Casual dating usually involves very little “strings” attached. Meaning that their are no possessive emotions and expectations that you will stick around in the future.

Casual dating is very much associated with casual sex: Singles can find other singles that are interested in a casual sexual relationships online more efficiently than ever before in human history.

The Positives of Casual Dating

Physical pleasure

– the obvious benefit to casual sex is the short term enjoyment of sex itself. Even though the enjoyment is fleeting and anticlimactic there is still a lot to be said for the physical enjoyment it brings.

The physical pleasure you feel will have a lot to do with which partner you are with… they could show you pleasures that you never knew existed.

Dating a sexually adventurous women or man can open your eyes to new worlds.

Meeting new people

– Not often talked about but a very important part of casual dating is the social side… Everyone has witnessed the fall of a guy who has been stuck in a relationship for 5 years.

He soon loses his mojo and will to better himself – the couple get stuck in a rut and end up watching movies at home rather than getting out and meeting new people. The sexual drive is a great motivator for meeting and socializing with others.

Social skills

Your social skills and communication skills with the opposite sex are greatly improved

Experimentation and liberation

– Casual dating and casual sex can be extremely liberating especially for women! The realisation that they are admired, loved and respected by so many guys gives them much needed confidence.

This is also true for guys! The realisation that women DO actually want to have sex with us and admire our bodies just like we do theirs spurs us on to greater self development.

Sexual “skills”

– You will eventually find a women that is  more sexually adventurous and sexually experienced that you. The thought that many other guys have been with her is too much for some guys to take… That’s cool!

It’s very normal and it means that you value being selectively ignorant to some things, if this is the case stick with the innocent girls or women that have perhaps only had a couple of sexual partners (each to their own)…

Most guys would love to find a women that knows how to take control and show them a thing or two in the bedroom. As a result of casual dating your sexual skills will be improved so that you can give more pleasure to the one you really love in the future.

Life experiences

– Casual dating adds MUCH to your list of life experiences… everyone is different and the personalities that you will encounter during your casual dating years will shape your own personality and view of life.

The wider range of personalities you meet during your life the more complex a personality you will create for yourself and perhaps even a greater understanding and appreciation of others.

The Negatives Of Casual Dating

Risk of attachment

– This is really what most women fear – the idea that they cannot take control of their own emotions and will get attached to a guy.

In doing so each time they have to leave a dating partner it’s like breaking up with a boyfriend… I think we all know how much that sucks.

The more time you spend with them outside the bedroom the stronger the bond will be. OPEN and HONEST communication about your intentions is vital for casual sexual relationships to work.


– The reality is that you are trusting your most private self to another person. If you have met them online you may not know much about them at all.

It’s understandable that you will be suspicious about their real intentions and anxious to find out what their real personality is like. Online dating safety is something that you should take VERY seriously.

Even if you think you can trust a girl or a guy because you have chatted to them online – ALWAYS meet in a public setting.


– This follows on from dating safety – the more sex you have the greater the chance of waking up with something REAL NASTY… Fingers crossed… or just cover up!!!


– Your innocence and naivety could be lost – once again this is not something that too many people think about, OR VALUE… but your innocence is very attractive.

Once you see too much (death destruction drugs) something about you changes – that life essence and vitality in your eyes takes on a different sheen and you become less attractive.

But this all depends on how people take the trauma – some become wise beyond their years and other become scared and heavily affected.

Some girls get taken advantage of during casual sex and don’t say NO when it comes to something they don’t want to do… Make sure you know what your getting into and know when to say no.

You risk missing the point of sex

– Sex could become boring for you and so you seek more and more sexual exploration to get the same pleasure. You might start joining alternative sexual communities such as alt or bdsm and from their things can get pretty crazy.

As a result you find it hard to settle down with one person! Everyone wants to be with a “soulmate” that will complete their lives.

If you are involved with too much casual dating you run the risk of not being able to fully commit to anyone because of the risk of getting hurt or simply through disinterest.