#8 New Places To Meet Women

Here are some great *new* places to meet women… Forget the bar and club scene or even house parties.

1. Social Sites

Yelp,Facebook,Myspace,Ning these are just a few of the hundreds of amazing community sites out there – of course you can always try dating sites but community sites seem to be more based around small common interests of real people. There are amazing stories and reviews. Great opportunity to become part of a new community. Only problem will be to transition from online to offline.

2. Acting Class

Once again interactive, community driven and people return each week. It’s great fun and can be really funny. Drinks after the event is common.

3. Wine Walks and Tours

This ones been said before and can be expensive but it’s another great option if your looking to find high end women. Could be a bit pretentious if your not into that scene.

4. Organised Adventure Trips

There are places you can go in your local town that organise trips and events around common interests. Hiking , fishing, scuba diving, biking, sport.
These activites always get the blood rushing and are great natural ways to find new friends. These friends can always lead on to something more serious later on which is always the best way to create lasting relationships. There is no pressure because it is such a relaxed environment. You will be outside doing what you love so it’s easy to impress without realizing that you are – also happens to be the best way to impress. Ahhh mother nature you’ve done it again.

5. Volunteer Work

It can be lot’s of fun to volunteer and know that you’re giving back to the community. Getting to know other volunteers is easy and you get to see your city in a different light. Kids coaching, clean up work, big organised student helps

6. Yoga Class

Meet HOT women in yoga pants and lose weight while your doing it! IM IN…
Heard of http://www.girlsinyogapants.com/? Know you have…

The gym is teeming with attractive vibrant and fit young women but a more interactive team style class such as yoga or kickboxing gets you interacting with people. Much easier to strike up conversation when interacting than when you pumping iron. Closed team environments open up people to advances in a natural way. Women might be a bit weary of being hit on in gyms… been done to much. Yoga classes become a regular thing so it’s easy to become friends.

7. Art Centers

Most towns have an area where there are outdoor stalls and sections where you can check out the local art talent. Cool little boutique stores and trendy coffee shops are another great way to either take your date or find one. Relaxed atmosphere and passionate people make this a great way to find women.

8. Specialty Parks

Sometimes there are parks designated just for (eg dogs). Women love to walk there puppies and dogs will always interact with each other meaning you don’t have to approach anyone – your pup will do all the work for you.

The Monogamous Relationship Flaw

Humans not designed for Monogamy?

According to


We are actually not designed to be with another mate for more than 2-3 years. Enough time to have offspring and for those offspring to be born.

Genetically we are designed to appeal to a mate for around 2 years, hence the honeymoon period and the 50% divorce rate in the US. If monogamy was not promoted by church parents and schools do you think that it would be as popular as it is today?

Is monogamy present because of more complex psychological needs?

The article goes onto suggesting potential benefits of a non monogamous society such as increased motivation of singles looking to impress.

There must be a deep need within humans to be loved by one person and be safe in the knowledge that their life will be emotionally stable in a non stable external world.
One of the reasons for monogamous relationships is that they are another way to control the chaos of transient and stressful lives.

But there are obvious benefits in that you gain a deeper understanding and spiritual connection with a long term partner. Many relationships end up in bitter dispute and painful arguments so it’s clear that monogamy is not for everyone.

Those that are able to get past the 2 year honeymoon period really benefit from the increased stability and security that monogamy brings.

Date Rich Singles

The web has made rich single men and women available to everyone. You will obviously have to have something to offer these exclusive professional singles otherwise they will look the other way. Professional singles have high standards themselves and expect high standards of their partners.

If you are a little broke but have aspirations to date rich singles you are going to need to impress them in other ways.

Sites such as vip singles gives you the chance to connect with local singles that are too busy to set up dates themselves.

Remember, just because a single is rich or holds a high status job does not mean they are pros at the dating game or have confidence in their ability to date. You might be much more experienced than them at socializing and connecting with other people emotionally.

It’s easy to assume certain aspects of peoples personalities just because they are successful in one aspect of their life (money) but there are other currencies of life.

Rich singles have sacrificed many hours of their life perfecting their craft and may not be balanced or rounded individuals.

You have chosen to live a more balanced life with perhaps a medium ability in music cooking sports and current affairs. Who knows what you have chosen to excel at but the point is that you have something to give these professionals even though you might feel inferior.

It’s only money!

So how do you impress a rich single if you are not a professional yourself?

The trick is to take them on dates that isolate them from their power positions. This will quickly bring them out of their comfort zone and even remove that arrogant confidence they have in their own little niche. Say your a great rock climber and they are afraid of heights… What do you do for your first or second date? You organise a rock climbing event!

You display high value because you are so confident in your own environment and they will be impressed with your connections and skills.

If you just take your rich professional date out to lunch or coffee they will feel completely at home and begin analyzing your suitability with 21 questions. Get them on a road bike or snowboard or surfboard! Get them out of their comfort zone and perhaps even humiliate them a little.

Dating rich singles starts with the confidence and understanding that YOU are suitable professional dating material despite your current situation.

Just realise that even though this is true you will have to bring something to the table. Be organised and dress to impress, use manners and humour to make the occasion memorable. Vip Singles gives you the chance to get into contact with these types of people – the rest is up to you.

Black Singles Flirting Tips

Flirting is a universal language and black women sure know how to get the job done. At a club/party or social gathering effective flirting can increase your chances of dating success by 300% or more. In fact if you cannot flirt at all then it’s very unlikely that you are going to be able to attract anyone.

Most black singles understand the importance of flirting but perhaps not how to implement or when is the right time.

Black singles tend to be less subtle about their flirting opting for a more blatant approach. Singles from dating sites such as black people meet will be more forward as a result but that doesn’t mean they know how to flirt effectively.


The first crucial area step to flirting is confidence. It’s very hard to come off sexy if you do not actually own it. If you’re unsure of who you are or what your supposed to be doing the recipient of your love will not be impressed. You might come across awkward or cute at best.

Be Genuine

There is nothing more sickly than seeing a dude trying to impress a women yet he is obviously faking it. Wannabes and pretenders never get far. Liars and Fakers are what most people despise the most – what have you got if you don’t have your honesty? If you cannot be trusted or if your friends never know what your motive really is you wont have friends for long.

Be true to yourself and this honesty and sincerity will shine through in your flirting.


Ego boost your black date and she will remember. Just make sure you are genuine of course… Compliments simply convey interest in an honest manner.
I really like that tops your wearing…
It’s not so much what you say but how the compliment come across. Be aware that she will have done her hair for the occasion. Simply noticing what she had done is a compliment in her eyes.


Black dates are know for their humour and bold but easy going natures. If you can defiantly integrate light hearted humour and comedy to ease the mood. This part of flirting should be ease for you.

Pick Up Lines Exist Only For Comedy

Pick up lines should never be used in the field.

Sexual Advances

What makes flirting so much fun is that you are being sexual in a completely safe and natural way. The flirting takes place with NO sexual innuendo but the two of you both know whats going on. You understand the social dynamic and so you are being sexual at a safe level. Advance sexually by using light keno escalation. Do not suggest or bring up ANYTHING sexually related unless she does so first.

Use smiles and eye contact to escalate flirting rather than silly sexual words.


It’s not about scoring… ok it might be for you if your immature or just looking for sex, and that fine to some degree.

But with this mindset of trying to score you rarely will. Women are very good at picking these types of guys and are just not interested unless you make them feel safe enough to liberate their sexual independence also. Casual sexual encounters are fine of course but when flirting it’s more about initiating some sort of emotional connection.

Black Dating Body Language

Body language is crucial to your flirting success.

Eye contact



Touch sequences


Ease of movement

Flirting may not come natural to your and so will take some practice. You don’t need a perfect women to use as practice either.

Be aware that you are practicing your flirting with people every day. Every interaction you have with people is a chance to place a positive impression about your into their minds.

Compliments smiles and body language should be worked on every day… not just in the weekend when you trying to get lucky.

Try black people meet for black singles in your area

Ugly Guy With Hot Women Story

Noticed an odd occurrence today…

I was out having dinner and I noticed what I originally thought was a couple opposite me. I never figured out their true relationship, they could have just been friends but from the social dynamics I am pretty sure that it was a first date or blind date of some sort.

The restaurant was reasonably high status and from the noise in the room I couldn’t make out what they were saying. What confused me the most was to see the real reality of a 2-3/10 guy with a 10/10 women… Literally.

I just couldn’t quite get my head around how he was pulling it off. The guy was obviously wealthy enough to afford the restaurant but apart from that he didn’t have much else going for him. I really should have rudely interrupted them and asked what the relationship status was.

From his posture and communication it looked like he was doing most of the talking. The thing that really struck me was how good the women looked. She was obviously younger than him and was infinitely more attractive. She was showing some classic signs of flirting back at him and seemed to be excited about the conversation.

Then I though again…

This sort of thing really shouldn’t amaze me all that much.

Women don’t place a huge value or priority on male looks, it’s money status power and communication that seals the deal in the end. It looked like the guy was using all the right moves and controlling the conversation. It’s just really funny to see it in real life, you don’t often see a drop dead gorgeous girl captivated by a guy like that.

I noticed other people in the room look over and just ponder the circumstances like I was doing. I think I would still chuckle away if I found out they got together, the image of him in bed with this women would be to much to handle. I mean when you see 10’s out and about you have to admire them.

Something of such beauty with him… really seals the deal in my head regarding what women really value in a guy.(if it was a date)

So assuming it was a date – there’s a pretty good chance it was set up by some kind of agency of dating site. Perhaps he just knew her through a mutual friend… Pretty good mutual friend to have.

So if you have any doubts about your ability to date and marry 10’s think again. Try and spot these relationships as they are all around you. Spot how the man carries and communicates with others, if you can spot a 4/10 man that is doing well for himself you have to take notice.

Just be more self aware of your surroundings and realise that looks have little to do with it.

Dress well, money helps, but more importantly communicate effectively. Get to know her – make her laugh – hold eye contact – use keno escalation (physical touch).

You might just find yourself waking up next to a blond bombshell this Sunday morning! It really can be done and the guy opposite me in the restaurant seems to be living proof.

Taoism And Relationships

by anemoneprojectors

If you find your relationships in life falling apart it may be time to turn to the teachings of the Tao.

Your relationship with your partner will be the most important relationship of your life so it’s importance should not be understated. If you have conflict and friction in your marriage the teachings of Taoism might help you to get back to “source” and find peace amongst chaos.

A happy and virtuous life is one that is in harmony with the Tao, with Nature.

Tao is vague and difficult to explain – it cannot be taught but rather has to be experienced.

Many relationship experts such as male PUA (pick up artists) and female relationship coaches use the principles within TAO without being aware of it’s power.
The Tao regulates natural processes and nourishes balance in the Universe. It embodies the harmony of opposites (i.e. there would be no love without hate, no light without dark, no male without female).

Yin Yang is a well known Taoist symbol. It represents the balance of opposites in the universe. When they are equally present, all is calm. When one is outweighed by the other, there is confusion and disarray.

Taoists follow the art of “wu wei,” which is to let nature take its course. For example, one should allow a river to flow towards the sea unimpeded; do not erect a dam which would interfere with its natural flow.(http://www.religioustolerance.org/taoism.htm)

You may have experienced the ability to attract people into your life (women) by taking no notice of them and following your path. When you run they follow –
When they run you follow. This is a poor and vague explanation. You may be aware of the attraction and benefit of “playing hard to get”.

As soon as you surrender your power and are caught the women or man in your life becomes less interested and you may start to repel each other in a sequence of repeating stages of attraction and repelling throughout the life stage of the relationship.

PUA artists teach men how to attract rather than chase women. They teach men how to find their own path and become the dominant male in their tribe rather than seeking respect and admiration where it is not due.

Only the intelligent knows how to identify all things as one. . . . When one is at ease with himself, one is near Tao. This is to let Nature take its own course. (Chuang Tzu)

Have you ever felt so confident and powerful that you could take on the world and win? Does this feeling of power come and go? Often these feelings and state of minds are fleeting because the world is so transient and changeable that it is difficult to remain at peace with oneself. One of the teachings of Tao is non action and effortless action – I believe that this does not mean that you sit around and become “lazy” but rather complete tasks effortlessly and without struggle because you are centered.

Your aim should not be to complete goals but to be so at peace with yourself every second of the day that you flow like a river to the sea. The sea is your goal , but you are unaware of this final destination. You flow around large trees and cascade down water falls as if they never existed. Rather than be rigid in your approach to (relationships) you are flexible and able to solve solutions to conflicts in many different ways.

The closer you are to source the more you will attract into your life: Everybody is seeking the same thing (peace) but few realise or take the time to understand what it really is.

Men seek peace through attainment of money but soon realise that material possessions make them poor.
Women seek peace through attainment of beauty but soon realise beauty is shallow and fleeing

To yield is to be preserved whole.
To be bent is to become straight.
To be empty is to be full . . .
To have little is to possess.

This reference to Tao and the Daodejing hopes to lead you toward peace and give you an insight into a different train of thought.

Rather than chasing and wasting emotional energy on worrying about women and dating learn the teachings of Taoism and learn to be at peace with yourself.
Rather than reading up on pick up information dating advice and dating stories in the forums EXPERIENCE the Dao in your day to day life… You will find the closer you are to source (your life path) the more you will attract into your life and the easier you will obtain everything you desire. This reference to source and path does not need to mean anything about religion but more a life philosophy and belief you now have.

Trust your instincts: this is the Tao attempting to speak to you. Using alcohol, food, excessive sex or hate to cover up issues in your life is like constructing a dam in front of your river. It only acts to slow the flow of energy that is trying to lead you to your sea (goal)

Everyone starts off with a healthy stream : YOU are the one that is in the way of your own source strength and Tao. Step out of the way and allow your natural passion for life and love to flow through you.

Taoist theology emphasizes various themes found in the Daodejing and Zhuangzi, such as naturalness, vitality, peace, “non-action” (wu wei, or ‘effortless effort’), emptiness (refinement), detachment, flexibility, receptiveness, spontaneity, the relativism of human ways of life, ways of speaking and guiding behavior


Dating Forums

Looking for a dating forum?


There are many dating forums online but few have quality advice or enough user following to make them substantial.

Here are some dating advice forums that have substantial user information/stories and interesting reads.


One of the biggest online dating forums online has to be plenty of fish: Mostly full of user dating experience and various life stories. Dont believe everything you hear in their. Expect some crazy regulars that post frequently with negative viewpoints on almost every subject.




Sort by post location, site also has events and quizzes chat and blogs


eHarmony boards are the best online dating forum resource: rational real people, regulated content and posting: users within the forums are real daters within eharmony that have something useful to say

About.com Dating Forums

Huge number of threads and posts in many different relationship and dating categories

Pullingladies.com recently added a dating forum

You can sign in with multiple user logins (facebook,gmail,ymail etc)

PL Dating Forum

Feminism Power Mobility and Female Sexual Promiscuity


Not so recent date from one of the biggest dating sites online (plentyoffish) has indicated that there has been a sharp increase in the number casual relationships that WOMEN have been seeking

The owner of pof predicts that within a decade the ratio of men looking for women and women looking for men for casual encounters with be 1:1. He noticed this when checking user data on genders leaving his site via advertising with keywords relating to intimate encounters.

The prediction does not seem all reliable as it was more of a passing comment and the source data questionable but if true it’s more fun times for both genders.

It’s tough to imagine that the male sexual hunger with be satiated simply by a change in female mindset…

About.com suggests the empowerment of women though media (sex in the city) anything on MTV and also the sexual revolution pushing sex for fun into the mainstream media.

Over time people get immune to certain subjects (eg swear words losing their effect). Sexuality in almost every marketing message and music video may be doing alot to change female perception of what is ok.

Guys reading this will be happy to hear the news but is it corresponding to more fun in the sack for you?

Online mating dating is taking off especially the promiscuous sites. The ones that suggest that it’s now “ok” to love and leave (fling, benaughty,girlsdateforfree). They are all hinting that’s it’s all good to get in their find your man and then get out when you please.

The benaughty slogan indicates that it is tapping into a market that’s opening right up. It’s NICE to be NAUGHTY or BENAUGHTY
it’s more fun than being nice… is a perfect slogan to ease women into the flirty online dating scene.

With the knowledge that you can be naughty and not be a slut is a bit paradigm shift in the culture of sex and dating.
Women are more mobile than ever before which could be evening out the ratio. Being new in a big town with no one to cuddle up to is always a big motivator

Women are still well aware of the risks of being seen as a girl who sleeps around. Maybe this is the biggest reasons for
women not being more open about sex as a pleasure activity. Apparently plenty of fish women are using the internet to show their real intentions and needs. More power to them.

The increasing openness and use of sexual toys could also be the reason for changes in female intent. Armed with the knowledge that it’s ok to have a quickie with a sticky as long as it’s safe and consensual appears to have brought women right outside their shell.

But this is all conjecture and statistics based on free online dating which may attract that sort of behaviour anyway. The date is likely biased to some degree but an interesting insight all the same.

No Masturbation Until You Get The Girl

There are some edgy tricks floating around that claim to help you “get the girl”

One of the suggestions if you are single and can’t seem to attract women you should try going completely celibate on yourself until you do. Could be a fun experiment if nothing else. Men are known for their high sex drive, especially when they are young… quite frankly most women just don’t have the drive to keep up.

Part of the reason why men don’t end up finding girlfriends or any women at all is because it’s just not a priority for them.

They are happy to focus on their career or personal hobbies and take care of themselves. With the magnitude of free pornographic material online situations can get addictive if self restraint is not high on your priority.

With no girl in sight and time on your side you take matters into your own hands do you not? Well all of this fun could actually be working against you. You might actually be less motivated to get out there and talk to women than if you just let it alone for a couple of weeks.

Well what if you made a decision to ease up on this enjoyable past time and actually not Beat the morning wood (like every good boy should) ref: http://www.masturbationlist.com/

With no wanks to ease the tension you now have to make the decision to get out into the real world and make it happen. The sexual motivation of men is arguably the most power human emotion known to man. According to the latest movie “the social network” facebook was created as a result of rejection!

You might just find out a bit more about yourself when you use the sexual tension as a tool against women you will have the motivation to make it work.

You might also find that you have more energy and enthusiasm for life in general. This is not a new concept at all and has been called sexual transmutation by some. You transmute the considerable sexual energy you contain into something that is going to help you in the future. It will take some mindpower and willpower but the rewards will be worth it.

Not every guy can go a month without some sort of relief but that’s the point. (unless you turn all weird and seedy rapist on it, in that case forget what I’m saying)


You use this new found energy to actually get the real thing. You will be subconsciously emitting more sexual energy as a result and women will feel your presence.

Give it a go and see how long you can last… perhaps a touch masochistic but you will be amazed at the difference. You might just have the confidence you need to be naughty with your partner after just a few days.
Comments: How long did you last?

Single Women Looking For Sex Online

Now is this really a reality that occurs on the internet or some sort of made up dream of men? Are there really attractive blonds trawling the web for anonymous sexual encounters? The dating site owners would like to have you believing that you can get tail in two seconds just by using their service…

Is this fantasy a men becoming a reality that is accessible to every man?

You might be frustrated with offline dating despite knowing a few “great lines” or certain techniques that you learnt from the gurus. Yet that blond still takes no notice and your patience is wearing thin.
Are you

Noticing other guys effortlessly attracting women while your best efforts are laughed at…

Starting to think that the women you seek are out of you league…
Hoping there is another way to bed women other than offline game because you have little…

Desperately seeking an easy way to find attractive women

Well there MIGHT be another way: That’s for you to discover for yourself. I’v got to be straight up with you hear and reveal what really goes on inside the sexual online dating sites.

As for the previous question: are there really hot women looking to have sex with men online?

I would have to say… YES there are

But this question needs more explanation.

First of all “sexy” is relative to your point of view – some women are sexy to some men and some are not. If you are an average to poor looking bloke then you would be happy with a middle of the road looking women because even with her you would be doing well. If you are a successful man with great looks and confidence you likely have no need to using dating sites anyway.

So attractiveness is relative

Second: are women ACTIVELY searching for SEX and are they actually HOT?

For this I would also have to say yes but very few.
On the whole the women looking for quick flings are average looking 30+ women that will take what they can get. It’s very unlikely that you going to find a young women that’s fine in all areas ready to get in and out and never call back.

You might be looking for that sort of thing but I would suggest you change your mind set or forever be the lonely guy who only gets 40 year old dating scraps left over from many a man.

Most young women are looking for something much deeper and relationship oriented.

Your chances of finding that diamond in the rough that’s also into no strings is going to be tough going or at least take some time. The ease with which you find no strings dating will be determined by both your attractiveness and your willingness to stoop below your normal standards.

Sites such as fling, be naughty, up for it, and even plenty of fish, girls date for free, cupid and other sites are all adequate online dating sites where you might find that relationship your looking for.

Having said all that I still think that a real spiritual connection and love for another women is what you should really be looking for. You will never experience real sexual “enlightenment” until you ditch the craziness of the filthy one nighters and find true love.

It’s a process and might not be their yet but I suggest you take it into consideration and when you are ready put some real effort into finding someone special.

Beaver Talk | Online Dating Tips

Here are some tips (for Girls) but they are from the horses mouth. Take what you will from their experience.

Everyone want’s to know the latest trick or quick change they can make to their dating profile to get noticed online. There usually is no quick fix but you can always make some simple changes that will increase your chances of finding someone.

Key Video Notes:

Don’t lie

Ease up on the sexy pictures

Dont write long paragraphs but rather bullet points

Don’t include your private information

Always be complelty honest with people and include what actually interests you not what you think people want to hear

In the end this will keep all of those singles you dont want coming to your profile AWAY which is a great thing

If you want more singles emailing you then perhaps change up your profile picture – it might be to boring or not sexy enough to attract the kind of demographic your shooting for. It all depends on your personal preference of course.

Your new photo could be a conversation photo that you add (not your main profile pic) This triggers singles to email you about what your up to. The image should provoke – interest, humor, respect, attraction etc

It could be you on travel, you at church, you in a group with your family or friends, playing sport, playing with your pet etc…

Keep the same morals and values that you hold offline when venturing online and you shouldn’t be disappointed!

Female Attraction With Eye Contact and Reality Distortion Fields

Source: Recent Post by:


by Mr. Theklan

Using eye contact effectively is one of those tools that is essential when attracting and communicating with women.

Few guys get it right.

Over at www.eyegazingparties.com you can learn what it takes to attract women with even speaking one word!

Many first dates involve a series of superficial questions that barely brush the surface of who you really are.

Personality and passions are left behind in preference to “what do you do for a living?”.
Job and family details along with some travel plans and past experiences is about that gets mentioned on a first date. Eye gazing parties certainly is a unique first date idea and it might just be what your looking for.

EYE CONTACT alone can tell you a lot more about a women than where you live or what you do for a living. (according to eyegazingparties.com)
More importantly for you eye contact can trigger instant attraction…and you don’t even have to SAY anything!

Eye gazing parties is pretty much just a speed dating concept but stripped down even more to the point where there is no talking either. After you have stared into all of the womens eyes for 2 minutes each it’s over and you join the real party afterwards where you can catch up with the ones that you had a connection with.
The party afterwards is kick-started by the previous prolonged eye contact to a point where everyone seems to already know each other.

Eye Gazing Parties have been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, Match.com,

You are able to host your own eye gazing party via help from the site:

How To:

How to find hip, sexy venues that will let you host your party for free

How to get a great crowd to come to your party

How to set up the party, including layout, rotation format, and even music selection

A precise, minute-by-minute guide of how to make sure the party goes smoothly

How to teach your crowd how to gaze so everyone is comfortable

Example Video of RDF used by bill clinton + read tim ferris post

Online Dating Drawbacks

Drawbacks of online dating: One of the main benefits of online dating for men is the elimination of rejection. You can sling emails to single women all over the globe and actually get valid responses. It somewhat levels the playing field which is great for some guys and not so great for others that are actually better off sticking to offline dating.

Women avoid the announce of getting hit up sexually by a drunk guy or like men are able to email hot guys despite their looks. Yes there is such a thing as an unattractive women online looking to punch above her weight very often she will. The sheer number of horny lads makes that task all to easy.

Online dating does so many things well and the owners and developers are adding new feature every day. However there are some big draw backs to using online dating.

CHEMISTRY has to one of the biggest draw backs. The only thing you end up wasting is time but it sure does suck when you figure out that your online “match” isn’t actually matched to you at all. Complete incompatibility can and does occur on a regular basis with online dating and it is the result of singles not being able to be in the presence of the person before they agree to a date.

Offline this is the way that a man and women figure out whether they are interested… Online you have very little clue as to the mannerisms and quirks of your match. The closest thing you can come to real life with online dating is perhaps video chatting.

ABUSERS like every system you will have idiots looking to get something for nothing. The greatest strength and greatest drawback of the web is because it is open to everyone. Which means Solomon king from Senegal can pose as Matilida Lovegood from California and chat to you just like anyone else. This does not occur much, if at all on quality professional dating sites such as eHarmony but you might want to double check if you’re using plenty of fish!

Women would argue that there is another drawback to online dating… especially free dating and that is the sexuality of men. Because the web is much more anonymous than offline dating men seem to feel even more willing to send sexuality explicit pictures and emails to women they have yet to even say hi to.

This occurs most frequently in free sites and if you use a quality paid dating sites then you shouldn’t be troubled by such news (unless your into that) – there’s always a casual dating site for that sort of thing.

Online dating seems to attract it’s fair share of socially immature and inadequate singles but it’s not always the guys that are to blame. Young girls seem to flock to free sites because of the social nature and attention yet they are rarely mature enough to hold any sort of rational conversation with.

If you are at all skeptic of online dating but still want to check it out then create a persona for yourself. This involves a nickname with slightly different information about yourself. Do not lie about your height weight and personality but just keep that private info held back until you are ready. Most paid sites from the people network allow you to jog along anonymously for awhile until you jump on for the ride… eg (black people meet, bb people meet)

So apart from any communication you might have online you don’t have much else to go on when it comes to user validity. If they offer up a facbook account then you add them as friends your as close as it gets to online truth.

Exercise good judgment online… It’s easy to get lost in the thrill of the chase when you are chatting with a hot women online that you just met. If you get noticed and emailed by a potential date you might just start acting irrationally. Do you know who this person is? What are their motives?

In most cases users online are simply out to express themselves and find new love. Singles just want new amazing experiences and if you can give it to them then you’re in a position to impress.

Requesting facebook access and new photos or skype should not be seen as being paranoid. You just want all the facts before you making your decision to go on the date. These practices becoming more mainstream as we represesnt ourselves virtually online. Currently facbook and skype are your best free tools for checking out a guy/girl before the first meeting.

Yes of course online dating has it’s draw backs, everything does… but if you bring your common sense and add a touch of precaution you might just snag yourself an amazing new girlfriend

Seek Long Term Relationship Viability Over Short Term Sexual Gratification

The majority of guys are out searching for quick sexual gratification putting little thought into the long term viability of the potential relationship.

Has your quick fling turned into something more serious?

If so is the women you enjoyed time under the covers together with really a suitable match?

The male sexual drive has no comprehension of compatibility and long term marriage potential. It’s job is to get in and out and then find someone else to do the same with. Mistake your sexual drive for real love and you will end up with an unhappy marriage or divorce.

The problem is most relationships are created as a result of initial sexual attraction… How does a man ignore this urge and find a women that really is a great match spiritually and emotionally. Do men really have the ability to ignore such powerful forces?

Perhaps women were right all along with the argument regarding getting to know each other first and withholding sex until she really knows you.

The delayed sexual gratification will be worth it ONCE you find a women that really gets you.

Or ignore this advice and let your manhood lead your decision making. You may find yourself waking and realizing that you and your partner cannot actually hold down an enjoyable conversation despite the great sex life.

Why Personality Quirks Are Attractive

Recent Post by eharmony blog titled


It’s actually pretty spot on: Girls you don’t have to be perfect for guys to be really into you. It’s often the little funny things that you do that make the difference.

The article mentions that it’s the little quirks that make people loveable and I couldn’t agree more. Most women seem to be conforming to media representations of beauty and it sure is a safe bet if you don’t know any other direction to head in as far as looks but guys want to see those quirks to.

Don’t lose your individuality and personalised humour – it’s what makes you different. The insecurities you may have about your quirks and flaws are usually what holds you back in the first date. This is understandable – first dates are more like formal business meetings than real emotional experiences.

The two of you are to scared to reveal your real self so you put on a fake persona and continue on with the 20 questions game that is the first meeting. There is that natural apprehension of course but do your best to ease up and be yourself.

Do you like to buy a new dress or piece of clothing every week? Maybe your head is suggesting that you should hold this back at the risk of sounding high maintenance.

Mabye she will think you are a player if you suggest that you go out partying 4 times a week.
Or if you mention that you love to cook and have nights in with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie you will be considered a wuss…

In the end why lie?
Your differences and preferences are YOURS to keep and without them you wouldn’t be you. If the relationship is going to move forward you must expose your true self early on.

First date manners and courtesies YES

Faking or holding back your real personality? NO