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So your on the lookout for boys… Your dating intent with vary from one girl to the next. One thing is for sure – finding a quality guy that want’s to stick with you but is not too needy is tough.

If your after a casual dating relationship so that you can get to know him over time but still enjoy some romance pl dating may be able to help.

  1. You could be after a boyfriend
  2. You could be interested in long term serious dating and marriage
  3. You could be looking to expand your social circle

Or you could just be looking for sex… hey! No shame in that love… In fact it should be celebrated – the fact that your confident enough as a women to seek casual dating is a great thing. There are plenty of guys looking for no strings attached dating…

But the trouble is that you need more! They can’t compete with the toys under your bed so they shouldn’t try but they can offer one thing plastic can’t and that is comfort, security and warmth.


Is it really possible to feel this love for one night only or just in the weekend? Is it possible to have a casual dating partner or friends with benefits relationship and still feel loved to some extent? 

Absolutely and I am sure you know more about it than I do… Perhaps love is to strong a word in this context but you understand that there is much more to sex than the physical stimulation involved. You get a warm sense of togetherness and closeness when your with someone that you just cannot get by yourself. Keep in mind that guys (even though they may forget it at times) are looking for this same connection!

They too want the increased human experience that great spiritual and emotional closeness can bring

From the experiences I have had I can say that most women are very open to one night stands providing they are treated with respect. You may not find your charming knight in shining armour online… but it’s worth a shot. At the very least you can have exciting romantic chats which could lead to a casual dating relationship.

You may just be interested in short term dating because of your current situation or perhaps your after a warm body to snuggle up to in the weekend.

You may be into specific fetish activities… It’s more than likely that YOU know what you want and how to get it…

All I can say is that there is no shortage of guys looking for women… So you will be inundated with attention and interest.

A HEADS UP: It’s easy for a women to mistake this attention for real genuine interest. In many cases it’s just small talk and trust building which is really not that bad, but it may not  be coming from a place of authenticity.

There is a good chance that you will find guys within free causal dating sites that are actually looking for long term relationships. Many guys will search with their dick first and then fall in love FAST soon after – many will not even realise how committed they have become to you.

Often tactics that women use to get their ex boyfriends back or husbands back is to just have sex with them – it’s one of those powers that women have over men that’s hard to deny.

I think one of the big myths and delusions that many men have (often backed up by the media) is that women are not sexual creatures… that in some way guys are the only gender that have real sexual drive.

But when you get out their and read the surveys and get opinions you find women are equally sexually adventurous and motivated.

Someone has to be on the receiving end of all of this testosterone right?

Your main motivation could be to find a boyfriend online – If that’s the case I would not suggest pl dating… We are primarily situated to provide free casual dating which suggests a certain degree of sexual interplay. However we do provide you with the option of choosing serious dating in your profile!

If this is something you are interested in then by all means sign up and check out the site