Uncomplicated Casual Sex

Is there such a thing as uncomplicated casual sex? A recent article in laweekly suggests that finding it on craigslist is not so easy to find. The great thing about craigslist is that is has market share – everyone knows about it. It’s one big watering hole of personal ads. However the fact that it […]

The Single Thing That Hurts Guys The Most: Women

Men don’t let many people close to them – they don’t allow themselves the opportunity for people to hurt them as a result. During any casual sex relationship men are (in the most part) able to keep any attachment from occurring. The keep the women at arms length emotionally until they they are ready… When we fall for […]

Booty Call

So what’s a booty call? You call someone for just sex, nothing else. It is even less then Friends with benefits which at least assumes a friendly relation. Basically, think unpaid hooker. For some people they wouldn’t mind being someones booty call – for guys a botty call is a good thing because there is […]

Online Dating Safety: Spot A Dating Scammer

The classic Senegal scam email: Hello It is my wishes to contact you after reading across your profile, My name is Miss Sandra Kuminber, I saw your profile today and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address so that i can give you my pictures […]

Sex Dating

Sex dating involves the search of singles in your area for the sole purpose of creating casual sex relationships. The idea is that everyone on the site is under the same assumption that serious relationships are not on the cards… Inside a sex dating site anything goes, all niche interests and sex interests are welcomed […]

Older Women Seeking Younger Guys

Older Women Seeking Younger Guys

Perhaps the best fit for casual sex sites is in fact this age gap of older women and younger guys. Divorced, separated, widowed or even attached older women are still on the lookout – they have the money freedom and time to explore and have fun. Younger guys are obviously on the lookout but the 20 […]

The Expectations On Modern Day Men: The Alternative Is Being A 40 Year Old Boy

If your a guy anywhere from 18 through to 30 lifes going to be a little tough… But it get’s better For your female counterparts it’s one of the best stages of their life – it’s when they have the most power – they are youthful and fertile and every guy wants them. For you […]

Bisexual Casual Dating

I was initially surprised at the volume and ratio of bisexual and bicurious women and men on the friend finder network… I guess I just wasn’t expecting to see almost all of the younger women online listed as bi’s… But then I realized the reality of casual dating – for the most part you are looking for […]

Share A Sex Story At PL Casual Dating

Free Casual Sex Dating… What could be better? A casaul sex website that allows you to get into contact with other singles in your area looking for friends with benefits and casual dating. PL CASUAL DATING is set up with blogs forums and groups enabled – however it was designed with simplicity in mind – all […]

Getting A Girl Into Bed: The #6 Mistakes Men Make Before Sex

  Approaching , getting numbers and creating trust is mentioned alot but when it comes to sealing the deal how do you fair? Actually getting a women into bed can prove difficult – this is another time like approaching when guys tend to freeze up and make a mountain out of a mole hill. The […]

How Andrew Got His Wife Back

Andrew was well aware of the rough patch that the relationship was in but the divorce came as a huge surprise. Money stress and time away from his wife soon pulled them apart. Over time and through a lack of communication Andrews wife Megan decided to call and end to it all. Andrew sunk into depression and […]

What Does Casual Dating Really Mean?

To avoid confusion the best way I can put the word CASUAL in a dating sense is  this… If I am casually dating someone it means I am not invested in them… I am not invested in them emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially! I am not expected to show up anywhere on time, answer their calls, […]

Read Her Mind And Get Laid

Have you ever heard: “Women are too complex” “Women think too emotionally” “Men just don’t understand women” Well it’s Bullshit… Yes women do think very emotionally but it’s not some secret code that we have to stress over. YOU already have all the tools to understand a women’s mind. Just access the knowing and natural […]

Reasons To Use Sex Personals

Reasons To Use Sex Personals: THE OBVIOUS: Ease of use Speed Filtering and Search Abilities Niche interests (bdsm, couple, bisexual) can be sorted easily Anonymous – Secret – Private Fun High Volume Of Users Available anywhere in the world Increase sexual confidence Overcome shyness and approach anxiety Low barrier to entry Meet new people Experience […]

Words Alone Wont Get You Laid

The idea that you can use a certain number of questions to get laid is ridiculous… Any phrase that suggests you can get laid just by talking to a women is lying through their teeth. I am not saying that speech can’t help you emotionally connect with women but I am saying that speech alone […]