#2 Crucial Secrets To Seducing Women

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bt4vxZWLGs (mystery method) Neil Strauss said – She would have liked the old me… But she never would have gotten to know me. He says this because he used to be a shy short wimp – and now he is dating the lead guitarist of a famous band. You have to find what’s great about […]

Attraction Is Earnt And Chicken Or Egg Confidence

Just think about this – if your an unemployed “unsuccessful” guy who is trying to fake confidence… you are trying to game the system. A system that has been working since the beginning of our own evolutionary time. A system that very few actually understand. When I suggest to you that attraction is earnt what […]

Hot Lonely Women Seeking Overweight Balding Man

Did I get your attention? There is a good reason why you don’t often see that written ANYWHERE. It’s a paradox – In todays society obesity indicates poor eating and lifestyle habits. In fact “hot lonely women” is a paradox in itself. Hot women get hit on all day everyday – They get it easy […]

Dating Method (Experiment)

It’s about time I wrote a case study on here about how you simplify the art of seducing women by using zen and PL dating techniques. If you feel like you are overwhelmed and still not getting the dating success that you hoped for read on and discover how easy it really is. I am […]

Why Lust Fails And Seduction Wins

It’s no surprise to any of you that there is a very strong motivational force present within all of use to reproduce. In fact arguably almost everything you do is driven by your motivation to increase your survival and reproductive fitness. Men driven to make money to buy fast cars and increase status Women driven […]

#3 Weird Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Even though the initial attraction and motivation of approaching women is sexual what you really want is the deep emotional and spiritual connection with a women that LASTS. What if their was a way to become MR Right even if your current personality and situation have you sitting in the depressing category of Mr WRONG! […]

2 Types Of Girls

The Long Termer The girl you could show your parents… You dont necessarily have to be sexually attracted to her but you have to respect her at some deeper level. You are more like companions and good friends than anything else. Sadly these relationships are more like business agreements than relationships of the sexual kind. […]

The #7 Key Male Qualities You Need To Attract Women

The Leader Of Men Do you want to play a game? It’s called: “Follow The Leader” Yes the leader of men is a very attractive quality! Whether your the captain of your sports team or owner of a business you are the man that everyone goes to for answers. Throughout history the leader of the […]

Love Systems At The Playboy Mansion

The guys from love systems will be at the playboy mansion July 22-23rd 2011. You have a chance to be their with them and learn from the best! It will come at a cost of course (it’s THE playboy mansion for christs sake) Love systems coaches will be heavily focuses on picking up 10’s and […]

Practical Vs Intellectual Dating Game

Live What You Learn There is little point in reading any of this if you don’t plan to actually implement it into your daily life. If you think that you will become wiser and use it down the road your might be partially right but you wont get the full benefit. A lot of the […]

Natural Game: The Real You Is What’s Attractive

Are you suppressing the ONE aspect of your personality that will give you the best chance with women? Do you present that mask when you see a women that you find attractive? The trouble with being aloof, portraying the fake you… is that it’s suppressing your ability to attract her. You think that by acting […]

#3 Crucial Ex Back Stages You Must Master To Get Her Back

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U-3a8fAxsE (ashly kay) with the ex recovery system Emotional Control after rejection you feel out of control you feel like it came it came out of nowhere don’t panic! You fear losing who you love You might be tempted to get your ex back by begging and pleading and buying her gifts, being overly nice. […]

Can’t Buy Me Love

Do you find yourself using money to buy the appreciation and admiration of women? That saying cant buy me love is true… You can buy temporary false love but you will never be able to buy a womens real passionate long term love. Too many guys are way to generous when it comes to women […]

5 Mindsets Women Are Hardwired To Find Attractive (VIDEO)

Howdy… So if you haven’t heard already Shafin has released the third video… it’s live now over at psychologyofattraction.org Your understanding of the psychology of attraction and inner game is going to be where you get the most leverage when it comes to success with women. What I mean by leverage is that you are going to see a massive increase […]

I want my ex back

2 BEST SOLUTIONS: TEXT YOUR EX BACK MAGIC OF MAKING UP   One day I woke up with complete clarity – I had been feeling shitty for months all because my boyfriend left my for my best friend. Not only was I betrayed by my best friend but my boyfriend too – we used to […]