75 Interesting Facts About Sex

You may think that you already know everything about sex. Think again, and consider reading this list of 75 interesting facts about sex. Take note of these striking sex facts and figures because you never know when to use them.

  1. The word “sex” is coined from the Latin word “sexus” dating back to year 14a.c. which means the state of being a male or female. It was not until 1929 when the word sex was used with reference to the act of having an intercourse.
  2. In literature any symbolism or portrayal of something that protrudes is in reference to sex.
    Next time you read a poem talking about  love that can move mountains, think again because it sure has double meaning on it.
  3. F.U.C.K stands for “Fornicate Under Command of the King” its taken from a royal decree established to address depleting population in England due to war, calamities, and plague.
    Next time someone gives you the “F” word just remember that your just following orders.
  4. On the average there are more than 100 million sexual intercourse happening everyday around the world.
  5.  Forget about diet having 20 minutes of vigorous sex can burn up to 400 calories.
    You could instantly lose weight by just having sex twice a week. Kissing for a minute will let you lose 20 calories plus the extra saliva produced when kissing is good for your teeth. Gym or bed? The choice is yours.
  6. Having sex twice a week can greatly improve your immune system.
  7. There are 3 on every 4 men who has a bent penis when fully erect.
  8. The average length of penis when erect is just 5 inches long.
  9. Most men would lie when telling about the size of their penis.
  10. According to condom manufacturer only 6% of US population uses extra-large condoms.
  11. In ancient times condoms are made from animal intestines, then replaced with oiled silk sheath, it was not until early 20th century that we have latex condoms in the market.
  12. Men would have an average of 9 erections per day.
  13. Theorists believes that men would think about sex at the average of every 7 seconds.
  14. Women thinks that wealthy and educated men are sexy.
    They often wonder how they perform in bed?
  15. When fully stimulated the vaginal wall can expand up to average of 3 inches wide in diameter.
  16. Half of the men think they have a small penis.
    Fact is it only needs to be around 3 inches long to satisfy a woman. It’s the performance that counts not the size. But of course bigger is better, how is that for an ego booster?
  17. In the average a man can produce 300 million of sperm with just a teaspoon of semen.
  18. Semen can be used in skin care because it’s full of protein which acts as an anti-aging component.
    Just apply semen on your skin and let it dry!
  19. People who are sexually active looks 7 years younger than their real age!
  20. The average calorie in one teaspoon of semen is 7.
    Something to keep in mind if you want to convince her to swallow.
  21. The average ejaculation speed is 28 miles per second.
    This is just an average if you can’t shoot like crazy there is nothing wrong with that.
  22. Abstinence can decrease sperm count.
    This should be enough reason why you should be active in bed.
  23. Originally the term “blowjob” was in reference to someone who plays the flute.
    But during the 18th century, prostitutes were called “blowsy” while “blow was also term used in reference to ejaculation. It was not long until they put the two together and had a common term for fellatio.
  24. Pubic hair grows for an average of only 10 months then stops.
    Unlike the hair on our head which grows continuously.
  25. Pubic wigs are called “Merkins” it was used by prostitutes during 1400 to hide shaven private parts due to sexually transmitted diseases.
    Later it was used by models and actress appearing on film to hide their private parts.
  26. The vagina has self-cleaning mechanism.
    Now you know why it smells  funny!
  27. Men are attracted to girls with curvy asses, a full bum indicates fertility.
  28. According to most men women taking contraceptive pills are less sexually attractive.
  29. Men stays potent even at old age.
  30. 80% of men would not have sex when their partner has a period.
    But would you refuse a blow job? Probably not.
  31. Annabel Chung real name Grace Quake is a Singaporean porn star with a record-breaking 251 sex acts in just 10 hour period at the age of 22.
    The event was filmed for documentary of The World Biggest Gang Bang in where she had sex with around 70 men during that time period.
  32. When a woman reaches orgasm, her body releases a chemical called endorphin which kills pains.
  33. The world’s greatest lover is Casanova who lived during the 18th century seducing women.
  34. Recent behavior studies suggest that men are more prone to internet porn.
    A study conducted in Australia showed that most men would spend 5 hours a day watching x-rated film online.
  35. The most successful x-rated film is called ” Deep Throat”
  36. Study showed that most American would only last 7 minutes on sex, while Europeans can last 16 minutes.
    Have you ever read the book 11 minutes by P. Coelho?
  37. 95% of women shave their private parts and only 16% of men do.
  38. Some doctors would advice sex to alleviate prostate cancer problems.
  39. Sex helps regulate regular blood pressure.
  40. Sex can help relieve all kinds of stress .
  41. Sex can cure hay fever and lessen asthma attack.
  42. Sex helps our mind to focus, after orgasm our thoughts are cleared and we become more creative.
  43. Sex is the favorite topic of all people.
    Need something to break the ice? Talk about sex!
  44. For every 6 webpages online 5 of which will cover topics regarding sex.
  45. In America only 18% of  girls aging 16-18 are still virgin.
  46. Only 5% of American teen girls would wait for marriage before sex.
  47. More than 50% of women prefer doggy style sex position because of deep penetration.
  48. Women are most stimulated by doing dirty talking compared to men.
  49. If given a chance 12% of American women says they would have sex with the president.
  50. There more people who are under 40 years old who would have sex twice every week, compared to number of those voting in a presidential election.
  51. Viagra was first sold in 1998 with staggering profits of $441 million in just 90 days of sales period.
  52. You can’t keep a secret while in college, in fact 40% of college students knows someone who had slept with a professor or teacher.
  53. There are more than 1 million men and 800,000 women in America between age of 25-40 who are virgins.
  54. Most American teens or women would lose their virginity on the month of June.
  55. Wearing socks during winter is advised when having sex in order to reach orgasm.
    Cold feet can prevent orgasm.
  56. More republicans enjoy their sex lives compared to democrats.
    Do you ever wonder what happen during close door tea party meeting? I do.
  57. After having sex, 35% of men would post their romantic adventure online, through Facebook or Twitter.
  58. Tight pants and cigarettes can lead to temporary impotence in men.
  59. Erotic asphyxiation is the blockage of oxygen supply to the brain during sex to feel strong sensation.
    It’s a cause of around 1000 deaths in America every year.
  60. Statistics says that 48% of Brits fall asleep during sex.
  61. On the other hand British couples spend the longest in foreplay which averages at 15 minutes.
  62. Vietnamese spends less time in foreplay which is 5 minutes at the most.
  63. 80% of women wants to do foreplay before sex.
  64. There 12% of Canadians who had sex during sleep, talk about of sleep sexsomaniac?
  65. 3% of women would plan a to do list during sex.
  66. 20% of men would fantasize they are with someone else during sex, while 8% of women do.
  67. Vibrators were made as cure or therapy for female hysteria.
  68. Sex toys are banned from certain states and other countries.
  69. 69 sex position is the most performed oral sex position among couples.
  70. A weird fetish is called axillism which is the use of armpit for sex.
  71. Popular fetish are those associated with toes, heels, and shoes.
  72. When it comes to masturbation 95% of men says they do it and while only 60%  women would.
  73. Only humans perform 69 sex positions.
  74. Missionary sex position is most performed sex position during first time sex.
  75. 70% of make out sessions leads to sex.

Do you have some more interesting facts about sex? We would love to hear them out. Share your newly uncovered sex facts on the comments bellow.

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