How to Attract Women by Being Funny

How to attract women? It will be a lot easier if we have a simple answer to this question, or if we could cast spells that will turn any man into a woman magnet. The truth is attracting women is not an easy job, but it’s not impossible to do. This is something that can be achieved by anyone. Here we will try to share a great idea on how to attract and even seduce women. This can be useful if you are looking to date women for long-term relationship, friendship or companionship,  for no string attached relationship, or maybe just for casual encounter like sex!

How to Attract Women using Humor

Most women would love to be around a guy with a good sense of humor. Not only women but most people would love to be around with someone who can easily make them smile or laugh. Using humor to attract women is very effective. But one should keep in mind to never sound like a jerk or too goofy. That will be a big turn off.

Keep in mind that you want to make her feel light and good when she’s around you. This means that you will have to come up with jokes  that will not make her feel bad or make you look bad. This is very crucial, because guys can easily come up with something funny by degrading someone, with pranks or practical jokes. This can be funny but you should think of the consequence of your action. What she will think of you after that?

Here are some advice on how to attract a woman by being funny:

  • Mess with her like you do with your buddies. Think about how you mess with your friends, the same will work with her too. This can be a bit hard to do with women you are attracted to because sometimes we are not close to her like we do with our best friends  The most important thing is she actually know your normal tone and your “messing up tone”. This is how your friends are able to tell if you are messing with them or not. Typically you can do it by exaggerating your actions.
  • Keep her on her toes. This is a good technique to keep her interested. Keep her on her toes all the time. This can be done by busting her balls. Call her names like dude, dork, or any name you call to pick on your friends. If she whines on anything, talk about it, repeat it with exaggerated gestures. Make if friendly and playful. But be sure to know when to stop and when to do it. Jokes are funny but sometimes inappropriate so watch yourself.
  • Tickle her. Yep they are ticklish! This is the best way to flirt too. Tickle her with anything, but do it in a friendly and playful way. Don’t make it too sensual, unless there is already something romantic happening between the two of you.
  • Make faces. If you can’t talk or if verbal communication is not possible you can always make her smile with facial expression or by making faces.  This is good technique to get her attention while on class or lecture room.
  • Just text. Exchanging funny or jokes on text can be fun. Use this as an extension of yourself. So whenever you are not around she will still have the thought of you. Just be creative with your jokes, don’t just forward or copy any jokes you can find most of them are pretty lame.

The Danger of Attracting Women by Being Funny

By now probably you have already realized the power of comedy to attract women. It’s simple how to attract women by being funny. But there are hidden dangers here. While being funny you run the risk of being an “A-hole”, jerk, goofy, or just an attention seeker. These are character killers and huge turn off that women would easily notice. So before delivering a punch line think how she will react to it or what she will think of you afterwards.
There is also a danger in being overly funny. She will think that things for you are just fun and games. Women needs a man who are determined with a plan or purpose. So be sure to show your serious side even if you frequently joke around. You can also reinforce this by coming up with quality and intellectual jokes.
There is think line between being adorably funny and being the person mentioned above. It’s easy to be funny if you are predictably unpredictable. But what you should keep in mind is to build a character that she will adore. It’s not about making her laugh all the time because she would not want a clown. What you want is just to make her feel good or light.
This can be done by leveling with her sense of humor. Try to find out what kind of comedy makes her really laugh. Is she into intellectual comedy? Slapstick, gay, pantomime comedy?