How Do I Know if Members of AdultFriendFinder are not Fake?

When it comes to online dating there is always the unanswerable question that haunts us. How do you know that the members are for real? That is why one may ask “How do I know if members of AdultFriendFinder are not fake?” We will try to address this question here.

First let us be frank, in order for a person to have membership or account at all that a he/she needs is a valid email address. Please also understand that they don’t do extensive background investigation on each member. Remember that they received thousands of new sign-up everyday. Which makes doing background check on each member nearly impossible. If you feel that you have been abused or AFF terms and conditions has been violated by a member anyone can report the incident to their abuse support team. ( So they will have to take action.

What AdultFriendFinder does to reduce incident of fake profiles and abusive members is to permanently ban a member’s IP or ISP. Some countries who are suspected of having high incident of spam has been blocked access or have tighter anti-spam policies. Once an abusive account has been reported it only takes an hour and up to 24 hrs until the account has been taken down. This applies to all accounts, basic members, paying members and even VIP members can be banned and their plan forfeited at once.

Beyond this anti-spam measures and techniques is another line of defense that AFF members have. This is where my confidence stands. Although this is an international community of swinger it’s also a pretty tight anti-scam and anti-spam community. The members actually helps a great deal in eliminating this time wasters and posers.

Reports made or flagged made by members plays a major role in keeping the site clean. What they report is one of the biggest basis for abuse team in taking down fake profiles.

Of course common sense would tell us some obvious cues to tell is someone is for real or just so good to be true which is most often than not would turn out to be fake. S little bit of research will also help. Look into his/her profile. Are you talking to someone who s new to the site? Or is the person has already built a good reputation? Look at his connection and site experience.

Another thing to remember is to play it safe. Don’t reveal your personal information unless you really come to trust the person. If someone asked for your information and you think it’s too soon. Back away a little. If it involves financial or money matters, then it should sound some alarms.

The best thing you can do is be vigilant. If you suspect fake profile report them. When you come across abusive users, report them too. This kind of attitude should keep the site clean and will make your adult dating experience more meaningful.