Booty Call

So what’s a booty call? You call someone for just sex, nothing else. It is even less then Friends with benefits which at least assumes a friendly relation. Basically, think unpaid hooker. For some people they wouldn’t mind being someones booty call – for guys a botty call is a good thing because there is […]

Sex Dating

Sex dating involves the search of singles in your area for the sole purpose of creating casual sex relationships. The idea is that everyone on the site is under the same assumption that serious relationships are not on the cards… Inside a sex dating site anything goes, all niche interests and sex interests are welcomed […]

Reasons To Use Sex Personals

Reasons To Use Sex Personals: THE OBVIOUS: Ease of use Speed Filtering and Search Abilities Niche interests (bdsm, couple, bisexual) can be sorted easily Anonymous – Secret – Private Fun High Volume Of Users Available anywhere in the world Increase sexual confidence Overcome shyness and approach anxiety Low barrier to entry Meet new people Experience […]