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If you have come across our review on RudeFinder.com you will find that this website has a lot of things in common with JustHookUp.com. In fact the two websites shares the same theme and design. We have reasons to believe that they share the same member’s database among other adult personals site on their network.

If this is the case, you can probably use the same login details on both websites. They share the same support team which is date-support.com, but we figured you will need a separate membership subscription between these domains. That is how they make money. Anyway here is our full and unbiased review of JustHookUp.com.


  • Fast growing website with many singles and swingers signing up every day.
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Fairly competitive upgrade cost
  • Good customer support
  • Good members search feature
  • Live webcams or videos from members
  • Provides profile verification
  • Free to create standard account
  • No instant chat
  • Limited email interaction for free members
  • Unlimited winks and flirts
  • Use of blog service

Here is how it looks from the homepage.

A fast growing adult dating site

While trying out the site as part of this review, we noticed a considerable number of online or active users. This is good because online dating is always a game of numbers. But make no mistake the numbers they have on their member’s database is far fewer from what you will find at AdultFriendFinder.com’s network.

Again, it’s impressive to see thousands of online members in our chosen areas. We picked locations with average population with the hope to gather enough sample data. Checking who’s online will also show that they have a lot of new sign ups every day which is another plus for this website.

Quick and free sign-up process

Like many adult dating websites it just takes a few moments to sign up at JustHookUp.com. In order to do this you only need a valid email address to validate your membership. You don’t even need to give out your financial details in order to get your standard membership.

Another point is they don’t force members to answer lengthy surveys or questionnaires used in matching process. It’s up to you complete your profile or not. Of course having a complete and attractive profile is a plus in every successful online dating story.

Dubious awards

JustHookUp.com claims to have earned two awards of which badges can be seen at the bottom part of their homepage. They got badges for “Top 10 Best Dating Sites” and another that says “Voted Best ‘Casual Buddy’ Site on the web.

These two sounds pretty impressive. But the million dollar question is who or what awarding body, gave them that award? An award is only good when it comes from a reputable institution or group. But here it’s not clear where those awards are coming from.

Cost for Upgrade

If you plan to upgrade your account, you will be looking at the following charges.

  • Monthly Plan – charged at $/£ 34.95 every month
  • Quarterly Plan – ($/£ 24.94/month) charged at $/£ 74.82 every 3 months
  • Semi-Annually – ($/£17.95/month) charged at $/£107.70 every 6 months
  • Annually – ($/£ 8.33/month) charged at $/£ 155.40 every 12 months

These are the basic or standard rates. From time to time they run promo offers with discounts on these plans. So the figures will actually change according the promo offers they run.

They accept online credit card payments with all major credit and debit cards. Your statement will show the name or contact information of the third-party biller who processed your payment. UK members can opt to pay via sms or topping up with their phone balance.

It seems that they use the same figure or amount to charged both US and UK users. They don’t bother converting the currency but rather charge you the same figure for US Dollar and British Pound. We know that there is a huge difference between exchange rates of these two currencies. If your currency is in UK pound, you’re better off converting your money to US dollar then use it to make the payment. It’s a way of figuring out how to do it.

No Instant Chat or IM

This is a drawback for us who loves to have a nice conversation over chat or IM. This website does not offer this feature. It’s not available even for premium users. All you can do is exchange emails and pictures.

Good Customer Support

Although it took them nearly an hour to get back with my support ticket, we can still say that they have a nice support team. The guys are very nice and sympathetic while assisting us. Of course you need to have patience when using email support. They need to verify your account, which you need to take time waiting for their response.


This is something that we don’t like to see on sites that we use or own. JustHookUp.com has selectively denied access for people coming from countries suspected of massive spamming. Since then the website seemed to be clean, with less spam.

We said less spam because this is something that you can’t totally eradicate from any adult dating website specially the one’s that are attracting new members every day. On one way or another we can say that their use of “Online Cupids” (accounts bearing a yellow “OC” icon) to stimulate website activity is not pretty attractive.

These are accounts controlled by the site who will try to get in touch with winks and generic messages. Of course you will not get anything from but try to convince you to upgrade your account.

Our final say…

We are always hopeful for new and growing websites. JustHookUp.com is not new but recently we have seen an increasing number of singles and swingers joining the site. This is a positive sign. With sleek and easy to navigate design, reasonable upgrade rates, some interesting features, we can say that JustHookUp.com is worth a try. Give them a shot and try to set up a standard account, look around and try if it will work for you.


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