Allowing Dating To Flow Naturally

Many guys seem to get hung up on the idea of sex and place a strange sense of importance on it.

They make it the target and end goal rather than an enjoyable, inevitable experience.

The reality is that if your on a date with a women that you are really connecting with it’s most likely going to end in intimacy. It may happen on the first, second or tenth date but it will happen. She wants it and you want it so it’s just a matter of focusing on feeling comfortable with each other.

Those of you that make sex the target end up placing to much importance on it which dilutes other areas of your life. While your on the date, all that really matters is how you get on with the women.

This is closely associated with allowing your dating life to flow naturally. The natural thing to do would be to join clubs and groups that are in alignment with your hobbies and interests.

The natural thing to do would be to get on and enjoy the time spent with these people. In time you will strike up a great relationship with many of the women from theses events and hobbies.

Allowing the laws of nature and chemistry to take place while also allowing your natural masculine sexual motivation to guide you… you find yourself in bed with the perfect women. One that you are not only friends with and share similar values with but have gotten to know naturally.

This unforced slightly passive approach to dating is UNLIKE 99% of the popular dating advice out their.

It suggests that you should be doing everything in your power to force certain experiences to happen.

I am suggesting that you should not need to force anything – if you really do love indoor netball or dance that much you should be apart of a larger community. It’s inevitable that you are going to meet like minded women while you go about your daily life and enjoy the hobbies that bring you to life.

Let’s talk about that – it’s yet another argument for letting your dating life just happen. Your hobbies and motivations are what really bring your to life – it’s what your passionate about and what you are good at.



If you can’t stand letting fate take it’s course but like the idea of natural dating then be proactive about enjoying life. Meaning JOIN more clubs get new hobbies and meet new people simply because you want to.

Make a HABIT out of meeting new people everyday just because you like their company. When you notice a sexual urge towards any one women then it’s your body letting you know you should pursue it further.

This is the natural process of dating – it’s unlike many other forms of “sniper dating” which suggest very specific one on one dates with people you have little in common with. Natural dating is just  natural socializing and it will allow you to use your sexual motivation to form hundreds of NEW social connection.

You will come out of the process with an amazing bf/gf hundreds of new friends, many new hobbies and experiences of a lifetime.

Letting your SEXUAL MOTIVATION lead you is a recipe for disaster because your dick does not care for compatibility.

Most guys would hook up with pretty much any healthy women their own age if they could do it with no consequence…

A good description for the  male sexual drive is INSANITY…

If you really just want free casual sex then their are plenty of sites like xxxblackbook that cater to that motivation. But if you are looking for a women that you can truly spiritually connect with try passive dating.

Many of you will be actively on the lookout for a long term partner but I believe that you are going about it the wrong way!

If your effort to find a girlfriend involves replying to a few pof messages or heading out drunk to the local bar then it’s going to end in tears.

You might get a couple one night stands out of the experience but it’s unlikely you will find someone truly compatible… that takes more effort.


I call this passive dating but it does not mean that you have to passive about meeting women – I would suggest channeling your sexual energy in the creation of hobbies and social events.

If your in need of a fresh perspective – get out of your comfort zone and join groups that you would not normally join. Grace yourself with an open mind about the people that you meet in these new social situations.




Charismatic Revolution’s

The reality is that you can’t fake it till you make it dude – you are selling your real lifestyle… What is your lifestyle? Is it fun and exciting ? Are you “cool” ???

Do you sit at home and play xbox or are you constantly travelling or hanging out with amazing people?

  • 90% of game is YOU!
  • You are the game, you are the product…
  • What are you selling?

You are selling your personality and lifestyle – rather than coming up with a sales pitch to try and fake cool. Actually work on being cool. I’m not using the douchbag cool here but actually interesting.

Become the man of her dreams which means create a lifestyle and have the charisma  that she is looking for. Then everything will fall into place!


You need to work on the product…

So what is cool?

  • Great social connections
  • Great shape
  • Health
  • Fashion sense
  • Admirable skills
  • etc etc etc

You agree to all of this right? Instead of working on an opener work on the list above!

If your a guy that is broke bored and losts then this is the video you need to listen to! Get off the computer and get out their and get some hobbies…

Hobbies sports and skills will teach you what you really need to know.

Change is a little scary but it’s really important.

4 Simple But Huge Areas Of Your Life That Will Influence You

Friends – If you only hang out with guys that are lonely broke and negative you need to find some new friends (we become like our peers).

Get female and male friends – having female friends are is a HUGE boost for you as far as social proof.

Acquaintances – not your friends but your outer social circle! Fucking crucial guys – expand your out social circle! Add friends on facebook that you just met – just send out the friend request!


Limiting Beliefs:

Looks – doesn’t matter

Height – doesn’t matter

Dick Size – doesn’t matter

What does matter?





Big ups to speaker (alexander) and under 21 convention and “tyler durden”

Nick Sparks Is A Boss: College Game

She just’s wants someone to take her hand and lead… For some guys this is a scary aspect of their lives because they are not used to leading. This stuff just comes from practice guys – get out their and live life more and learn how it FEELS to lead in an interaction.

Basically do the opposite of what the popular feminist movement is telling you. They have no idea what real masculine attraction is and it seems that we have lost much of that knowledge through time.




Plausibile deniability – use ambiguity in your physical escalation.

Girls don’t want to be slutty – they have been programmed to expect and reject sexual advances from guys.. meaning EXPECT them to resist just enough for them to feel comfortable with the idea of it.

This means that LOGISTICS are very important – if getting back to your flat means two bus rides and a subway ride your screwed. The passion and sexual tension will likely be lost along the way. (living close to campus is a good idea)


What is Confidence?

LOOKING SOMEONE IN THE EYES – and saying YES I CAN DO THAT – with no second thought.

#1 Male Quality Women Find Unattractive

Do you want to know the REAL TESTED male qualities that women fun unattractive? I would suggest that you take a very close look at your hygiene and your humor… Based on studies these are the top unattractive qualities that women HATE.

  • NUMBER #1 hygiene
  • NUMBER #2 humor



 The Needy Guy

If your a needy guy – Neurotic women will be attracted to you – your negative quality is your neediness. There are ALOT of needy nice guys out their. SOLUTION? get abundance and be a bit more of a leader, get more confidence and get more social. Then you will have the best of both worlds.


Attract extrovert women and your negative quality is your bossiness.

Bad Boy

Bad boys attract psychotic women and your negative quality is your


Providers come second to the above , neg = money

Attract Women: Grow Some Balls And Be A MAN!

This is what you must know… Listen to this video

This guy orlando owen speaks much truth on the subject of becoming a man and the sorry state that we see ourselves in at the moment.

It’s no wonder so many women are frustrated and their is such a big industry for pick up… Dads don’t teach their sons to be men!


if you want to lead: ( be the man) then you must ask yourself

  1. who you are?
  2. where do you want to go?
  3. why should she follow?

self esteem = you know you can lead, you know you stand for something bigger


Does your life have a purpose? Other than going to work and earning a living…

Does it have a purpose that really means something to you?

When you have a purpose you automatically become

enthusiastic , infectious  and spirited


the boy must die

  1. Why should a women trust you?
  2. Are you worthy of leadership?
  3. Create a vision of your life

Find something that is bigger than you are for christs sake bigger than world of warcraft or any virtual game.


  1. become a major factor in your destiny
  2. take responibility for who you are
  3. for yourself
  4. your development
  5. grabbing life by the balls
  6. seizing power

Nothing wrong with getting married – but just don’t do it for the security!

If your seeking security – go read rich dad poor dad…

In germany it’s an epidemic (seeking security).


Clarity is very very attractive to women and it comes with confidence and having a purpose and a vision.


Do what you have to do to deal with any emotion scars from the past – seek addition 3rd party help for this.

Online Game

Online game is NOT a replacement for cold approaches…

Often times guys will use this as a substitute!

Use online dating as a simple way to help out your dating efforts but do not rely on it! is the best site online for online dating – get on their, set up a profile and email the girls that are in your area.

When your inside pof don’t message girls looking for intimate encounters as you will get banned from messaging other women for regular dates.


See it from her perspective – look at your profile from a womens point of view!

Check out other guys profiles and imagine you were a chick ready to email them… It’s weird but it will give you an idea about how your profile comes across to her.

If you have a weird subject line or a weird photo it’s likely your inbox is empty… Split test some photo angles and different shots of yourself.


Don’t use the subject lines

  1. Hey
  2. Nice Guy Looking For Nice Girl
  3. Nice guy looking for fun
  4. Hows it going
  5. Hi

Use Instead

  1. The guy your mother warned you about
  2. Not weird or creepy like every other guy on here
  3. I taught cupid everything he knows
  4. I’m kind of an asshole (best)

It’s all about the PICTURE – test your head shots and other images in your album

Use full body – or pictues of you doing something fun.

ABOUT ME: (tested)

Short and sweet!
Keep it funny and a bit cheeky and arrogent
They need to live up to your standards!
Downplay your cool shit (but mentioned it) “i was in vegas last week”
Guess the secret works… (or something spiritual)

Do not message me if your a

  • stripper
  • bartender
  • Scorpio
  • girl with implants

Once again it infers you are pre-selecting before they even know you.


bust her balls about her picture (in a nice way) or suggest that you didn’t take them for the shy type!

“hey you visited my profile and didn’t email me… I didn’t take you for the shy type”

“Guess I scared you off with that last email… Probably just as well… scorpio women are crazy… it never works out!”


Get in early on what she will likely say to you such as:

I just want to let you know… where not having sex tonight…

Because you said it first it’s going to help you by giving you the upper hand.


I hope my cat likes you

Because if not it’s not going to work – eg your not invested in the situation or relationship hence have high value.



(even though mine is terrible) yours should be good as it represents your speech and your education.



Cheers bravo:

Porn + Jacking Off Is Stopping You Getting Laid

Jump 15 minutes in… This guy has some important shit to say about getting laid… For all you  nice guys out their that are not getting laid enough – it’s pretty much down to you being to much of a pussy.

As far as this guy (manhore) has to say it’s all about just taking control and being persistent. If she is still in your presence she want’s to get laid. Alpha males and dominant men take charge and claim what they want.

He has a bit about being scared of women and their responses… If your still not getting laid then this is you NUMBER 1 reason why your not.

It’s EXTREMELY unattractive for a women to see that a guy is intimidated by her – it may be cute for a while and you can be nice after sex but before it you have to step up and be dominant.



Basically stop being a pussy and take what is out their. The reality is that their are sexual opportunities everywhere you go. If you want them enough it’s simply a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities.

Stop jacking off and stop watching porn – the motivation should give you the balls to do what you should have done weeks/months/years ago.

Can you remember a time when you had a women back at your place and you made her UNCOMFORTABLE? She was their to have fun… She was their to have sex with a great guy… But you were to pussy, to low in confidence to make it happen… Or at least you made the actual sex very uncomfortable by not being sure of yourself. It doesn’t really matter what you do – JUST BE SURE ABOUT IT… Even it’s the wrong thing she wont care.

This guy also talks about what men used to do:

Guys we used to hunt live animals for food and lead parties and families through hard winters by being the leader… How could a girl be hot for you if you can’t even approach her with confidence? Take what is yours and stop giving a shit about what she has to say! I mean care about her as a person but stop being affected by circumstances outside your control.



Attract Women: Live More: Love More

Great advice from great men is easier to come by with the access that you have now…








10 Things To Avoid In Your 20’s

  1. Chasing any woman
  2. Trying to buy a woman’s love
  3. Getting caught up by materialism
  4. Massing personal debt
  5. Fanaticism with a group of people
  6. Not completing a formal education
  7. Getting lazy with your associations
  8. Not taking care of your body
  9. Limiting your exposure
  10. Staying in a bad relationship (#1 mistake)



General theme of this talk is being  centered within yourself and setting personal boundaries. Living a life that is financially secure and based on values that you set yourself. Don’t chase girls!



XXX Black Book Dating

Register With Code #a391ide

xxx black book is a paid casual dating site and a good one at that!

According to popular review sites xxx black book is actually a better sex dating sites than the famous adult friend finder.

XXX black book is based inside a cam site and the community seems to be very active. All of the intuitive features such as auto location and video chat are within the site.

The site is set inside a basic but feature rich professional looking framework that makes it easy to find what your looking for.

The profile sections allow you to express your sexuality… the whole interaction is based in sexual dating rather than long term relationships. This is UNLIKE most other dating sites.

XXXBLACKBOOK is NOT a free site – it’s free to accept mail but if you want to actually use the full site you will have to upgrade and pay a monthly fee.

As far as professional paid casual dating sites go this one is in the top 5 online however you may be looking for free options that pretty much do the same thing. Xhamster have a personals section that is free within it’s site with sexual intent however you have to realize that most users within that site are male…

The benefit of using a paid casual dating site is that your chances of actually hooking up are better. They are better because the revenue generated from monthly memberships means the site is able to advertise to a female audience to balance up the numbers.

Even saying that xxx black book seem to have a large number of single and attached women signing up.

All you can really do is check out the site by grabbing a free membership. This will allow you to upload and image, flirt with the other users, and potentially receive mail. You can also fill out your profile and describe yourself.

xxx black book do have a well organised professional dating site here that I thought was worth a mention.

The Importance Of How You Feel: Emotional Contagion

Ever tried to fake feeling happy while in a bar? Ever tried to fake feeling excited and enthusiastic while going out when in reality your tired and moody?

pua training calls this emotional contagion and it’s REALLY important.

In fact I believe that it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your entire game.

If your NOT enthusiastic and happy or at least feeling good inside everything else is screwed.

Have you every felt really low and wondered how people somehow already know how you feel even though you thought you were hiding it?


Just keep that in your head when you go out next time WOMEN KNOW!

They know how you feel…

They can feel how confident you are…

They can feel how energetic you are…

Without you saying a single word!

Which is why this is really the single most important aspect of your entire personality.

Yes you can use words to seduce her but that’s icing on the cake once you understand this stuff.

Just try going out when you feel weak shy and sad about something, I BET you couldn’t fake confidence. Somehow people just pick up that your down in the dumps… it’s kina creepy.

When your approaching or opening a women with any sort of line you have to FEEL the line because you are trying to convey and emotion to her. If you don’t feel that emotion how is she going to pick it up?

One of the biggest reasons why guys fail with women is because they simply don’t understand emotional contagion. They are not in touch or in control of their emotions. If you can transmit healthy sexual emotion across the boundary between you and her she will feel it. It may be subconsciously but you can be sure she will pick it up.

So if this emotional contagion thing is so important and it can’t be faked how do you get it into you life? (read the tools section below)

It really comes down to the bigger picture – you can do something about it when your standing in front of a women (feel the emotion of excitement that your talking about) but this whole concept comes naturally if you can take control of your life.

Those men that beat their own path through life and take control of situations rather than running form them find it easier to be confident in front of women.

Those men that follow through with what they put their minds to feel confident about their ability to meet challenges.

This game is more about HOW YOU FEEL than you could possibly imagine. Even if you think this is all Bullshit I would still recommend researching a little about it and remembering that how you feel really does matter.



Feeling healthy and happy is so important it’s worth changing your routines and habits for. If your no longer feeling as happy as you used to or as enthusiastic about life as you used to perhaps it’s down to your diet or your habits.

I have noticed that once students GIVE UP using alcohol they actually become more animated and confident. Exercising more and eating healthy is also a great way to become more animated and energetic.

PL students don’t go out unless they FEEL like they want to and they feel as though mingling would be an easy thing to do. The reality is that you can’t fake how you really feel inside because women pick up on this automatically.

The #1 Thing That Women Are Attracted To

As a guy you might find yourself asking the question…what do women really want?

It’s simple really but if you have not yet had that aha moment with women and seduction yet a guy called ross jeffries will be able to help you out.

In a recent blog post ross said who cares what women want… they don’t know themselves… what you should be asking yourself is this.

What do women respond to?

Once you understand what women respond to you can start acting in a way that will trigger these responses.

Do you want to know what women really respond to?


It’s really that simple – keep reading that over and over


Not that overly arrogant dominance that is forced on  you but the confident and assured dominance.

This is why you will so often see younger girls with older guys – they like the dominance and confidence that the older guy has.

Guys are attracted to feminine beauty amongst other things. Women seem to be more complex but it’s really simple once you open your eyes. The are attracted to authority figures and power and money because the men in possession of such things have dominance.

How to manifest and feel that confident dominance over a beautiful girl is another matter.



Approaching Online Dating: Finding True Love Online

I don’t think it’s the right mindset to have “finding true love online”

I guess eventually you would have found someone you can love from meeting them online but you wont know that until you meet offline… Do you get what I mean?

It’s just to disconnected online, even if you skype video chat every night for a month you still don’t know if you can love them or not. You never really know about someone until you meet them face to face and live with them for a period of time.

Saying that your trying to find true love online is a little desperate in my view – Yes be on the lookout for long term relationships and take it seriously but don’t commit to the first pretty face you see. It can be tempting to jump into love but what your experiencing is actually lust or a school girl/boy crush.

Wait it out and then see how you feel in a weeks time.

If you can’t keep your mind of them offer the chance to meet up some time – this would not be considered a first date just a chance to meet up and see who they actually are.

Remember online dating can be very mysterious lies will be made about personality,age,weight and income levels.

So keep your heart out of the clouds for long enough to find out what they are really like. I am all for falling helplessly in love with someone that you really know and trust but saying that your falling in love with an online crush that you have never met before is a little crazy.

That’s why I sometimes wonder what actually goes on in eHarmony depths – these people are getting married as a result of their time online. How quickly are they getting married and how quickly did they know that they were in love with each other?

The idea of going into online dating with the hope of future marriage is just fine – so long as you voice that intent to others and let them know it’s where you at in your life all power to you. I don’t think that free online dating sites are the place to do that and I think your well aware of that.

Sites like be naughty and click and flirt are seriously well put together dating sites but their whole intent is of a sexual nature. So It makes eharmony look pretty good as it’s actually trying to create meaningful relationships right?

Of course!

But don’t count out the chance of meeting up with someone from a free site just as friends / distant acquaintances and then slowly getting to know them over time.

Using free dating sites and social sites like oasis active are great for growing a friends circle and just generally getting more numbers. By adding them to your facebook circle you enable a bigger reach and more group and event invitations.

So this is a less targeted approach to online dating in which you seek to date many different types of personalties without the want or need for a relationship up front.

I think this is the best and most stable way to approach online dating- your really not that serious about it but you will send out emails and check your inbox once a week to see who has replied. You will catch up with matches to see how they are doing but you also have a life outside of the online dating world… EG your not placing all of your eggs in one dating basket. Make sure that you get out their and attempt to mingle with as many different social groups as you can which is where online dating can come in handy.

Overcoming shyness and treating online dating as a less sexual less serious approach to simply meeting new people online.

So your basically open to anything happening:

Casual sex
Serious relationships
Just friends
Marriage down the road
Weird fetish stuff

Your open… BUT it’s TO early to tell right… It’s just to early and the personalities that your meeting are just to broad to make a sweeping judgement call about what your after.

Again – if your 29 and looking for marriage that’s going to be obvious but for most other people it’s a little more complex than that. Most people within free sites are willing to do different things with different people in different contexts…

Which is why I think it’s best to go into online dating with an open and relaxed mindset – treat it like one big fun social party.

Your out to meet anyone:

You don’t bring with you any pre-conceived ideas about online dating…

You don’t have any prejudices towards people you don’t know or understand

You don’t judge others to heavily based on image or profile information

Just get out their and say hi with a smile on your face.

Free Online Dating With PL

We haven’t talked about free dating for a couple of weeks to I thought I would share my thoughts again on the topic of free dating.

Apart from the fact that few sites are offering free casual dating, the ones that are seem to do so in a seedy and underhanded way. PL casual dating is an open network where it’s ok to get in contact with singles for casual relationships and do so without using  your credit card.

I have recently been reviewing a site called click and flirt which is a very good website and dating service… It’s owned by cupid plc – a business operating out of the UK which also own the sites planet sappho , cupid, be naughty, girls date for free and a number of others.

All of these sites are extremely well organised and professional – if you want to browse via your mobile there are mobile optimized sites that allow you to do that.

For around 20/month you can get basic access to these popular personals services.

Keep in mind that these dating sites are very sexual. In your click and flirt profile there is a section that talks about personality. Here you can move an icon from 1-10 based on how positive you feel about the question…

an example of these questions are:

Go down on you?

You go down on me?

Like it rough?

So there is no ambiguity about the intent of users and the intent of the dating site click and flirt. It’s casual dating well disguised – the name click and flirt would have you believe that it’s harmless flirting and winking at each other which it is! But it’s also questions based on explicit sexual behaviour.

The cupid PLC dating websites are well worth your time and money if your on the lookout for a lusting time. However a site like plenty of fish (pof) does an equally good job at hooking you up. Believe it or not it’s one of the most visited dating websites in the world. Therefore you have a greater chance of meeting someone on pof than you do on a paid site (based on numbers) but paid dating sites have one huge advantage. Those users that are willing to pay to meet are serious and likely more affluent therefore the “quality” of your average paid dating site user increases.

If your looking for love it’s a good idea to go the paid route (it is  your future after all!)

PL casual dating hopes to help you out in REAL LIFE with the motivation of getting laid or at least finding that special person. Rather than just giving you advice we decided to let you speak with the other members in the community via a online personals area. Very simply you sign up fill in your location and personality details and search for members in your state/city.

Add them as a friend within PL Dating and if they hit you back it’s time for that introductory email! You cannot email a user without first being their friend to reduce comment spam however you can post on their wall.

At present the site is in need of some personals matching upgrades and minor adjustments but as it’s a free site that helps you get laid we hope you can put  up with the lack of features for now.

In the end the single most important element of the site is the members which are growing consistently.

Ideally you will be able to login to pl dating and find a match that you can have sex with tonight… We believe that casual dating need not be seedy or underground… Everyone is talking about it and marketing it to you why not have the ability to actually find like minded people who feel the same.

Forget about craigslist or trying to pimp yourself out on (or-though not such a bad idea) PL dating let’s you be honest about your intent to share yourself with others.

The site is currently not moderated like many other free dating sites other than the ability to flag suspicious users and content which is in beta.

Sex dating is a knew phenomenon to the web – it has been in the paid dating model for a few years now and will continue to be.

PL dating hopes to help those users out with less money find the guy/girl next door that’s keen tonight.

Get flirting within pl dating and add friends in this growing sexual network.