Fundamental Steps to Attract Women

Here we will reveal the most basic or fundamental steps to attract women. This is the backbone or framework which every dating or advice that is out there. They all follow this simple, basic and very important steps. This is important to keep in mind because from this you will be able to make your own version, adaptation  and techniques on how to make it work for you in the best possible way.

I have come across this idea way before I entered the dating world. We have been using this in marketing and sales field. The same technique is used on direct selling specifically how we close deals with our clients. This is also the same when it comes to dating and seduction. You sell yourself, tell the ladies what you have to offer, and what makes you an attractive package.

We handle every client or deals in different and unique ways and this is also true when it comes to dating and attracting ladies. This steps can be followed for anyone who is searching for long-term relationship, companionship, casual dates, or if you just want to get laid. With these basic steps anyone can attract women and he could be dating not just the hottest women but several of them all at the same time.

4 Fundamental Steps to Attract Women

This fundamental steps to attract women has been interpreted in so many ways but the idea is still the same. This is also popularly known as classic selling technique. This works on both online and real world dating.

Step #1. Choosing a prospect

In order to find a date you will need to work on it. The first thing you have to do is go where girls are. This is the time to plan your game. The idea is to be on a place where most people or the ladies are. This is the place where you can find your possible date, and we will call her as “the prospect”.

Prospecting is like shopping for a date. This is the stage where we are going to choose whom to attract or seduce. In sales this is the prospect client. Here you will be looking for someone whom you fancy, this is pre-qualification period. This is the phase to pick women according to physical features that tickles your fancy.

Once a prospect is spotted it’s advised to at least establish an eye contact. Put that million dollar smile on your face and catch her gaze, if she smiles back then it’s your lucky day. If she avoids to make an eye contact with you then it’s time to look for someone else.

Step #2: The approach

Once a prospect has been chosen then it’s time to make an approach. Before making an approach remember the following things. First, don’t use any slick or tired pickup lines. Second, remember that first impression last. Third, confidence matters most when picking up women.

Don’t use tired pick up lines when approaching women. This will do more harm than good. If you are talking to smoking hot ladies chances are they already heard those lines from other men. This will be bad because she will think that you don’t have the confidence and your just like everybody else. A simple ” Hi” would do but remember to smile and be casual.

Step #3: Building a good rapport

The third step is to build a good rapport. This is the time to build a connection  with her. It can be achieved by having a good conversation with her. Show genuine interest on her as a person.  This can be done by getting to know each other. Ask question which solicits her opinion and give yours too. Listen to what she likes and her interests in life.

I understand that some of you just want to date women to get laid or just for sex. But it’s easier to get her into bed if you find a good connection with her. It’s easier to seduce her if you can find a common ground between the two of you. So find a common interest if you can’t then try to show genuine interest on things that she likes.

Step #4: Close the deal

Closing the deal is the final step in attracting women. You have been having a wonderful conversation with her. It’s to asses the situation what you are going to settle in for. Most guys would safely ask for her number before leaving. That is fine because you can just call her up if you want to ask her out next time.

Some players though are much bolder. They will try to escalate the moment and make it more romantic. They use closing techniques to move the woman and make her go with them all the way to bed. We will be talking about this topic in our future post.