UPDATE: Turns Out This Site Never Intended On Helping Anyone But Themselves


Whether you have moral issue with Ashley Madison or not is up to you. They are a site that caters for men and women looking for what they call “discreet married dating”.

Basically cheating in common terms. But the truth is that this cheating is happening whether ashleymadison exists or not. Studies have shown that OVER 50% of married couples in America have cheated at least once on their partner! AshleyMadison just make it easier for people to find other cheaters!

Certainly an odd situation for them but they seem to provide a great discreet dating service with 7 million anonymous users online.

Ashley Madison guarantees both an affair and a life changing experience

This safe and secure environment enables couples to interact and organise sexual encounters online. Once again there are certainly moral issues involved here and you have to sort them out before entering.

Ashleymadison brings unhappy couples looking for discreet affairs to one place.
Masison basically created the online “discreet married affair” category so it’s no surprise they are the leaders in their field.

The company has invested a lot into the site and it’s features in it’s 8 years of operation.
Ashley Madison is fast growing global website creating a ton of divorces in the process. But better a happy life after a divorce than a slow death in side a marriage.

According to ABC news 20% of Americans have NO sex within their marriage. This is 1 in 5 of every single married person you see (on average) have NO SEX at all. No wonder Ashley Madison does so well! Everybody needs intimacy in their lives and I guess it’s just easier to have a quick fling with someone on this site than it is to repair a marriage that was dead years ago.

The fulfilling of sexual needs and the decision to make a change in their lives from boredom to excitement leads to

Nowl Biderman founder of believes this really is down to human nature and perhaps also the sad truth that many men and women are not prepared to work on their relationships.

Flings and anonymous relationships are also massively exiting and a bit naughty which are obviously fulfilling fantasies every day around the world.

The secrecy and privacy of ashleymadison makes it so easy for users to find other married men and women.

You can tweak a ton of privacy settings available to you inside Ashley Madison to share only what you want to share within the site. An obvious fear when using the site within a small city is for someone who knows you to recognise your profile picture.

Ashley Madison recognises this and allows you to share only certain pictures with certain users. This way you save your ass and don’t get caught by other the local shop owner.

Within the site you are able to view all of the profiles of married and willing singles. Once you buy a subscription or get some credits you are able to chat with singles online or send messages to users offline in a secure and anonymous environment.

Everybody at the site is there for a reason, they are either sick of their marriage or just not getting the intimacy they need. You will find seasoned professionals who have been through multiple divorces but also more often you will find timid unhappy men and women from long lost marriages.

Ashley Madison Featured on Tyra Banks Show, Oprah, Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, 20/20, Dr. Phil, and Howard Stern!

Ashley Madison is run based on a credit system so that you are not tied into any membership plans. You log on when you want and pay to send email to users when you are ready.
Ashley Madison:

Search users up to 500 miles away from your current location.

Place up to 13 personal photos in your profile

State preferences and certain situations that you are within the profile section

Getting dates can be tough on ashely Madison if you don’t show a profile picture of yourself. Or through you want to be anonymous people still like to see the face behind the name.

What you can do is place generic pictures as public and then your real face shots in the private showcase so that you choose who sees you. This allows you so email certain members and get to know them then give them access to who you are before you meet up.

There is some interesting information over at the Ashley Madison blog regarding the truth behind infidelity and American cheating statistics.

Search other “cheaters” by online now, location, age descriptions and photos.

There are perks to being a member with priority mailing ensuring your message gets read.
Use the panic button is used to quickly escape from the dating site meaning if your at work or home and you don’t want to get caught browsing photos you can easily escape the site with one click.

Free or guest members on Ashley Madison are actually allowed to send and receive winks and can reply to full members messages!