Get Sex

So we are talking about the pursuit of sexual interaction…

You either:

  • Pay for it
  • Find it in a bar or house party
  • Organize it online

Yeh it’s a ruthless blunt description of the facts…

I use the word “it” because you could be a guy looking for a guy or a girl looking for a guy/girl…

The overwhelming majority will be guys looking for girls. You understand this because every weekend you go out there is much competition.

Rather than being frustrated at the competition and blame it for your apparent lack of success learn to rise above the crowd.

Attraction and persistance are the two words that should come to mind when your looking for sex

Inevitability is another…

First you must attract women to you with a knowledge of the seduction game…

Second it helps to be persistent in light of rejection

Third – the longer you stick at this the better you get and the more sociably aware you will become.

Sex is inevitable – both women and men are driven to get it at almost any costs by selfish genes looking to replicate themselves.

I’m going to assume your not interested in paying for sex so let’s move on to the second option.

This option is always fun! It becomes a game with flexible rules and ways of winning. If your goal is purely sex ( and it shouldn’t be but that’s for you to decide ) then your motivation should spur you on to get better at this game with information such as the pandoras box system by vin dicarlo.

Get Sex From The Bar Scene

If you think your a bit of a natural and attracting women sexually has never been a problem for you then simply head out to a popular sexed up bar in the weekend and do your thing.

If your sexual escalation techniques are smooth and refined enough – some women will follow you back to your car or secluded area for a more hands on dance.  For the most part bar environments are separated mixed groups that rarely mingle with each other. Do not feel that your interfering with any social norm by introducing yourself.

It’s only manners to friend the males in the group before introducing yourself to any women. If your motive is one night stands your walking on thin ice. Be sure to select groups to approach wisely – bar or club selection is also crucial.

We live in an alcohol fueled sexed up culture…

When you see a group of girls at a bar ordering shots they are doing it to have a good time… AND show their availability. It’s rare to see couples out dancing in bars with the singles. So rather than assuming the worst – assume that she is at the bar for mating reasons. Make this assumption clear through your body language. Men who assume dominance assume conformity from others attract more women.

If you are feeling non sexual or non motivated try these sex health tips:

  • Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes (preferably before you go out)
  • Abstain from masturbation… period
  • Eat healthy green vegetables and fruits
  • Drink more water (2L per day)
  • Remove alcohol/drugs

If you remove excessive orgasmic releases from  your life you will soon realize your energy levels and motivation to meet new people and connect increase.

Most relationships (even brief sexual encounters) occur as a result of mutual friendships. Grabbing numbers in the weekend is good form… getting to know their friends is even better

Once you have the health and motivation down it’s simply a matter of doing what works for you. Test and stop doing what doesn’t work until you have a refined game that works on any women. It will come down to your courage to make it work and screw up every now and then.

Get Sex Online

If all of this seems like hard work there are other options that can increase your sex life by finding sexually compatible matches (getiton)

Online dating matches you up with singles with similar life goals, personalities and intents. If your only looking for casual dating then the friend finder network is an obvious choice.

Getting sex online takes patience and time… You are going to have to be proactive… Signing up for multiple free sites as well as paid will give you the best chance of finding the right women near you.

When you are on a casual sex site assume that their motivation is similar to yours and therefore you need not bring up the subject. Your focus should be on establishing TRUST repore so that an offline connection can occur.

Online IM and video chat is perfect for this… Let the online discussion run it’s course naturally. Ask about her interests and what she wan’ts from a man. The conversation may or may not turn sexual depending on the women and the site. If it does share fantasies and continue the bonding experience.

In time you will feel if it’s right to suggest an offline interaction. Meeting up at a bar is a great move because you can immediately start sexually escalating.

Online to offline transitions can be a LOT of fun if you develop a great relationship online. Talking about what your going to do together while on the dance floor is a way of escalating ONLINE so that your first meetup will go smoothly.

The more of a picture you paint online the more seamless the sexual transition can be. Play around with it and try to meet lots of different people online. It’s all about expanding your social network and meet many singles. If you don’t like the look of them simply excuse yourself and get into contact with someone else. There is nothing wrong with having options! Most guys in the bar don’t!

Plus if your seen interacting in a sexual manner with a women in the bar it raises your chances with OTHER women.  So even if your not interested in the women you meet online you can use her to get to other women in the bar or with her friends. Immoral? No way…

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