Causal Sex – Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

by . Ward Did you find what you were looking for online this weekend? Did you set up any dates via online dating websites? Did you get lucky this weekend at all? Did you meet new people? Did you chat to at least ONE hot stranger? Did you get rejected? OR Did you sit at home […]

10 “New” Rules Of Dating: Updated Edition

Online Dating Rule #1 Modern Communication such as text and facbook messaging are fast becoming the norm. If you are not up with the new technology you will eventually be left behind. Facebook is easily integratable with most paid dating platforms and allows you to transfer images information from one platform to the other. Understanding […]

Darwinian Dating Advice: The Alpha Vs The Nice Guy

Even if women wanted to be with the nice guy they really don’t have any choice when it comes to attraction. If you’re the nutless apologetic type that is always trying to please a women your going to want to take a look at your current dating success. Hows it going for you? Let me […]

Oasis Active And Other Strange Phenomenon

Free online dating sites are growing in popularity every day – sites like oasis active and plenty of fish continue to introduce new features and iron out login problems and connection issues. Paid dating sites such as and eHarmony are unquestionable better as far as professionalism and user quality but you get what you […]

Attracting Women: It’s Not About The Conversation

You will have heard – pick up lines are dead… You might be aware that what you say to a women is not really that important… Let’s take things a little further. What if I was to said to you right now It’s not about the conversation at all! would you believe me? would you […]

Dating Mastery With Inner Game Tips

When you study relationship psychology for any length of time you realise how important the “inner game” is. In fact… if you don’t have it, it becomes ALL about the Inner Game. An example of someone who has little inner game would be a nerdy engineer who has a lot to offer a women but […]

Big Hat No Cattle – Why Modesty Is Key

Have you ever heard of the saying big hat no cattle? You don’t want to be referred to like this. This means you are a bit like the jersey shore guys – talk a big game but don’t have the sinker to back it up. Perhaps you have the flash car but in reality you […]

How To Set Up An Intimate Encounter Online

An intimate encounter is one where you organise a discreet relationship with someone for a one of (or regular) sexual meeting. This is all organised online via email and web chat and usually there are zero strings attached. There is only a physical relationship that occurs and the women usually asks for certain attributes from […]

Casual Sex Online

So the question is… where can you go to actually get some casual sex? There are many many dating sites out there but you will be well aware that the girls present are more interested in serious relationships and even marriage than anything casual… Where does a guy go online when he just wants to […]

Ex Recovery System

httpv:// Download the ex back recovery system free report here Suggestion from the author about male commentors, If you are this way inclined (e.g. you are into blaming women rather than taking ownership of your actions) you should take note of what she has to say… There’s a lot of bitter men in here… I […]

Free Online Dating: Does It Actually Work?

NOTE: This article contains many questions regarding the effectiveness of free online dating with few answers… you have been warned Obviously there is little point in signing up for a free online dating site if your efforts will not be eventually fruitful. So it’s a good question to ask if your efforts WILL be worthwhile. […]

Get Your Ex Back With Them M3 System And Self Reflection

Do you move on? Or do you try to save the relationship…? A relationship that you believe is worth fighting for. Coming to the conclusion that all you want in your life is your ex makes you realise how important they are to you. Your ex boy/girl played such a huge role In your life […]

Obey These Online Dating Profile Tips

Getting noticed in the online dating world is becoming harder by the second as thousands of new people sign up every day. This places a lot of emphasis on the quality and substance of your dating profile. Without an eye catching picture and easy to read description your inbox could remain empty. It used to […]

4 Things To Avoid When Building Online Dating Profiles

Dating sites are becoming increasingly popular. More than 20 million people around the globe visit dating sites each month, and over 40% of people in the US regularly use these services. Gone is the negative stigma that used to be attached to online dating and with it the view that the web is a place […]

Oktrends Uncovers The Real Intent Of Men Online

Here is the latest data from okcupid and this times it’s on the “mathmatics” of love Looking a bit risky is the way to go if your either not to attractive or “cute” . According to oktrends, girls that have accessories and look a touch more alternative get a lot more attention from male […]