When a person is in the mood, health concerns like boosting his/her immunity system or maintaining a healthy weight is the last thing on his/her mind but the good sex always offers these benefits to those who practice it more often which is a surprise to many people. According to a psychologist and sex therapist in New York, Joy Davidson, sexual intercourse offers many health benefits both physically and psychologically. In some cases, the very idea of sexual activity is looked at with some disgust or is the cause of embarrassment, so the benefits that sexual activities offer are a real eye opener for many people.

The benefits that sex offers are not just hearsay benefits but each of these benefits are backed by scientific theories and proofs. Having sex more frequently provides incredible boosts which leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Younger Looks

A clinical neuropsychologist of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Dr. David Weeks, revealed the results of his 10 years research to a psychology conference that older couples who made love more often looked somewhat younger than their actual age. The difference of looks in age varied between five to seven years. According to 10 years study of Dr. Weeks, the quality of the sexual intercourse was as important as its quantity. This means it’s not necessary to have sex every night to enhance your looks as the age reducing effects become stronger if the deed was done in such way that it could be classified as “Love”.

A key to having a fit and younger body for a longer period of time lies in having high levels of the natural steroid DHEA which is also known as the anti-aging hormone. The DHEA is secreted throughout the entire body during the sexual intercourse and after an orgasm, the level of the DHEA in the bloodstream rises five times higher than its normal amount.

Increases Fertility

Another major benefit of having sex more often is something that may be music to ears of most couples which is fertility improvement. Research has shown that more often men engage in sexual intercourse, the quality of their sperms improves just as much. According to a test, the sperm health in men, who were tested after two days of having sex, was found to be better than those who didn’t and that the sperm health reduced greatly after 10 days of having sex. Studies have also shown that frequent engagements in sexual intercourse help to balance the hormones of a woman and regulate her periods which can further enhance the chances of a woman to get pregnant.

No Cold and Flu

Research has shown that having sex once or twice a week raises the levels of antibody in your body which protects the body from cold and flu. This antibody is called immunoglobulin A or IgA. Studies have also shown that the people who have sex twice during a week have 30% higher levels of the IgA than those who do not.

Boost to Immunity System

Frequent sexual activities can only occur when a person has good sexual health and good sexual may result in a better physical health. Since the antibody which protects the body from cold and flu and various other infections, immunoglobulin A or IgA, is boosted through the sexual intercourse twice a week, the frequent sex also boosts the immunity system of a body.

Expands Lifespan

According to a study, which was carried out in the Australia, the people who had sex and orgasms at least three times a week had 50% lower chance of expiring due to medical reasons than those who did it only once a month. The reduced probability of dying due to medical reasons expands the lifespan of those who practice sex more often.

Burns Calories

According to the president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators and Therapists, Patti Britton who is also a sexologist, to be able to do sex well takes works from the physical prospective as well as from psychological prospective. Thirty minutes vigorous sexual activity burns up to 100 calories, which almost same as amount of calories in a small glass of wine. Also, different positions during sex exercise your muscles and keep them flexible.

Eases the Pain during Periods

According to a study, many women have reported that pain during their periods disappeared after having sex. One theory stating its reasons says that muscle contractions that happen during the orgasm at its peak levels relieve the tension in the muscles, which are responsible for menstrual cramps, therefore easing the pain.

Lowers Incontinence Risks

Having quality sex greatly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles of a woman which control orgasms and also regulate the flow of the urine resulting in reduced leakage and inconsistence. Strengthening these muscles lowers the risk of the women developing stress inconsistence and prolapse since the pregnancy and menopause can weaken these muscles significantly and the sex is far more enjoyable than doing pelvic floor exercises alone.
Lowers Heart Attack Risks

According to the researchers from England, frequency of sexual intercourse was not linked to the heart attacks in the 914 men which they had been following for 20 years. Having sex twice or more per week greatly reduced the risks of the heart attacks for men in comparison with those who didn’t have sex just as often. Another group of researchers in Israel also discovered that the risk of the heart diseases was reduced by 30% in the women who had orgasms than those who did not enjoy sex or didn’t have an orgasm.

Makes Appearances More Attractive

Pheromones are the chemical responsible for enhancing a person’s appeal to the members of the opposite sex. Frequent sexual intercourse makes the body release more pheromones. It also serves as a mean to deepen the sexual relations between the sexual partners.

Smoothens the Skin

The estrogen is a hormone which helps to smooth the skin. This hormone is released during sex. This hormone especially helps out after a menopause because of which a woman’s skin can become drier and wrinkled. Women who have sex every week have a two times higher level of this hormone than those who abstain from it.

Healthier Skin

Royal Edinburgh Hospital’s research shows that the sex supports the skin renewal activities in the body because of being an aerobic form of exercise. This research has shown that the vigorous sexual activities pump more oxygen throughout the entire body and increases the flow of nutrients in the blood to the skin pushing newer skin cells out to the surface resulting a healthier fresher looking skin.

Improves Self-esteem

According to a survey from the University of Texas, United States of America, the people who have sex regularly feel more confidence in their bodies. According to the findings of this survey, the most important reason for the people to engage in sexual activities was to give a boost to their self-esteem and the people who were already confident about their bodies said that they sometimes had sex to make themselves feel even better.

Lowers Blood Pressure

According to the researchers at the Brigham Young University in the United States, the people who were engaged in frequent sexual intercourse had lower blood pressures than those abstained from it. A study made by Scotland also showed that couples who had sex more often had lower blood pressures than those who did not.

Reduces Depression

Serotonin, also called the happy hormone, is natural anti-depressant of the human bodies and one of the main reasons behind the smiles and feelings of happiness and relaxation of the people after having sex. Engaging in sexual intercourse makes the brain release the feel-good chemicals which increase the levels of the happy hormones to improve the mood.

Cures Headaches

Headaches have been an old excuse not to have sex but the scientific evidence says otherwise. Engaging in sexual intercourse actually cures the headaches. This happens because during sex, oxytocin and endorphin, love hormone and feel good hormone, are released which can ease the pain.

Nature’s Anti -Stress Medicine

According to the Scotland’s researchers who posted the results of their research in the journal Biological Psychology, engagement in sexual activities results in the lowered blood pressures and overall stress reduction. The research subjects included 22 men and 24 women who kept records of their sexual activity and were subjected to different stressful situations which may result in stress rise. Those who had sex responded better to stress than those who abstained from it.

Better Sleep, No Insomnia

The oxytocin hormone which is released during an orgasm comes with another benefit which is relaxation and sleepiness. This hormone courses throughout your body and induces sleepiness.

Strong Bones

Osteoporosis is medical condition in which the bones start to thin down because of the lack of estrogen in post-menopausal women. Sex can boost the estrogen levels in those women. The risk of male osteoporosis can be reduced with sex as well since the testosterone levels increase during and after sex which provides some protection against osteoporosis.

Lower Risks of Prostate Cancer

Nottingham University has researched that old men in their 50s, who practice sex regularly, have a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer. This is because the prostate is cleared of toxins during sex. These toxins could linger and may become a cause of cancer development. The monks were the first case of study in this case since they appeared to have a higher chance of developing prostate cancer.

Happy Day

According to a research, if a person’s first course of action is sex, it can boost his/her mood which can last throughout the whole day. So if some morning action can really make the day.

Improves Mutual Feelings

Regular sexual intercourse can really improve the feelings of both partners to each other. The more often they will have sex, the more they will desire each other and will want to spend more time with them. The very act of sex reinforces those mutual feelings between both partners. The married couples benefit the most from this. The more often they will engage in sexual activity, their feelings and love for each other will increase just as much. Besides, it also offers a ton of other benefits so it’s a win-win for both the partners.

No Feelings of Insecurity

Women can sometimes feel insecure as their male partners lie still with them doing nothing or just sleeping. It can make them wonder if he’s starting to take an interest in someone else or has become bored with her. The frequent sexual activity will demolish such doubts along with the possibility since he will take more interest in her and will be attracted towards her because of regular sexual intercourse.

Sex has many other benefits regarding both health and personal life. It can provide immeasurable medical benefits, can mend the broken relations between couples and is a source of relaxation. It’s an irreplaceable tool for a person that is absolutely free and necessary. It can also be said that the sex is the nature’s self-healing system that helps in keeping both mind and body in healthy conditions.



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