Girls Tell All – What Women Crave From Men In Bed

If you are interested in learning how to truly satisfy women in bed then you have come to the right place.

Not only do you want to be the guy who satisfies women in bed but YOU want to be the guy whose bed women come back to without even asking.

I know this because you guys have said it yourself. You want to be wanted needed admired and praised for great intimacy in bed.


You might be a little shy even insecure about your body – you wonder if this lack of confidence could get you rejected by the women you crave and you are just not ready for that rejection.

Do you wonder what women really want out a sexual experience and just HOW to give it to them at the right times?

If you are nodding your head right now trust me you are NOT ALONE

Dont feel like you are in the dark here because you feel insecure when a hot women walks in the door… even the pros get shakin up from time to time.


Dont feel like this is something that you cannot achieve for ANY reason whether it be lack of personality, humour, classical looks or even lack of endowment

NONE of these matter one bit!

Here are some KEY dating tips and advice that guarantee passion and desire from women no matter the level of attractiveness. The reason for this is because ALL women react similar to certain secret triggers that only some men use.

Before we go into the dating tips

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #1

What to do with a lesser experienced women

First things first…

Find out if she has had any experience with “self service” does she self stimulate to organism. Because it
so common and frequent among guys we assume women do to.

If she has never had an orgasm then chances are you will be able to help her out and show her enjoyment she is yet to experience.

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #2

Now you know where you stand you can take on the position of teacher – automatic authority and alpha male sexual tension. Take control and teach her what you know but notice that she will likely just lie not knowing what to do. You have to teach her slowly moving from one step to the next without rushing… be patient.

Body massages kissing and music without going anywhere near ‘certain areas’ is a good first move.

Dont be afraid to ask her if what you are doing is working for her… remind her that its fine and that she can use her hand to guide you.

Remember that orgasm is NOT the goal here… Her confidence in her body and progress from week to week is.

Creating Sexual Desire TIP #3

When you are intimate with these kinds of women it pays to remind them that everything’s fine keep talking and take it at their pace.

No wam bam thankyou mam

Hold her close in a secure loving embrace, this will help her open up to you.

She will expect that you are going to go in for the kill but when you start to massage her and embrace her in a loving way she will be the one to initiate.

She expects you to finish early and leave however once she realises that there is something in it for her you will have her coming back for more…

By taking it slow you see her grow in confidence and love her body. Through patience and intimacy you will win over.

She will surrender in time and be all yours because now she truly trusts that you are not going to violate her boundaries and leave her with nothing.

Of course this only applies to NICE girls who are yet to discover their intimate sexual side. You can show them by taking it slow and teaching them how.


In fact a large majority of the women you find in bars and clubs know their body inside and out, literally…

I mean these girls could teach YOU a thing or two. If you go in unaware you could get trampled over by these outgoing confident women who know what they want.

And also know what they want in bed!

To avoid getting humiliated in front of a pack of angry females and to learn how to tame these beasts you need to understand how they tick.

They are a completely different kettle of fish and are unlike the timid women discussed previously

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Dating Tips – Pick Up Your Balls And Stand Out From The Crowd

Yeah you heard me…

If you want dating succes you are going to need to pick up your nuts and stand out.

This one could be tough to get your head around but you DONT want to be just another easy college dude and you DONT want to be easy to pick up.

Desperate needy and in need of emotional support and attention are far from attractive to women and obviously you know this but do you know you are acting this way?

Being hard to deal with sometimes can trigger powerful emotion attraction in women. I’m not saying be annoying but just hard to get hold of sometimes and not interested others.

Just like us guys women want what they can’t have and they know they can get it. With thousands of dudes in clubs across the country after their tail (and they also know this) are you really standing out from the crowd?

Ask yourself how you actually act when you are trying to seduce a women, some of what you do might be great but I bet you come across well ready to get in her pants (even if you consciously try not to) as guys we are hard wired to be available to mates when they present themselves.

The best thing you can do for your dating success is to stand out from the crowd.

By this I mean don’t linger around her waiting on her beck and call.

This really does kill any ALPHA male attraction you once had with her

Ask her to buy the drinks once and awhile

Stop being a WUSS

Don’t ring her up or txt her constantly (I hope you don’t do this already)
Of course once you are in a relationship for a few years this is fine but during the seduction phase you wanna play it a little cool.

Shes testing out your ability to provide in this period so make her chase you a little. Make HER work for it rather than you all the time

By standing outside the pack of lame desperate dudes in clubs and bars you can Drastically increase your dating success

Redefine What Love Means To You

When you ask yourself what love means to you it would be a great idea to read some quotes from 4-8 year olds when asked the same thing.

How do you stack up when it comes to what you expect and what you GIVE BACK in a relationship. What does love mean to you?

Heres what the kids think:

“When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails any more.  So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love.”

“When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.”

“Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs.”

“Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.”

“Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.”


These novel but enlightening comments about what love means to them really puts relationships in perspective.

By redefining what love really means to you, you discover that it has little root in sexual natures at all.

Do not confuse love with lust. Lovemaking may be away of giving love but the sexual act itself is far from the source of love.

True love comes from years together so once again the common phrase

In Love

does little to describe how they are feeling for each other.

True love does not happen overnight

You love your family, you might love your best friend and you give love in small quantities throughout the day with small gestures.

Sadly most people have very little love to give an are full of HATE

They are only interested in Win Lose deals where they keep all of their french fries and try to steal others.

Keep away from WIN LOSE people.

They will take your love an give nothing back in return

Re read the quotes by the children

Love does not have to be sexual or even romantic in nature but it is worth 100 times back what you give when you are in no expectation of return.

How To Meet Women In Bars

How To Meet Women In Bars

First of all… Your success with meeting women in bars will come down to several things but never let the conversation become boring or conversational! As soon as the conversation gets “boring” the women will move on and never come back.

There are just to many distractions and to much excitement to talk about your work day. When meeting women in bars or clubs you have to be able to move the conversation on with ease and throw in some arrogance and comedy or wit in order to stand out from the crowd.

Even if she brings up the topic of politics family or work she wont be interested in talking about them as
she is just being polite – MOVE the conversation on.

Make fun of some guys dance moves or order her a drink – ANYTHING to move away from boring.

Making fun of other guys who are perhaps trying hard but obviously don’t fit in automatically puts you in the alpha state but you have to know how to say it. Come across “lame collge dude” and your screwed.
A great way to talk to women in bars is to put the pressure back on the women and liven up the energy between you. Do this by asking HER to tell her a joke or story about herself that is worth listening to.

You can even try small fun games so that the initial conversation does not seem to heavy and automatic.
Picking up women in clubs and bars is easy if you go about it the way women want you to.

Most men try way to hard and get all serious about it but you will notice that the best are actually very relaxed and at home chatting to women in bars.

Cold calling chicks in bars can be tough if you cant come up with interesting things to say so maybe a couple of beers to loosen the tongue will work for you.

DONT attempt to pick up chicks drunk.

It’s important that you are the one controlling the conversation and leave from the encounter FIRST.

It’s ok… You will meet her again later on but it will give you and her a chance to think about the encounter.

A funny game to play:

Ask for her name and then using each letter of her name you describe what you think she is like. Obviously really long hard to spell names could get difficult.

Say her name was Sarah… Emphasize the first word

Sarah huh?

How would I describe sarah well…

SO willing to please

ALWAS early to class

REALLY nerdy

Attention seeking

Happens to be have been staring at me all night

Am I right?

……. Silence

Ok you try me…

It works because:

You are interesting AND you are in control

These tips should get you started…

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Your Online Dating Plan Of Attack

Before you dive head first into the scary waters of online dating you first need a plan. Are you going to take the preferred route and reveal all about yourself or create a secret online avatar to test the waters.

If you are unsure about this whole online dating scene and feel that you want to dip your feet in before getting wet the second option of faking it out for awhile would be the best option.

You see signing up for an online dating site requires you to divulge a significant amount of information about yourself to the world or at least to the dating site in question.

If you are prepared to be honest (recommended) with people and get the most out of the experience then paying for an online dating service and really fleshing out your profile with hobby information and likes and dislikes speaks volumes to other members.

Or you could always just use a pen name for awhile and use the option of hiding your birthdate if thats something you feel slightly embarrassed about.

All I’m saying is that you DO have these options

Hey its the internet and you can be just about anyone you want so dont feel pressured into filling every form out down to your social security number!!!

You are the one in control of your dating profile as well as who you accept as a friend.

Dont feel bad rejecting friend requests or not replying to emails in your inbox.

Your online dating plan of attack is very important because it often defines the success you get on the inside of the dating site itself.

Set up this dating plan before you sign up so that you are all ready before you begin.

Ask yourself these questions when coming up with your online dating plan of attack:

1. Online Dating Attraction

Who is it that you want to attract?

2. Online Dating Information

How much information are you willing to divulge with the understanding that the more others know about you the higher and more accurate the response.

3. Online Dating Experience

What exactly do you want out of this online dating experience?

By knowing who you are looking for, how you profile will look and what you want the end result to be you know are in a position to move forward.


Novel but vital questions before entering this online dating space

What email are you going to use
Are you going to use your real name
What does the ideal person you are after look like
What do they do or wear?
How are you going to ask other members to chat
Do you want a serious relationship or just a fling?
How are you going to ensure your safety when meeting singles offline?

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The Second Of Five Secrets About How Women Communicate

This is the follow up post from

The First Of Five secrets about how women communicate

Women explain there thinking and feeling processes out loud with DETAIL

The problem most couples have is that men usually cut to the chase and give an overview of the current situation. Glossing over or completely leaving out ANY emotional feeling or detail involving what’s going on inside their head.

This leaves women at somewhat of a loss because the main way women connect IS through talking about how they are feeling.

For men the goal of the conversation is to pass on the important information but women want more detail. The problem is, women think men are talking too little while men think women talk TOO MUCH…

But most men don’t understand the secret of why all this talking is necessary, being that women want to talk to express love through conversing in detail.

Because men require some tangible reason for putting effort into talking this much perhaps a focus on the benefits of talking about your day and feelings are worthwhile.

You can use talking to relieve stress

– females use talking to externalise worries

However men tend to internalise these worries and resolve them by using powerful problem solving skills. Women tend to talk to friends about worries not to solve them but to dissipate the negative energy.

By listening and talking in detail to your wife or partner about what’s going on inside your head, when it comes to the bedroom she will be much more open to continued lovemaking since (to her) you have been doing it all day by talking.

I know this sounds weird but us guys tend to switch in and OUT of different love feelings tending to be more strongly aroused at some stages and completely focused on work at others.

A Women’s communication and connection with love is much different. Rather than moving in and out of love for you they are their all the time. As a result when you say you don’t want to talk about it she interprets that as you don’t love her (on a subconscious level).

Women Crave Deep Communication From You

What seems like to you mindless chatter to men…  is very important to women.

So when you are connecting with your girlfriend or women in your life ensure you give her what she needs.

You don’t need to tell her about this just be aware what she is doing when she is talking out loud and talking to you. She is attempting to connect and love you through words.

If she doesn’t get it from you she will get it from someone else. Most women who leave relationships leave due to a lack of love, (love starved) often due to communication issues.

Tune in to the reasons why women talk, it may not all be mindless chatter in the future if you

If you are not interested into going into detail in conversation at least by listening contently you will show your interest and love back.

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How To Attract The Right Man

How To Attract Your about to learn the secrets that most women will never know about How To Attract The Right Man

In order to attract the right man you must first understand how a man’s mind works and not only that but also how male attraction works at the psychological level.

How do men relate to certain personality traits clothes or actions performed by women and how can you maximise your chance of attracting the RIGHT man not the same old guys all the time.

Are you subconsciously pushing all of the best men away?

How would you know if you were?

The truth is most women have no clue that their actions are actually pushing men away and STOPPING them from being intimate with the women in their life.

There is a certain type of personality and style that only few women know about which guarantees the attraction and intimacy of the right man.

Not fake emotionally empty men who are clingy but talk a big game but the attraction of the RIGHT man who is willing to provide and give and keep giving emotionally.

Those men need a special type of romancing from you in order to be uncontrollably attracted.

The thing is you have a special power, that power that all women know and love. The ability to attract men, that kind of attraction that men are helpless to control

Now what if you knew how to turn this attraction button on whenever you want and be able to attract that perfect man into your life whenever you chose?

Discovering How To Attract The Right Man may not be an easy road for you however your  personal growth will be worth it.

Attracting the right man doesn’t mean your ideal, perfect dream guy.

It means the mister RIGHT.

The right guy for you may not be the right guy for the next girl but they are emotionally ready to give unlike most guys you see.

They are unselfish and open to your suggestions, the right man is ready to finally settle down.

How to attract this right man means you will need to learn some different ways of acting, you may need to stop certain habits and establish certain others.


remember to always be true to yourself, you know what makes you happy so never try to be someone that you are not in order to impress a guy. How to attract the right man does not mean how to fake act in order to impress and therefore attract the right man, no it does not say that.

Attracting the right man is a special mix of your own personality with secret attraction techniques for finally avoiding the rotten apples and truly finding your soulmate.

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The 7 secrets to communicating with a man that will create lasting love and affection

The truth about men who aren’t “emotionally available”… how to know if you’ve got one and what to do if you’re dating one

The five things women do that annoy men and kill intimacy.

The inside tips married women know about the tell-tale signs of a great guy.

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The First Of Five secrets about how women communicate

If your in a relationship you will benefits from these secrets by talking about them and listening together. If your women it might be useful to help you explain how to better communicate to the man in your life why you do the things you do.

1. Women love to talk because it creates connection

While men would rather play sport watch tv, participate in their favourite hobby or even work before they are interested in talking to their partner about what they are thinking.

Women are trying to establish connection the best way they know how while men are avoiding it at all costs.

“Lets Talk”

If you are a guy and you have had a long day at work, the last thing you likely feel like doing is talking about. But the message that you women gets is if you don’t want to talk to me about it then your not interested in connecting with me… “why don’t you care?”

Women love to talk, no reason necessary. Men need a reason /problem/outcome for them to be interested in the conversation so we have a huge disconnect between women wanting to talk and create intimacy this way while men want to avoid it or relax.

The process of talking for women is itself the outcome rather than their having to be one or talk about a specific goal. Women see the benefits in the growth of the relationship gained by talking, men struggle to see this benefit.

There need not be a “reason” to talk or a goal, the point is to bond.

Lets put it this way :

She says “we need to talk”
you reply with “why have I done something wrong?”

Next situation later that night:

You say “lets have sex”

She says “why? Do we need to make a baby?”

Understandably this is an extreme example and the “we need to talk” phrase is often used just before a verbal argument begins but you get my point. If you don’t understand that women do need connection through regular conversation.

It is tough for guys to really want to talk because we see no reason to talking when a
conversation has no goal associated,

Women Are Process Oriented – Men are Goal Oriented

Is it inefficient to talk when no obvious benefit comes directly from the conversation?

Maybe we as guys are not so great at connecting with emotion as quickly as women

Sometimes talking itself can seem laboured and coming up with new things to say immediately just seems hard. Women seem and on the whole, just better at talking than men so the “conversation” just ends up being a time where the man listens to the women…

Hardly worth your time and far from interesting I am sure your thinking.

Here in lies the problem, men on top of being poor communicators so little value in talking in depth with their partner unless there is some value or direction.

Women Understand this:

Men use the process internalisation of thinking and externalisation of the end result of the thinking. So that the only thing they are saying is what they are clear about. Reasons for this are to ensure they do not come across weak by saying something silly or false.

The thing is though guys its better to talk about your emotions poorly than to not talk much at all. Remember you are talking to your partner here so no one is judging. Ask her if there is anything specific so that you can narrow down your train of thought.

Also remember that if you are committed to connecting and establishing intimacy through talking then she will be MUCH more open to intimacy in the bedroom.

Stay tuned for the next secret about how: Women think and feel out loud and how you can deal with all the mindless chatter that drives you mad

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Why 99.9% of all Relationship Conflict Can Be Solved

The reason why relationships are often rich in argument and low in sexual tension after the honeymoon period is often due to the perception differences that exist between males and females. The fact that we are wired differently means relationships become argumentative or worse not as rich and meaningful as they could be.

Become Aware Of Male And Female Relationship Perceptions

By better understanding the drivers of the genders you will better understand why your partner is acting the way they are. If women feel a lack of harmony in their relationships it is tough for them to concentrate and feel good about how their life is going.

The opposite is true for men, if work is going great and their accomplishment in the world is therefore high their life and hence relationship will be on a high. The flipside is if a man has a bad day at work it can often be taken out on the family.

The tough thing when it comes to understanding what men are doing and why they are not giving as much to the relationship as you are is because they have been programmed to provide. They are subconsciously showing their love to you by providing for you and the family by going to work often even “staying late”.

The problem is women interpret this as the man being not interested in putting effort into this relationship.

When the argument comes up about why he is never at home the man might get frustrated that his hard work for the family is not being recognised. High communication is required therefore to ensure that this value system and perceptions are understood.

An understanding of where each partner is coming from and why they are doing what they are doing is vital. Unfortunately couples are not great at communicating

Or we frame others actions how we would expect them to be done from our reference point rather than understanding or asking why this action was done in the first place.

If we look at the success drivers more carefully we will see that men are driven to hold status In society often related to financial gain or positions of power.

Women or though still driven by financial gain to some degree are more focused on love family and relationships.

A better understanding of why your partner does what they do will uncover some interesting insights into what drives them. Perhaps the actions and behaviours of you mate are really symbols of the love and protection they have for you rather than annoying personality traits or nags.

Dig deeper into why your girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife act the way they do.
This awareness of human emotion and drivers couples with communication heals 99.9% of relationship conflict.

How To Get And Keep A Girlfriend

The title how to get and keep a girlfriend is somewhat misleading because there is no set method for getting a girlfriend apart from chatting to more girls and using certain techniques that will increase your chances.

Nothing is concrete due to human emotions being so intangible and changeable.

In saying that lets try and contradict ourselves here and come up with ways in which we can get and keep girlfriends

How To Get A Girlfriend – Play it Cool

Ensure you are interesting when you are with her but act somewhat “busy” at least a few days after each date with “important meetings” or appointments that you can’t miss.

E.G. DONT wait by the phone waiting for her to call!!!

How To Get A Girlfriend – Cold Calling For Girlfriends Is A Tough Business

What I mean is clubs and bars or though great for flings and sexual tension are NOT the greatest places to meet your future girlfriend or anyone for that matter.

The cold call is when you approach a women/girl without you knowing her or her knowing you…

She could be:




The best way to find a girlfriend is by meeting them through an acquaintance or mutual friend. She may even be your sister’s friend.

So if your intent is to find a girlfriend it pays to know some people:

Gay dudes know HEAPS of chicks

Girls that are just friends


Parents family friends

Work colleagues

I think you get the picture – this way meeting girls is often in a relaxed easily approachable environment where they are open to influence. So ditch the cold calls and pick up lines

How To Get A Girlfriend – Keep the Pressure Off

If you pressure her into thinking she has to make a decision early about “marriage” or “call it off” then you have killed it! You need to be open to situations and opportunities that WILL present themselves if you keep the pressure off.

Realise though that even though you are not seriously looking now things could come up with this women when on a date or on the phone that change this view. You didn’t go into the dating situation with preconceived ideas about the outcome but you are happy with how things turned out because you are now with her

See the Difference?

This is very important if the women you are after is HOT, they are really sick of to much attention and would love the opportunity to have to chase a guy a little. Don’t be scared of blowing the opportunity by seeming stay offish, you will be increasing your chances of dating success even though its seems counter intuitive.

Once you have your women and you are a few months in…

How to Keep A Girlfriend – DO NOT BECOME A WUSS

This one’s real tough and you will most likely have noticed guys change their personality once they have been going out with one girl for awhile.
It’s like they lose their mojo and drive altogether, it may be the natural order of things but if you become a wuss you will be left with an angry bossy wife and an unhappy on at that.

KEEP the fun and life in you that you had before you met… That’s what she was attracted to

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Your Emotional Control = Your Success With Women

Have you even been in a room with your mates where everything is flowing fine, you feel confident and your chatting away… All of a sudden a really good looking women enters and you just cannot control your emotions?

No matter how hard you try to subdue your beating heart it just races faster and faster? The weird thing is this women most likely is yet to acknowledge your existence.

For A LOT of regular guys the mere presence of a fantastically attractive girl sends them into this crazy state.

Some go giddy a bit red in the cheeks and generally nervous others stick their chests out and feel the need to show off in any way they can.

Controlling your emotions under pressure is like being in the presence of genius, you might like to think you can but the truth is most guys simply receive one of the automatic responses listed above in the presence of beauty.

This is not reflection on you and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder


So how do we train our minds and bodies so that they are under our control rather than being influenced by external forces? Well this is actually an extremely important question as once we are able to control the thought we have on a daily basis we can tackle any problem life throws at us, including that women you are craving so bad.

What if you were confronted with the girl/guy of your dreams and you knew that you could reply with anything she threw at you, witty remarks or straight out insults no longer affect you as you are in control of how you think and how your emotions are triggered.

Many people think that the automated fear or anger response they get when someone has a go at them cannot be controlled. What they do not understand is that is certainly can and it is the master key to their “enlightenment”

I apologise for getting a bit touchy feely with you on this one but I feel it is something that you must at least know if you don’t already.

Because until you are able to control the automated responses you may have picked up from childhood or society itself you will never truly be in control of your destiny or in this case the situation with women.


women enters club from right door.

man freaks out and begins worrying about silly pickup lines and ways to impress

women gets stared at and harassed by multiple lame pick up dudes

women sees man and for once actually confronts and talks to man


If man can for once control his beating heart enough to start a meaningful conversation with women then women will be impressed.

If not women will place man in same category as the rest of the men in bar

Women leaves…


Maybe it’s time to get those emotions under control if you know what the outcome would be…

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How NOT To Screw Up A First Date

Guys tend to screw up first dates almost every time because they take them way to seriously.

Women just want to get to know you at the beginning of the relationship, the more comfortable and conversational the first date is the more likely you will get a second date. Awkward hesitant and nervous first dates rarely lead to deeper connections. Guys jump in and already think of the first date as a potential one night stand or girlfriend opportunity, which defiantly screws things up in the eyes of the women.

You want an element of chemistry on the first date but let it develop naturally rather than pushing the boundary of the girl who is just testing the waters.

She may be a potential wife in your eyes but you have a long way to go to build her trust…

Just imagine a first date where the hot women feels uncomfortable because the man in shaking
with nervousness. Do NOT do this (obviously).

The best way to hold back these feelings of freaking out at the sight of this amazing women is to understand that there are things about her that are not so great and “she might not be that good for you” SHE might screw up the chances of going out with YOU.

Turn the tables in your mind of you trying to chase her to HER trying to CHASE YOU.

It’s a tough shift in your head but vital to gain the confidence and swagger required to pull the women of your dreams.

The chances are very good that you will not like parts of her personality. This is just nature, so rather than idolising her and putting her on a pedestal in your mind bring her back down to reality so you can have a chance to chat person to person.

IF you spend at least 20 minutes of regular normal conversation…

Just enjoying yourself being a bit funny or even cocky and showing her that your not worried about the outcome of the date you will have a MUCH greater chance of a second date.

Rather than acting like she will be your potential wife and drooling over her body act slightly arrogant and nonchalant about the experience. This may sound like a big risk but the bigger risk is acting weak nervous or timid.

If you feel like you can act normal and conversation around women then you are at the point where you can be yourself around women and not feel threatened.

Go do yourself a favor and download yourself a free trial of the online eBook “Double Your Dating”, and read it.

It contains literally DOZENS and dozens of great techniques for you to use that will make women feel ATTRACTION for you.

(By the way, on page 96 of my eBook I share another KILLER tip about how to impress a woman, without trying to.

This one tip corrects a deadly mistake almost EVERY man makes with women – you’ll see what I mean…)

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