Being Single And Getting Sex Online For Free

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I get a number of questions from guys asking about the chance of hooking up with a women that they meet online.

There are plenty of sites out their suggesting casual encounters (be naughty, adult friend finder)

But are these sites really full of singles looking to get laid? Or just creepy old dudes and fake users?

The question of can you get sex online should really be re-framed so that you get a better understanding of what I’m talking about. It should should really be asking… Can I meet up with single women offline as a result of meeting them offline. Remove sex from the equation altogether for second. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Women are obviously keen to hang out with a guy they meet up with online if they trust them.

But on the question of getting laid?

This will come down to your offline game and your ability to relate to her. She will require that your a decent guy that respects her and connects with her.

It only takes one search on twitter to find out how many guys AND girls just want to get laid…

They will say something like:



It’s understandable that there would be a lot of skepticism regarding the success rate of sex dating sites. But the success is actually reliant on your ability to relate to the users.

If your coming across needy and seedy it’s all going to end badly. If your open honest and trustworthy and you treat women with the respect they deserve you will find that meeting up with singles from free dating sites is easy peasy!

It just requires that you message and IM chat with singles closeby – build the relation over a few days/weeks and grab their contact details.

PL DATING is very knew at the moment but taking a look at the activity stream

You notice how open singles are about meeting other people. They will broadcast their email, phone numbers and skype id’s for everyone to see.

It makes sense – the more single users that contact them the more options they have.

So I would advise that you through away your prejudices for long enough to try out free casual dating sites… You never know who you’ll meet.

Also try the free dating giant pof – there are sure to be singles in your area within that site no matter where you are in the world.

Get to know them and their world and let them know that your interested in a casual dating relationship. If your a good catch they’ll take up your offer and the rest is history.

You need not be single at a time like this – it’s just to easy to get into contact with the right kinds of people…

The tools you have compared to 10 years ago are staggering… With the release of the latest iphones and all of the networking apps coming out you really have an amazing chance to have an amazing time.

So I would just say:

Get out their and DO IT! Your only on this planet for a short amount of time and time will fly by! Sooner or later you might decide to settle down, until then you should experiment and enjoy being single.

Finding single women online that are into casual sex really just takes the willingness to search and be searched.

If your happy to pay for online dating then you up your chances of being found.

If your happy to post a picture of your face in your profile your massively increase your chance of getting emailed.

The girls that do email you may only be interested in serious dating. You have to respect their boundaries – sooner or later using a site like pl dating you will find that freak in the bed your after.

The single girls are out their – you just have to go alookin… I would also suggest working on your “game” and seduction techniques/inner game. The bar scene is packed with talent and opportunity providing you know how to use it.

So where do you get sex online for free?

Well your time is money… So it’s not really free but there are places you can go to meet people!

Craigslist (costs to message , free to receive)

Yes you know all of these sites already but the trick is in how you use them. Most guys will set up a profile and message a few people and leave it at that. Become a power user of these sites – do something out of the ordinary and set up 6 dates for the weekend. Even if you don’t really like the look of some of the women it’s still going to be an interesting weekend. Push yourself and try knew things – it’s the only way we grow and move forward.