Bisexual Casual Dating

I was initially surprised at the volume and ratio of bisexual and bicurious women and men on the friend finder network… I guess I just wasn’t expecting to see almost all of the younger women online listed as bi’s…

But then I realized the reality of casual dating – for the most part you are looking for a casual dating partner. Young women don’t need any help finding sex, any guy on the street would be happy to have a one night stand with a women.

– bisexuals might – gay and lesbians might – 40+ women might – 

But attractive younger women for the most part just don’t need to advertise this sort of stuff. Which is why the casual dating sites you come across tend to attract a crowd slightly left or right of center. Singles and couples that are into some sort of fetish that is not currently considered the norm.

As a bi guy or bi girl it’s not as easy to find other bisexuals to date – you can’t assume that every other girl would be interested in you sexually. 1/10 or whatever the ratio is, is a tough thing to accept and risk. You don’t just ask someone if their bisexual these days.

Casual dating sites for the most part can help to hook up demographics that wouldn’t ordinarily meet in every day life. A 35 year old single mother of two in a peak sexual state can contact a 22 year old guy for an intimate encounter.

The 52 year old guy could get lucky with a 25 year old girl that’s into older guys

You might have a quirky interest or currently taboo sexual interest that is not normally brought up in conversation… You can find communities online that are into this sort of thing.

You might not even be that into bdsm or you may just like the idea of being bisexual and want to try it… where do you go? All of your friends are straight – heck you don’t know a single bisexual girl in your friends circle…

The power of casual dating is not only hooking up regular age and preference matches but actually finding you a person you wouldn’t have ordinarily found as a result of social standards.

There are a few decent bisexual and lesbian dating sites (planet Sappho) being one brought out by the friend finder network… however in most cases dating sites like pof or okcupid allow you to list your orientation as bisexual so it’s not really an issue. These large free dating networks should work fine for you – if you are interesting in a more specific community they are available but will be paid versions. has a list of orientations including bisexual and bicurious gay straight and everything in between.

So anyway – back to the reason for the post – Casual dating does not always reflect normal offline behavior – certain personalities , orientations and sexuality are attracted to the anonymous overly sexual nature of casual sex dating.

You could argue that all dating sites are heavily routed in sex because if you were going to be honest it’s the root motivation. Even the innocent and delicate christian values of eHarmony can’t deny the sexual nature of the service. Casual dating sites are just honest about what everyone really wants.

If you want a serious relationship… and most do… You can list it in your profile and hope that users respect your intent.

It’s quite natural to be on the lookout for both casual sex and serious relationships at the same time.

It’s natural for women to be confused about their sexuality – some confuse interest with sexual attraction – others are just open to both sexes and some are full blown gay teetering on the gay/straight decision.

For the most part the bisexual women is sexually confident adventurous sure of herself and in general is having more fun.

So go forth and enjoy the experimentation that is batting for both teams. Use the power of the interwebs to find the people that will make your life more fun and more sexually satisfying.

Because whether your sitting squarely on the gay fence or just peering over there will be a place for you online.

You will be able to find a community of bisexual singles in your area… It only takes one to find many others through friend associations.