How Do You Approach Relationships?

Found an interesting thread on tonyrobbins forums regarding what your like in bed and how you approach relationships

Which have you been when it comes to sex?

When I was a “Nice Guy” and “Mammal type” and was interested in the relationship, I had to do all or most of the work to keep it alive and then eventually got dumped because I was disrespected and taken for granted.

When I acted like a “reptile” and didn’t want the relationship, the women went out off their way to sell me on it. They did most or all of the work in the relationship and always respected me and never took me for granted because I was a “rare entity”, something they coudn’t have, I decreased my supply (attention to the relationship) and that increased my demand.

By reptile he means – “bad guy”

By mammal he means “good guy”

This guy got a little flamed in the forums but he’s right… It’s a generalization of course but categorizing makes it easier to understand and relate.

>>Your strategy in dating should be to strike a balance between the good guy and the bad guy…

What’s attractive about the “bad guy”?

Basically as described above your acting like a limited resource. You have a rouge quality about you which is attractive to women…


Your devilish, you will have facial hair and piercing black eyes… you will be a dare devil, dominant, cocky and even arrogant…

You respect women but don’t suck up to them because you don’t need them to make your life amazing.

You do as you please when you please and you don’t make any apologies for it… you live your  life on your terms… you strike out on your own and ride the unridden path in search of adventure. You relate well to others and get on with everyone but would prefer solitude.

Women are attracted to you because you clearly know where your going or at least seem to think you do.

You have status and authority in your peer group and you have that certain “something” women are looking for… That spark in your eye and skip in your step that only comes from doing what you love.

What’s attractive about the “good guy”?

Well… he’s good isn’t he.

He’s charming, handsome and caring…

He’s authentic and genuinely gives a dam about other people. He get’s respect from people for being this guy but not as much as he should. And do you know what? Some people actually believe that he is the most un-trustworthy guy in the room because he is so nice.


Well the bad guy thinks that he is being so nice to other people and sucking up to them to get respect and admiration. Because he can’t get it through work or status (sport,money) he has to be nice to everyone. Even though “nice” is pleasant to be around it’s not very attractive sexually.

The bad guy doesn’t respect him because he never stands up for himself and has “no personality”.

Good Guy Negatives:

He relies to much on other people

He’s a “wuss”

Who’s Better?

If you wan’t to get laid… The bad guy

If you wan’t to have a healthy relationship… The good guy

If you want a healthy relationship without having your balls cut off your going to have to find a balance here… and that balance my friend is HARD to find.




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