Peepshow Sex Position

Peepshow Sex Position is one of the best position if you want some sensual blow jobs done. Both of you should be lying on your sides. Then she will enter your thighs from behind. It’s nice to watch her give you a head. The angle is also exciting. Just keep your legs open so she can freely move as she likes. You can also hold her head and guide her how slow or fast you want her to do it.

Pearly Gates Sex Position


Pearly Gates Sex Position is a good position from the rear entry sex position family. Even though your entering her from behind you still have a lot of intimacy here. You can use your hands for more stimulation. Plus kissing her neck will also make her squirm. At first this may feel awkward, penetration is not good but the pleasure is awesome. Once mastered you can both easily slip into this position and have some good variations too.


Overpass Sex Position


Overpass Sex Position is for the flexible and physically fit couple only. It’s not easy to get into this position but once you have tried, you can’t resist repeating the same position because the thrusting will zero in on her g-spot and if your long and big enough her to reach her cervix, she will love it too.

The position is designed to get into anal and regular pussy pounding sex. But it will hurt her back being in this awkward position is shes not physically fit. The guy needs to have a strong legs and abdominal muscle to do the squat thrusting. Plus you have to consider that your dick is bent on a wrong way in this angle.

Oral Therapy Sex Position

Oral Therapy Sex Position will make use of therapy chair, a couch or a bed. You can lay down and relax while your woman is giving you the head service from the side. It will be a nice experience to enjoy a good blow job from her.

If your women doesn’t mind feeling like she is some sort of sex slave then go right ahead and suggest this one! Na I’m kidding, if you have mutual respect and like changing up oral sex positions this can be fun. Just lay back and enjoy the mouth to dick slobberfest.

Missionary Sex Position

Missionary Sex Position is word’s most popular sex position! It’s very easy, allows deep penetration and offers both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. But most of all it’s very intimate sex position to try. This might be a less creative position but it has a lot to offer. I am sure that everyone has tried this already, in fact I would bet that this is the first sex position that you have tried, or was it?

Mastery Suspended Sex Position

Could be used as a small change up to the regular mastery position.

In order to get this to work you both pretty much need to be fit or at least somewhat strong. It helps if your women has some abs.

You need a bit of upper body strength but you can make it work if your girls petite. Mastery suspended is a pretty sexy position if you can make it work.

Licking the Flag Pole Sex Position

Licking the Flag Pole Sex Position got it’s name in reference to her legs being erected in the air. This is one of the most popular in the cunnilingus sex position family. As you go down on her you can try to raise one of her legs. She can hold it or let it rest on something.  The thing you will not last long in this position. As you continue licking her pussy she will finally squirm into ear muff sex position.

Intersextion Sex Position

Intersextion Sex Position has a cheeky name right? “Inter – sex – tion” that is creative name for a creative sex position that we have here. This is a position that belongs to the rear entry family. You have to enter her from behind, whiles shes lying on her side. While on a sitting position you have to get into her like that of a scissoring position.

Most of your weight will be on one her legs so you might want to control it so as not to be too uncomfortable with her. She will love the position because your targeting her g-spot right on the middle. But the lack of intimacy and difficulty for transition makes this position less popular.

Golden Gate Sex Position

Golden Gate Sex Position is a crazy position, if you can get into this form then hats off to you! This should be a new adventure for bored couple out there. Put a twist on on your oral sex routine. Let her kneel and get your head in between her legs by entering from her behind. Now ask her to ark her body backward to give you a head job.

This should be a nice position if your girl is flexible enough. Perhaps shes a ballerina and she needs some stretching at home? But unless she does not have that type of body, don’t push her to perfect the Golden Gate position.

Frog Leap Sex Position

Frog Leap Sex Position is best advised if you have a woman that have strong thigh and arms to support her weight.  You might not want to this long because it will really strain her a lot. But this position will allow you to enter her from behind, and you will have a good view of her ass.

To get into this position he must be seated on a low chair, couch or edge of your bed. Have her squat on all four like doing the doggie style. But she will have to raise her legs up and rest them on his lap.

Forbidden Fruit Sex Position

Licking ass or pussy? It’s your choice because in this position both is accessible. When you get into this position you will have your face buried into her ass. She can raise her ass a little bit and you can easily lick her clit.

You might want to do this in the bath or shower, if you can’t just make sure that she just clean her self down there. When in bed and you want to do it longer you can place a pile of pillows below here to support her weight. Don’t forget to breath now!

Fire Hydrant Sex Position

Bit of an ab workout this one – the women suspends her leg over yours as you are also on one knee… Great g spot stimulation… a fun variation on the doggy style position.

It’s pretty much up to the guy to be able balance it but it helps that her leg is balancing on yours.

Final Furlong Sex Position


Your off to the races – can be comical at times as you both try to thrust toward each other. (not shown in this image: your both sitting down straddling a rectangular seat)

(cost to final furlong but not exactly it) final furlong is where you are both straddled on a pommel or some sort of low couch.


Feedbag Sex Position

Feedbag Sex Position is achieved while the guy is sitting or kneeling. She on the other hand will have her legs wrapped around his head forming a head lock to support her weight. She can also use her arms for support, but it’s better if you use pillows or cushion for support so her hand is free to give you a hand job down there.

This can be uncomfortable for her, with most of her lower body raised on his shoulder most of her weight can strain  her neck or shoulder blade. Also there is a huge possibility that blood will counter flow to her head and it will make her dizzy and faint. So take it easy.

Face Off Sex Position

Face Off Sex Position is a good combination of oral stimulation in both ways. This position requires some degree of flexibility for her. She has to bend over and reach for your shafts and balls to give you a blow job. While your sited and having a choice which to lick, should be her anus or vagina.

Some can’t keep this position for a long time since blood will rush to her head and that can be uncomfortable for her. If this position is on your choices for tonight, just be sure that your all wash up down there.