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A New York Times’ bestselling author and the founder of the Happy Wives Club, Fawn Weaver wisely concluded that “The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace”. That can be easily translated into: if you want to have a happy marriage you have to love, respect and understand your partner’s needs, regardless of whether you have similar needs or not. Bisexuality is something your partner cannot control, an urge that rises up from an unknown source, but it is most certainly not a death sentence for your marriage. The keys for overcoming this are acceptance and support.

Understanding Bisexuality

People define bisexuality in many different ways and there are still many questions to be asked when it comes to this sexual orientation. It is important to realize, though, that many persons attracted by two sexes or had relationships with both sexes, do not necessarily define themselves as bisexuals. Each person has its own understanding of bisexuality, but in the end, it does mean the potential to be attracted both sexually and romantically to people of more than one sex. It does not have to happen at the same time and to the same degree, it just happens. The choice of a romantic/sex partner depends upon a certain situation and it can be change during the course of life. That does not have to mean that bisexuals are not capable of monogamy.

Supporting Your Bisexual Partner


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First thing you have to know about having a bisexual partner is that he/she is a person like any other, which can be faithful or not, depending on personality, devotion and love, and not sexual orientation. Realize that your partner is constantly question himself/herself more than you do, and that it is hard enough to be in such a situation without criticism and judgments. Honor his/her courage for sharing that with you. Your approval and support would mean the world to him/her.

Do not sweep this under the rug. Instead, talk about your doubts, insecurities, but accentuate that, no matter what, you are there. You and your partner can start marriage counseling or join a support group to help you come to terms with this important change in your life. Be proactive in your partner’s life and take interest of what is going on with him/her internally. Observe this as an opportunity to live a unique marriage life, without the burden of secrets. This knowledge and acceptance can deepen your relationship and renew your interest in each other. Do not ignore the fact that having a bisexual partner can lead to many exciting and new experiences. You can discover some sides of your sexuality you were not aware of. People from Red Door escort agency noticed a large number of couples requesting their services to discover that new terrain and full their bisexual partner’s fantasies. After all, there is nothing more satisfying in marriage than having a happy and thriving spouse and enjoying that happiness with him/her.

Man and Two Masked Women in Bed Together --- Image by © Ben Welsh/Corbis

Man and Two Masked Women in Bed Together — Image by © Ben Welsh/Corbis

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Do not treat your partner’s bisexuality as a deficiency. Instead, acknowledge that the ability to form a romantic and intimate bond with a person regardless of gender is an amazing thing. It is a large potential for love which belongs to you and you should be thankful for it. He/she has chosen you from all of the people in the world (not all women, not all men, but all people) to spend the life with, so do not question his/her proneness to monogamy. Simply let go, and enjoy the great adventure you can have together and your spouse will love you even more.