is flowing fine, you feel confident and your chatting away… All of a sudden a really good looking women enters and you just cannot control your emotions? No matter how hard you try to subdue your beating heart it just races faster and […]

How NOT To Screw Up A First Date

Guys tend to screw up first dates almost every time because they take them way to seriously. Women just want to get to know you at the beginning of the relationship, the more comfortable and conversational the first date is the more likely you will get a second date. Awkward hesitant and nervous first dates […]