Decoding The 12 Types of Women

Sometimes it can be really frustrating when we try to get to know and understand women. There is a lot of misconception about women. Many people especially men thinks that women are hard to understand. Girls, please don’t fret,  admit it you are really good at giving us men a hard time. But tell you what guys, women are not that hard to understand.

Generally we can categorize women into 12 types as enumerated below. From here we will have a general understanding on how these girls’ thinks and acts. We can use this knowledge  on how to make them fall in love with us. If you want to be a player or just want to find someone to love. You may use the following guide to better understand women.

Types of Women

1. The Smart Ass

This girl has a college or university degree. She has received a good education. She is a well read too. She reads newspaper, magazine, likes politics, finance and other fields of academic interest. You will find them at school campuses, libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops. They prefer to have eReaders than tablets.

Now this girl has a high IQ and they use it to reason out. They are very methodical and articulate. They like to engage their man on an intellectual showdown. She likes to discuss things and debate. They sometimes argue just to make her point and get your opinion.

2. The Gold Digger

These are often called high maintenance women because keeping them means that you have to maintain sizable expenditures. Most of them would stick to you for one thing. Your MONEY. If you don’t have money then they will ditch you and look for someone else. They are different from women looking for sugar daddies. They only love wealth and richness. They would do everything to get it. If you have the money to spend then all is well and wonderful.

3. The Psycho

The typical psychos are the overly attached women. They are the ones who are becoming overly attached girlfriends. You may also include the stalker, control freaks and the typical paranoids. These girls have trust issues so you better be careful with them. They usually are good girlfriends at first and it’s hard to identify them until you already have been dating for some time.

First they will try to invade your personal life and would not give you any personal space. They will try to get hold of your phone, check your texts, emails, phone numbers and social network accounts. They will try to control you and use emotional blackmail on you. Unless you really love her and you are ready to deal with this kind of stuff then you may want to avoid this kind of types of women.

4. The Sophisticated Type

These girls can be intimidating. They belong to the elite type of women.  Generally they come from rich and famous families. So they are rich and popular. Most of them have been well educated coming from exclusive private schools. What makes them hard to date is their status quo.

Most of them would date someone from their circle. If you walk on the same groups then you also have a good chance of dating them. Other than that you will have to need a lot of self confidence to date this type of women.

5. The Arty Hipster

This is a creative type of women, opinionated, witty and very stylish. She appreciates all types of art. You can see her in art exhibits, art galleries, festivals, and other art expositions. They can be difficult to handle. But if you are both an artsy hipster person then you might click. Generally these women are very passionate about their art. But they are never into tidying up their stuff or their place. They can be really messy but they like it that way.

6. The Soulful Woman

This type of women is into yoga and meditation. Contrary to the arty hipster type the soulful type is very tidy, organized and sometimes they can be clean freaks. They like to eat healthy foods and sometimes they are vegetarian too. These kinds of women will keep on searching for meaning on everything. They would usually ask you what she meant to you and what the relationship means to you as well. You must answer well when they ask you this because they put a lot of weight on this.

7. The Career Woman or Alpha Female

If there is an alpha male there is also an alpha female counterpart. These types of women are focused on their work. If you want to be with this woman you will have to compete with her work for her time and attention. They are not really intimate and cheesy because they show more of paternal love.

types of women

8. The Wife – Mum Material

This type of women would rather stay at home and tend the house and the kids. They like to take care of you, cook for you and do the laundry. She is the perfect domestic wife and perfect mum for your kids. She is pretty laid back who thinks that socializing is a waste of time. She would rather have a house party instead of going outside. They develop culinary skills so they would rather cook for every meal and occasion compared to catering.

9. The Easy Girl

Not that she is easy to get. In fact she’s single and probably not going to be in a relationship. She is just happy, easy to be with and hang outs and flirts with the boys. She takes care of herself she does not have any important obligation other than work and herself. She is not also into big commitment too. More importantly the easy girl wants to travel and enjoy life.

10. The Drama Queen or Attention Whore

I think these women are the most annoying. They like to make drama not a scene just drama because they like it. Probably because they are bored. All they need is to get your attention and maybe just to piss you off. If you are short tempered be sure that you don’t clench your fist because you might seriously hurt her.

11. The Nymphomaniac

You might think that you have found the jackpot with this type of woman. She is like a sex machine. She is always horny and willing to experiment for new ways to enjoy sex. She takes pleasure in sex and also wants to please. But there is also a NOT so good side to this story. There is a good chance that she will look for sex somewhere else. Well shit happens right and sometimes it’s just suck to be you.

12. The Winner

Okay this is the ultimate girlfriend material. She is the perfect girl for you because she posses everything that you are looking for in a girl. If you find this woman you should never let her go.

Our list is composed of both the good and the bad type of women. It’s better if you will get to know the person first before jumping into a more serious relationship. You never know you may be dating a psycho and it can be too late for you to find out.


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