How to Solve AdultFreindFinder Login Problem by Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

Login difficulty is one of the most common problem that AdultFriendFinder users would encounter. This is usually solved by clearing  your browser’s cache and cookies. This solution will work if  you are using a valid login details or valid AdultFrinedFinder username and password. If you forgot your username you can use the email address you used to register. 

 Clearing your browser cache and cookies will not only solve a login issue but it will also help your browser loads faster. A Cache and cookie are temporary files saved by your browser each time you visit a remote website. This helps your browser loads faster so when you wish to return to a previous page it will not need to cache the same file again, this also creates a smooth user experience. Your browser is designed to delete these files after sometime. But it will help if you will delete them manually and on a regular basis.

Browser cookie is a file stored on your computer. This will include information that are specif to a user. Ever wonder how your computer remembers your login details and password so you are automatically logged into a webpage once you revisit them? Your browser’s cookies are responsible for this, and so as the auto populate form feature.

When using a shared or public PC, someone might have clicked the “remember me option” on AdultFriendFinder login page. That details auto populate the login form, which interferes with your login operation. In the process the system get confused and you are unable to sign-in to your account. That is when clearing your browser cache and cookies will do the trick. Doing it regularly or after you have entered some personal information on a public computer will also protect your privacy.

Steps on How to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Step 1: Determine your operating system

Before you can proceed into clearing your cache or cookies you must first identify what operating system you are using. This will give you a fair idea of what kind of browser and version you are using. For  Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS the company logo’s are visible from the desktop.

Step 2: Determine the browser you are using

The process by which you will perform the clearing operation will greatly depend on what kind and version of browser you have. There will be different process for different browsers and their corresponding version. This is easy because you click on that application every time you open a web page. Once you have identified the type of browser you have, then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Follow the resources given below for browser specific instructions.

Below are commonly used browser with corresponding links to their support page. Follow the link for the detailed instruction on how to clear your browser cache and cookies.

Once you have complete the operation you can go back try logging in with your correct login details.


Clear browser cache and cookies for Firefox

Clear browser cache and cookies for Google Chrome

Clear browser cache and cookies for Internet Explorer