Review is a new website that offers matchmaking and hookup service. They advertise to be the place to find perfect match and get laid quickly. But I think the most interesting part of this website is their claim to be 100% FREE to Join. With unlimited number of emails, chats and profile browsing.  Sounds good right? If you want to know more continue reading and see what you can get.

Notable features

  • This website offers a new matchmaking and hookup tonight feature.
  • Pretty easy to sign-up and put up a good profile.
  • Make a rich profile complete with pictures and video.
  • Free to join
  • Unlimited email and chat.

Our final say…

It’s quite disappointing and misleading experience when have tried this site. They offer 100% to join and unlimited emails or chat. We were not able to try this out because part of the registration process was an upgrade page. Maybe what they mean was 100% free for women. But it was not exactly the case for us.

If what they have offered on the front page was true then we could have enjoyed the page. But none of them were true or at least we were not able to try it because we could not upgrade our basic account.

From a trusted source we were able to get an upgrade price range. It seems that they allow to have trial premium membership for three days at $0.99 per day. Monthly subscription is at $30, or buy 3 months plan and pay only $20 per month. Six months plan will be at $12.95 per month.

Given this price range versus the features that this website have we can can say that it’s a bit high. Plus there is also a presence of negative feedback which makes us dubious about them. Now we can be all wrong here and we stand corrected. Do let us know what you think by commenting or providing your own review.

It will be great if you can share your experience on this site which will help a lot of readers out there.


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