How to Contact AdultFriendFinder Members is created as a place for people to find sex partners wherever they maybe. One of the crucial step in online dating or as far as dating is concerned is getting in touch with possible dates. This only means having a line of communication between the two parties.  In real life when picking women we always want to get their number or at least let them have ours.

When it comes to AFF, this is a different story. You can easily get in touch or contact a lot of matches or members whom you are interested with. This makes dating easy, convenient and fun. So how do you exactly contact AdultFriendFinder members?

Read this quick step by step tutorial on how to contact AdultFriendFinder members.

Step #1.  Login to your account using your active or valid username and password.

Step #2 . Search for the profile you want contact.

Step #3. Navigate to profile that you are interested with.

Step #4. Contact member in different ways. If you are able to send email you can do so by sending email through the interact form on the middle of the user’s profile page. (See image below. )

Step #5. Compose your message, choose an interesting subject. Then type your message, be sure its 16,000 characters or less. If it’s your first interaction, don’t give personal details. Avoid sending personal email address  phone number and links or you might be banned for spamming.

Step #6. Check for additional services. Here you can opt to save a copy of the original message. Best way to keep track of your conversation. Choose to attach a copy of your profile, VIP’s can get free notification once your message has been read, and invite her to join your network.

Step #7. Enter confirmation number. This is another important part of the form. You can’t send any message/email without doing this right.

Step #8. Finally, click send message or choose to store it into your drafts and send it some other time.

Remember that I have here is just the basic way to contact or send messages to members. You can always choose to use chat instead or send a video message.