As a sub-category of cunnilingus, the sexual act of performing oral sex on a female’s genitalia, autocunnilingus involves masturbation by sucking or slurping of the individual’s own genitalia. Of course, in order to perform this sexual act, a high amount of flexibility as well as balance are prerequisites. While extremely unpopular among females and undocumented among most medical journals as even existing, the act of autocunnilingus is indeed possible and is occasionally prevalent in certain hardcore subgenres of pornography.

Autocunnilingus does not necessarily bring many health concerns into play as, just as in other masturbation techniques, the bodily fluids are one’s own, and are thus much more likely to be accepted by the body’s immune system, and reaction is less likely than with bi-involved sexual acts. With repeated sessions however by the individual, long term spinal and neck pain and potentially injuries can come into play due to the necessary bending nature that must be undertaken in order to perform. For those passionate enough about the act of autocunnilingus however, this risk is outweighed by the benefit.

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