Allowing Dating To Flow Naturally

Many guys seem to get hung up on the idea of sex and place a strange sense of importance on it. They make it the target and end goal rather than an enjoyable, inevitable experience. The reality is that if your on a date with a women that you are really connecting with it’s most […]

Charismatic Revolution’s

The reality is that you can’t fake it till you make it dude – you are selling your real lifestyle… What is your lifestyle? Is it fun and exciting ? Are you “cool” ??? Do you sit at home and play xbox or are you constantly travelling or hanging out with amazing people? 90% of […]

Nick Sparks Is A Boss: College Game

She just’s wants someone to take her hand and lead… For some guys this is a scary aspect of their lives because they are not used to leading. This stuff just comes from practice guys – get out their and live life more and learn how it FEELS to lead in an interaction. Basically do […]

#1 Male Quality Women Find Unattractive

Do you want to know the REAL TESTED male qualities that women fun unattractive? I would suggest that you take a very close look at your hygiene and your humor… Based on studies these are the top unattractive qualities that women HATE. NUMBER #1 hygiene NUMBER #2 humor httpv://    The Needy Guy If your a needy guy […]

Attract Women: Grow Some Balls And Be A MAN!

This is what you must know… Listen to this video This guy orlando owen speaks much truth on the subject of becoming a man and the sorry state that we see ourselves in at the moment. It’s no wonder so many women are frustrated and their is such a big industry for pick up… Dads […]

Online Game

Online game is NOT a replacement for cold approaches… Often times guys will use this as a substitute! Use online dating as a simple way to help out your dating efforts but do not rely on it! is the best site online for online dating – get on their, set up a profile and […]

Porn + Jacking Off Is Stopping You Getting Laid

Jump 15 minutes in… This guy has some important shit to say about getting laid… For all you  nice guys out their that are not getting laid enough – it’s pretty much down to you being to much of a pussy. As far as this guy (manhore) has to say it’s all about just taking […]

Attract Women: Live More: Love More

Great advice from great men is easier to come by with the access that you have now…               10 Things To Avoid In Your 20’s Chasing any woman Trying to buy a woman’s love Getting caught up by materialism Massing personal debt Fanaticism with a group of people Not […]

XXX Black Book Dating

xxx black book is a paid casual dating site and a good one at that! According to popular review sites xxx black book is actually a better sex dating sites than the famous adult friend finder. XXX black book is based inside a cam site and the community seems to be very active. All of […]

The Importance Of How You Feel: Emotional Contagion

Ever tried to fake feeling happy while in a bar? Ever tried to fake feeling excited and enthusiastic while going out when in reality your tired and moody? pua training calls this emotional contagion and it’s REALLY important. In fact I believe that it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your entire game. If your NOT enthusiastic and […]

The #1 Thing That Women Are Attracted To

As a guy you might find yourself asking the question…what do women really want? It’s simple really but if you have not yet had that aha moment with women and seduction yet a guy called ross jeffries will be able to help you out. In a recent blog post ross said who cares what women want… […]

Approaching Online Dating: Finding True Love Online

I don’t think it’s the right mindset to have “finding true love online” I guess eventually you would have found someone you can love from meeting them online but you wont know that until you meet offline… Do you get what I mean? It’s just to disconnected online, even if you skype video chat every […]

Free Online Dating With PL

We haven’t talked about free dating for a couple of weeks to I thought I would share my thoughts again on the topic of free dating. Apart from the fact that few sites are offering free casual dating, the ones that are seem to do so in a seedy and underhanded way. PL casual dating is an […]