#2 Crucial Secrets To Seducing Women

(mystery method)

Neil Strauss said – She would have liked the old me… But she never would have gotten to know me.

He says this because he used to be a shy short wimp – and now he is dating the lead guitarist of a famous band.

You have to find what’s great about you and link that up with your game.

Some women don’t need keno and negging to seduce but if you want to seduce a women that is used to being hit on you will need to work these tactics into your “game”…

#1 Negging

Short for negative – a tease or mocking behaviour

Negging is one of those seduction techniques that is a little controversial but at the same time crucial to your success.

If you really take the time to study human interaction you will notice this:

During initial seduction and interaction there is a constant back and forth flow of information – each seeking to determine if the other is “suitable”… Because in this modern day technology driven world our “value” has become abstract it is possible to modify and heighten this perceived value.

Women are masters of the neg – Some women feel the need to neg in every dam sentence! Watch for it – they will strive to beat you down and raise their own value in any way they can. Don’t take it as a nasty personality trait… it’s just part of the game.

“talking to you is like pulling teeth”
“your teeth are really cute but they remind me of bugs bunny”

Notice how negs can and should be integrated with a positive…

Negs don’t have to be set lines – they can simply be the awareness that your going to get negged and your not going to take it or accept it. Women will attempt to test you – eg they will ask you to buy them a drink (with no expectation of going home with you or talking to you afterwards)

The basic principle behind the reply you need is that they must earn what they get from you – they don’t just get it for being cute (like they do with every other guy)

NOTE: You don’t want to go overboard on this – if she hits you with a neg you hit her straight back… Only use it to suggest to her that you hold certain value in this interaction and that your not taking any of her shit tonight. She will respect you for it.

But it can go to far – those who don’t know when to stop end up with nothing. You come off as a jerk… Meaning the neg needs to be artfully placed and delicately followed up at a later date with more intimate and positive reinforcement once you know that she is into you.

#2 Keno

Or “touch”

Using physical touch to escalate seduction:

Some guys are touchy – others find it very hard to integrate keno into their every day life. If you have grown up in an environment where your mom or dad never really physically touched you that much it will be harder for you to learn this.

It’s ok for you to touch a guy on the shoulder while your talking to him…but it’s crucial that you use touch early on with women!

Otherwise there will always be this invisible barrier between the two of you. This barrier will either delay or halt any further intimacy. When your in a competitive environment good keno can make it or break it. Women like to be touched in a non threatening comfortable way.

The reason why using keno to escalate your seduction is a “crucial secret” is not only because not many men actually use it… it’s because it’s a bridge. Many guys will expect or try to jump straight in for the kiss (or even sex) before they have even touched her on the arm.

You need to be able to seduce in steps – the first is a simply touch on the arm. Another is leaning in closer than normal to talk to her. She will be aware of the proximity.


Attraction Is Earnt And Chicken Or Egg Confidence

Just think about this – if your an unemployed “unsuccessful” guy who is trying to fake confidence… you are trying to game the system. A system that has been working since the beginning of our own evolutionary time. A system that very few actually understand.

When I suggest to you that attraction is earnt what I mean is the specific factors that women find attractive coincide closely with a mans ability to protect provide and lead.

By increasing your own evolutionary survival and reproductive fitness you do exactly what it necessary to pull women toward you.

Here’s some proof

It’s no coincidence that money is attractive in todays society.

It’s no coincidence that fame is attractive

It’s no coincidence that leaders are attractive

It’s no coincidence that the ability to provide and protect is attractive

It’s no coincidence that health is attractive

It’s pretty tough to fake any of these qualities. They require effort to obtain. You wont see the lead quarterback of a football team without a women around his arm! Because in order to be that guy he has to be a leader, he has to be healthy and he is basically famous within his group.

Confidence in some sense stems from your ability to complete tasks that you have consciously or unconsciously set for yourself.

What I am getting at here is that it’s VERY hard to fake or generate an inner confidence within yourself if you don’t believe it. Remembering that you don’t believe it because you haven’t EARNT it.

There is a case of chicken or egg here –

Should I indulge in positive self talk to increase my chances of success or simply work hard with persistence and gain confidence from my successes?


Chicken Or Egg Confidence

In your attempt to attract the “women of your dreams” or any women for that matter you will be confronted with several obstacles… your own confidence playing a big part.

I wont list ways to increase your own confidence but I will address a common problem already eluded to above.

Should you “fake it till you make it…”

In many ways anyone that drinks alcohol to loosen the tongue and enjoy the night are doing exactly that. The boost in confidence that you feel while intoxicated is a cheap and immediate way to fake some sort of attractive exterior.

But once again it’s fake – the next morning you feel worse and you are no further ahead. So I’m going to suggest that true confidence comes from your own personal triumphs.

Women Can Spot A Fake

Are you aware of them “the bitch test” or “shit test”

Unless you are aware that this is going on in social dynamics you miss it completely and you end up being the victim of these tests that women use.

Women that are used to a lot of male attention need a way to qualify a guy and test if he is faking authority and confidence.

They will attempt to put you down or lower your value in an attempt to higher their own. If you take this put down seriously and accept it they know that your of “lesser value”.

They will also ask you do something arbitrary to see if you are validation seeking. There is a video below that talks about this (mystery method)

I wanted to bring this up because it’s so crucial to notice when your talking to women. Most guys will take these innocent bullshit tests from women and fail because they are not aware whats going on. Plus it ties in with the fact that attraction is earnt – she has to give  you something first! Watch the video.











Hot Lonely Women Seeking Overweight Balding Man

Did I get your attention? There is a good reason why you don’t often see that written ANYWHERE.

It’s a paradox – In todays society obesity indicates poor eating and lifestyle habits. In fact “hot lonely women” is a paradox in itself.

Hot women get hit on all day everyday – They get it easy and it frustrates them but they also dont get taken as seriously as they should. As a bigger guy who didn’t get lucky in the looks department it’s CRUCIAL that you leverage other areas of attraction.

Money is a BIG one that you can take advantage of… and you should!(think donald trump) Focus and make apparent any indication of higher value that you can portray in your everyday life. Watches, cars, clothes etc

Humor! Often bigger guys are forced into humor to shrug off the inevitable teasing throughout life. Use humor to make women laugh.

You might be thinking…

Where are all the women? The reality is that they are everywhere! Picking up groceries, going to work, partying in the weekend, playing sport. You just have to do a better job of getting out their and interacting. The more extracurriculars you have the better chance you give yourself.

Whether your on the lookout for lonely ladies for adventurous one night stands with no strings attached or a long term spiritual connection… It takes TWO to tango.

So at some stage you will have to make the decision about where to find the women you seek. Staying at home hitting up the xbox is not going to get you laid! Even though it’s fun it’s not increasing your interaction time with other people.

You might be asking yourself… Where the F&^K are all the women?
While the unattractive 40+ women are asking… where are all the young eligible and rich men?

It’s a common paradox!

Everyone is trying to shoot for the stars and land somewhere higher than they are at the moment. There is that added thrill of snagging yourself a hot women and generally a great catch.

When does aiming high stop and being unrealistic end?

Often you will find guys somewhat deluded when it comes to attracting women. They sit their with their buddies arrogantly rating women that walk by… suggesting that they would “do” her (9/10) and not her the (7/10) when they are sub par at best.

A reality check and some real face to face interaction with women is the next step for these guys.

Dating Method (Experiment)

It’s about time I wrote a case study on here about how you simplify the art of seducing women by using zen and PL dating techniques.

If you feel like you are overwhelmed and still not getting the dating success that you hoped for read on and discover how easy it really is.

I am a fan of techniques DHV’s Keno and several other methods but thinking that all you have to do is keno to impress women is missing the point.

Let’s look at the big picture and focus on the critical dating success factors – the one thing you can change in your dating life that will bring the biggest result.

So the deal was – I would go out and try a certain technique. I had to stick by the key points listed below. These were limitations but also simplifications to popular modern game that had become cluttered.

  • After an initial opener I had to remain positive and energized throughout.
  • I had to focus the conversation on her at all times.
  • I had to ask the obvious questions and keep the conversation moving forward
  • I had to convey sexual emotion through body language and eye contact

So basically it was my body language that was doing the seducing – the conversation was simply there to keep her from leaving! By NOT focusing on the conversation and the “what should I say”, the anxiety disappears.


I talked to a number of women that night but I had really narrowed it down to one girl that I had a connection with. The simplicity was not restricting but it was tough to continually redirect the conversation even when she kept asking me about what I did.

I think it added some mystery to my character in some respects but also kind of annoyed her.

(she did come back to mine that night) So I guess you could call it a successful night. However I don’t measure successful nights on whether I got laid or not!

The toughest and most important aspect of the PL Dating Method is the seduction via emotion through body language. You have a chance to connect with her when she is talking about herself. Eye contact, smiling and keno are all parts of the process that might take some time to refine.

KEY POINTS: (why it worked)

Focus on her

I still see this WAY to often – it amazes me how silly guys can be but I guess it’s nice to talk about yourself when you know someone is interested.

The problem is that you JUST met this girl – Just think for a second. Why would she be that interested in your latest work story?

What is she getting out of listening to you talk about yourself? It’s likely that she is being polite and waiting for a chance to excuse herself.

The PL Dating Seduction Experiment was designed so that anyone could use it. The biggest problem I hear guys having is that they don’t know what to say.

The reality is that you don’t actually have to say that much! By NOT talking you are able to influence them more than if you WERE talking. All you really need to do is come up with effective questions and these questions are based on what she has already said.

Increase your energy and enthusiasm

The most important aspect of this whole process is your ability to convey emotion through body language/facial expression and voice tone. You don’t have to be over the top! But it’s crucial that you are in a happy positive mood.

There is no way that you will pick up anything while sulking around the room feeling sorry for yourself.

Say the obvious

You don’t need to say anything amazing to charm her! You do need to use emotion and subtle flirting but you don’t have to tell a big story in front of a crowd to impress her.

Just keep saying the obvious. It will be obvious because after your approach which can be as simple as “hey – I need a womens opinion on something…”, she will start talking about herself (if she doesn’t prompt her to) and from this you get some great information about what to say next.

She might say that she currently studying at the local college… You obviously ask her “what are you studying?” And it keeps moving forward like this in a natural fashion.

Don’t go in with predefined lines

Apart from perhaps an opener you don’t want to go in with any predefined stories and lines.

Redirect conversation

You will often find that she asks about you – If you don’t have much to say about yourself in the moment just redirect the conversation back to her.

If you DO have MUCH to say about yourself avoid the temptation to blabber on about your successes or a work story. You will much more chance of impressing her if you are actually interested in her life.


You may have heard of the crass saying “dont put the pussy on a pedestal”… It should remind you that even 10’s are still girls that have emotions just like you. They get nervous and flustered when they are put on the spot.

This doesn’t refer to putting women down but it does remind us that we shouldn’t give her any more respect than she deserves. Give women respect where it is due. Just because she is attractive does not give her the right to treat you badly.

Why Lust Fails And Seduction Wins

It’s no surprise to any of you that there is a very strong motivational force present within all of use to reproduce. In fact arguably almost everything you do is driven by your motivation to increase your survival and reproductive fitness.

Men driven to make money to buy fast cars and increase status

Women driven to earn to provide a safe living space for her children

Makeup and shiny earrings are all worn for a very good reason

I am suggesting that you should never apologise for your strong will to mate and reproduce. Most guys are way to apologetic. Women are supposed to be the apologetic ones. Guys get shit done and are not afraid to voice their own opinion.

Don’t be afraid to let your sexual energy be present in life! And don’t apologise to women for wanting a sexual connection. It’s OK to ask for a sexual relationship with no strings attached. If you just want casual sex then go out and get it!


There is one huge difference between men who are successful in dating and those that fail every time, especially when it comes to sexual expression.

Realise that your ability to convey emotion and energy through your body language is crucial to your success with women.

Start to notice which guys are successful in bars and which are not. It becomes VERY obvious after a while.

The guy that is not successful will not only be withdrawn and lacking in confidence but he will also be utilising his sexual energy poorly. What does this mean?

Let me explain

We all have this constant sexual energy which we can choose to use for pleasure purposes. When you come across as SEEDY and CREEPY to women it means that you are gaining sexual pleasure from her, you are taking her energy and not giving anything back. You are basically being selfish in the interaction.

I am going to use extremes to magnify the point here – even if you don’t do this there will be a part of you that comes across seedy because you are trying to get something for nothing from the emotional response.

Picture a seedy nerdy guy that is staring at the rack of a gorgeous women…

He is hoping to interact with this women but is not prepared to open up and talk to her. Basically what is happening is he is gaining sexual pleasure from this women. Even though he doesn’t mean to this guy is subconsciously emitting wanting and needing emotions.

This is the WORST signal to display to any girl… especially on your first interaction!

Think about it – women are looking for the complete OPPOSITE from this seedy guy. They are looking for a stable man that they can TAKE from. If you can learn to transition from the taking mindset to the giving mindset emotionally you are on the right track.

So on one hand you want to be unapologetic about wanting sex and on the other hand you have to come across almost stoic in your need for her body. It’s unintuitive at first because your brain is crying out to you to jump her bones and get this over and done with.

You are unapologetic for a very good reason! You are worthy of her… You have earnt the right to be desirable. You are not in that needy wanting mindset of getting something without giving back.

Because that weird feeling that a girl get’s when you lust after her is present because she feels like she is being used!

LUST is a powerful male emotion that you should tap into!

But it has to be transmuted and transferred to seduction in order to be effective in today’s society.

A young attractive women will get hit on EVERYWHERE she goes. Whether it be an ass stare a boob stare or a straight direct approach. She is used to being contacted by guys that are LUSTING after her rather than presenting something that is of value first.
Are you still lusting? It’s easy and natural to sink straight to the raw emotions but they get you knowhere!

What you must learn to do is convert this energy into a useable and effective form. Think about how Prince Charming might approach a women and compare that with how you are gawking at an ass from across the room. What are you afraid of? If you don’t believe that she will be interested in being with you what is she supposed to think?

Important Tip:

Women think of YOU what YOU think of yourself!

So in order to increase your chances you HAVE to believe that you are worthy of her respect and admiration.

You have to believe that it would be HER LOSS to not be with you tonight.

Flip the scales and using techniques like negging and DHV’s you can lower her value and increase yours. Attractive women will always attempt to test you and lower your value before they make a decision on your worthiness.

So to LUST or to SEDUCE?

I hope you realise now that there is and never will be a comparison. Attractive women take much seducing before they will agree to even a simple phone number exchange.

You must demonstrate to her that you are a worthy and confident male that is not swayed by “bitch tests” whereby they attempt to lower your value and increase their own. It’s understandable – women don’t want to later find out that you are weak willed and wussy and just put on a great show for a night to bad them. They will test your character so be prepared for it.

#3 Weird Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Even though the initial attraction and motivation of approaching women is sexual what you really want is the deep emotional and spiritual connection with a women that LASTS.

What if their was a way to become MR Right even if your current personality and situation have you sitting in the depressing category of Mr WRONG!

Would you say that your bullet proof when it comes to your emotions with women? Could a women say anything to you and it wouldn’t affect your inner self confidence? The trouble most guys have is that they have never taken the time to develop and deepen their inner game.

If your like 99.99% of men out their you literally freak out at the idea of rejection!

Not “oh it‘s not that nice” I mean you would do anything to avoid this rejection. The mere thought of this humiliating rejection makes you sick and short of breath.

You might be a guy that has a number of friends that are girls – approaching and talking to these “mates” is nothing. There is no trepidation whatsoever. What I am referring to by approach anxiety only exists when you feel like you have SOMETHING TO LOSE.

If you approach a drop dead gorgeous girl (10/10) you will feel like you have something to lose… You could screw up your “opportunity” to seduce her and some other guy will step in.

Heart rate increase
Break quickens and pauses
Consciousness change

The reason why you walk away from perhaps the most amazing thing that could happen in your life is because you are you able to immediately remove the discomfort that you feel. It’s a simple cost benefit analysis and your disillusioned mind has stacked the benefits of walking away.

The great thing is that ACTUAL rejection is far easier to take than the artificial fear of rejection that you create in your mind. You have already felt the worst fear of the whole process before you even talk to her.

As soon as you overcome the block of the approach it’s a downhill slide to the finish. Because the worst thing she will do is say she is not interested or she has a boyfriend.

Men don’t actually get rejected very often at all!!!

The ones that do get rejected are rude obnoxious or completely mismatched their target!

So you can put yourself in the right statistic by choosing your target appropriately and using manners. Women like to know that men are taking an interest in them!

By keeping the attention focused on them there is little chance that she will reject any question you ask.

The Opinion Opener
Hey… I need a women’s opinion on something
Hey… I want to know what you think about
Hey … I need help with

These questions hardly ever get shot down!

There is no hidden motive and you are asking her for help – she becomes immediately involved in your life.
Being preoccupied with the actual rejection sucks your emotional energy.

If you want to preoccupied with anything it should be with removing your FEAR of rejection.

Preoccupy yourself with establishing a powerful confident emotional state. Push your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Preoccupy yourself with strengthening your emotional resolve in spite of fear.

Why Do Women Reject Men?

There are several reasons why women reject men which I will list below but first let’s get one thing straight. There many guys out their that are hyper responsive and hyper sensitive to rejection.

If a women doesn’t respond to you or politely says that she is not interested this is NOT rejection. Don’t play it up and say you got shot down by a girl one night because she told you she had a boyfriend! Not everyone is going to want to talk to you…

Especially women that don’t even know you. So firstly don’t confuse disinterest with rejection! If you do you will always be beating yourself up about getting shot down.

Inappropriate Approach

Follow normal interaction etiquette and you shouldn’t run into any problems! What’s considered inappropriate? Rushing in and being overly physical with them before they have a chance to figure you out. Using silly pick up lines that are sexual in nature. Approaching with a nervous sweaty palmed stare.

Not Knowing When To Stop

Some dudes just have NO IDEA when to stop! I think it must be because they don’t actually care but it’s more likely that they are not paying attention to the OBVIOUS responses they are getting.

The trouble is these obvious signals to stop are not so clear to the ill informed male approach.. You see most women are fairly polite – they know that it took balls to come over and say hi so she wants to let you down easy.

Example approach – two girls in the corner of a bar intensely chatting about their job… They didn’t come to pick up guys, they already have boyfriends and are just catching up after not seeing each other for months.

You interrupt with

Hey sweety can I buy you a drink?

No thankyou we are fine…

How about your hot friend over there?

No she is fine thanks

Oh come on you girls look like your bored!

I hope you can see why a rejection is going to be served up to this guy real soon. Know how to pick your fights and know when to stop!

Nervous Body Language


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2 Types Of Girls

The Long Termer

The girl you could show your parents… You dont necessarily have to be sexually attracted to her but you have to respect her at some deeper level. You are more like companions and good friends than anything else.

Sadly these relationships are more like business agreements than relationships of the sexual kind. Even though their is more love in these relationships than there is in the short termer relationships their is less sporadic and lively sexual experiences.

If your not careful she will rob you of your mojo and take over the running of the house, finances and eventually your life.

This relationship is more of a good long term play – it might sound boring but it’s safe. The two of you get on so well outside the bedroom that you hardly need it anyway.

There is a risk of infidelity if the sex becomes too infrequent.

The Short Termer


The girl you wouldn’t take home and introduce to your mom. This is purely a sexual exploration. You find her weird and almost abhorrent outside the bedroom but she has some strong power over you.

These girls usually  have very erratic personalities or daddy issues.

The attraction you feel is purely physical and you both know there is no chance of a serious relationship.

This girl allows you to be yourself and celebrates you for your risk taking and wilder side. She would be a tough one to live with but is great for a one night stand or casual sex relationship.

Now the real question is

Where is the middle ground?

Does a middle ground exist between these two types of girls?

If you have found a girl that is not only a good long term partner but also one that you find sexually attractive,

We have a winner… bing bing bing bing!!!

Hold on to her.

I am not talking about a girl that you love and have just accepted that she is cute but could do better. I’m not talking about a girl that is just OK in the bedroom and does what she does to get by. But a girl that you get on with spiritually, sexually, emotionally, in business, in play, in life goals, in hobbies, in personality…

There must be some compromise – but you might as well shoot for the stars right?

Are you settling for the extremes above? Do you have the equivalent of a mother figure that is bossing you around?

Why are you giving her the right to do so?

If she really loved you she would understand that you like to live your life a certain way.

Many of the long termers try to CHANGE their guy – they find a man that they think has POTENTIAL and then shape and mold him into the gentleman she can show her parents.

Do you remember the last time you went out with the boys and had a great time… those times you use to have when you were single…

The trouble with getting advice from your partner and letting her comb your hair and wash you face is this…


The more you allow her to manipulate you – the less attractive you become to her in the long run. You must maintain your independence and sense of adventure!

You must hold onto that masculine drive to do better and be better.

To many guys settle for the far end of the spectrum – they play it safe and loose their dick in the process… who took it? Your wife did!


image: graur codrinLouisa Stokes


The #7 Key Male Qualities You Need To Attract Women

The Leader Of Men

Do you want to play a game?

It’s called:

“Follow The Leader”

Yes the leader of men is a very attractive quality! Whether your the captain of your sports team or owner of a business you are the man that everyone goes to for answers.

Throughout history the leader of the tribe had mating rights for obvious reasons. It was vital for the survival of the species that his genes were multiplied and propagated forward (survival of the fittest)

Now of course the description of “fittest” is murky and confused. Which is good for you because you no longer have to fight for a womens attention. You can use your intelligence to get yourself to the top… No matter which way you do it just make sure your at the top of your game.

Protector of Loved Ones

Not only do you need to be the dominant leader but you must also show humility. Caring and protecting as well as providing food and shelter are all roles of the alpha male. I know it’s  tough world out their and only those men who can tick these 7 boxes can call themselves the top 5%

You might be thinking – if I have to do ALL of this… what the hell are women doing? They get a pretty sweet deal dont they?


Preselection from other women has actually been tested in animals.

If a male is in the presence of a mating female other females will be more likely to mate with him.

If you have a girlfriend you will be MORE attractive women than if you dont.

However preselection from other men is also a powerful attraction factor and a male quality that you need to attract women. Women assume that if other men look up to you there is good reason for it.

Risk Taker

I am not talking about the crazy base jumping risk taker but one of the attractive male qualities is willingness to put your balls on the line for what you believe in. If  you have all of the other qualities listed here but wuss out when the going get’s tough women will question your status.

Demonstrate the Willingness to Walk Away

I want her but I dont NEED her…

If you can walk away from a hot girl without regret you have options. It implies you are also preselected. A girl will take her chances and choose the man that has proven himself to other women – if you can walk away you are proving to her that you are in a position to do so.

Ability to Emote

Women need to be told that you love them and want them – they need that emotional feedback.

– convey the appropriate emotion
– use emotions to aid your flirtation

If you are feeling tired and stale after a long day of work and you know that your not really in that talking mood then dont go out. You need to feel that positive confident emotion inside you otherwise you will be doing more harm than good. Leaning on a bar sipping whiskey is what worn out old men do… alpha males enter and are immediately recognized as someone to talk to.

Emotionally Stable

Your emotional state is immediately recognizable which is why your ability to control your state will determine your success with women. Can you keep it together in stressful situations? Do you have automatic anxiety and fear responses that get triggered without warning?

Your inner self talk is recognizable to other people to so you must get yourself into that positive talkative state both inside and out.

Play a game when your out – Believe that whatever you think in your head others can hear! I believe there is some truth to this. Your body language will mirror what your telling your brain so you might as well give yourself the best chance of success and think positively about your chances.

The #7 Key Male Qualities Video


image: Louisa Stokes