5 Essential Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out

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The world would have been a lot easier if we could just ask any girl we want if they like to go out on a date with us or not. But in reality asking a girl out is not that easy. For an average shy guy asking a girl out can be an intimidating task. This is even harder if we’ve already develop feeling toward the lady we want to ask for a date. We are afraid that she might say no, or we may look stupid, or she might think that you are creepy or some kind of weirdo. In short we are afraid of rejection. 

We will try to talk about essential tips on how to ask a girl out. Following the ideas we have laid below will increase your chance of getting a “YES” each time you ask a girl out. Just remember that your chance of getting a date decreases when we stop trying. It takes some planning and hard work to successfully ask a girl for a date and to make her say yes!

How to Ask a Girl Out Tip #1: Determine the Approach

Approach is your initial assessment on how to handle a conversation or how to ask a girl out. Basically there are two types of approaches identified as the warm approach and the cold approach. Warm approach is used if you think that there is a mutual attraction between the two of you. The attraction level does not matter here. Cold approach is used if you think that there is no attraction at all or if the girl has ignored to make an eye contact, or if it’s the first time that you have talk.

How to Ask a Girl Out Tip #2: Strike while the Iron is Hot

You might have heard this advice somewhere else, but it also works on dating. The idea is to propose your intention while she is on a good mood. Ask her out  if you thinks that she is enjoying your conversation. This is easy to tell because she will be smiling and even laughing. At this moment she is relaxed in good mood and most probably she’s already comfortable with you around her. Asking her for a date while she’s on a good mood lessen the possibility of rejection.

How to Ask a Girl Out Tip #3: Simplify your Date

I understand you’re excited to date the girl you really like and you want to treat her to some formal, fancy, and if you could to a perfect dinner date. Slow down cowboy, you are scarring her off. My advice is to keep the date casual, simple, and friendly. Don’t make it sound like a big deal, and don’t appear too eager or begging for her to come.

Here is the analogy, if you ask a girl for a formal date she will be pressured and she might say NO for an answer and it’s a no all the way for you when it happens. Why, because you are making a huge deal on a first date and it implies that you want something in return. Why treat her to fancy dinner for nothing? In her mind she will be thinking that you are already  planning to have a serious or romantic relationship with her.

Instead make the date casual and cool. Try saying, ” Hey Anne, I will be in town for the next few days, How about we grab some food or drinks.”  This is a good line because you’re giving her options and there is no pressure here. She is free to choose which day she will be free and she might even suggest a place. But if you have something in mind you can add or if she said yes and she did not suggest a place to eat say, ” I found this new deli in ______, maybe you like to try them out?”.

How to Ask a Girl Out Tip #4: Be Cool and Prepare for Rejection

The first three entries are good tips in asking a girl for a date but they don’t guarantee 100% rejection avoidance. There is no way to do that because there is no perfect formula in dating. These are just guides and how we use them will matter the most. That is why we need to have an open mind when picking up women. When you ask a girl out you have to be prepared for rejection.

Remember that you are talking to a woman, a mysterious and unpredictable creature worth to be pursued.  Use your wits and evaluate her rejection. If she says NO it could mean “No I Am Not Interested on You” or “No I am Not Available this Time“. On the first answer the best thing to do is to step back and don’t waste anymore time with her. On the second answer however it calls for some amount of determination or persistence. This means that you will have to evaluate why she said no, and finding a way for her to say YES!

Rejection is unavoidable so keep your cool and handle it like a man. Don’t make it a big deal that she rejected your offer. Don’t give her the slightest idea of your disappointment. Think that it’s her loss not yours and there are still a lot of other women around. Just be cool and don’t take rejection personally.

How to Ask a Girl Out Tip #5: Avoid these dating  mistakes

 If you want to successfully ask a girl out, you should watch out for these dating mistakes.

  • Poor hygiene and grooming.
  • Appear needy or too eager to get a YES for an answer.
  • Don’t be overly shy or nervous
  • Don’t ask when people or friends are around this will add pressure on her.
  • Don’t ask her though SMS, Facebook or Twitter. These are too impersonal, if you can’t do it face to face at least have the balls to call her.
  • Don’t suggest going to places that are too private specially on first dates.