Lovesystem’s Date | The Complete Home Study Course

Love Systems is company known worldwide in promoting effective dating science. Their life changing coaching service has changed thousands of hopeless romantics into women and date magnets. They have been on business for almost a decade and they continue to produce great results with the best dating techniques and effective teaching methods.

Their biggest project is a dating system dubbed as Date! The Complete Home Study Course. The system will break barriers and gives every man the unfair advantage to gain much-needed skills to turn every date into a successful story.

Date is based on a non traditional approach to dating. It’s based on getting success that every guy wants on every date. The system does not give participants any “dating goal” it gives them the means or skills to achieve their goals. This way a participant can use his skills to date women for one night stands or NSA fun, find a girl to turn into a friend with benefits, or even to find a serious or long-term relationship.

What is Date program?

What exactly is date program?Love Systems’ Date, The Complete Home Study Course is a compendium of learning materials presented to help men acquire the skills to be a date master. People learn in different ways from varying medium and pacing. This is a complete study course to help everyone and it includes the following:

  •  3 Textbooks – Here Nick Hoss, Mr. M, and Vercetti three of Love Systems best dating coaches will share their collaborative advices on dating ideas. The first book is called Fundamentals, second book is Date Preparations, and the third book is called On the Date.
  • 1 Student Workbook – This will include more than 44 exercises to work on and hone that dating skill you need to be a woman magnet.
  • Audio Interviews – This will include more than 8 hours of audio interviews and Q&A with known dating and relationship coaches from Love Systems.
  • Infield Audio – Here we can hear how Braddock applies mastery of the Date to have a successful date.
  • Infield Video – In this material we can watch Darwin in action using the skills detailed in Date.
  • 9 Week  Class/Seminar – This is an interactive way for coaches and participants to get in touch with each other.  It will include webinars held every other week where Nick Hoss will answer your questions live on air. In between classes you’ll be asked to do your “Homework” or go on dates to practice what you have learnt. Plus a personalized email support with replies from Nick Hoss. The best thing is it will include a one-on-one phone consultation for personalized assistance and coaching.

Date the Complete 5 Part Course

Date is separated into 5 parts. It’s a step by step participant’s guide to learn all dating skills he needs. You can use it to plan dates, what to do on dates, and even how to finish it off in the bedroom. Here is a topic outline of the Date Mastery Course.

Part 1 – The Fundamentals – The course will begin by lying out all the dating fundamentals. Why most men don’t succeed on dating and what should be the best mindset when it comes to dating.

  • Separating Myths from Facts – Misconception on how a woman sees a date limits men from attaining dating success. Separating the myths from facts on what we think about women will help us understand more about women.
  • Common Mistakes – Identify common mistakes that a man makes on dates and learn how to avoid them. If you commit the mistake how do you get back from their?
  • Dating Commandments – There are 8 basic dating commandments that should be followed before and during a date. This should be commit to mind and remembered at all times.
  • Framing – Learn how to use framing techniques. This is very important if you want to succeed.
  • Emotional Momentum – A woman’s emotion does not follow any logic, rather if flows following a pattern of events and escalation which we can take advantage of.
  • Abundance mentality – Understanding a mind-set and how to use it properly.
  • Avoiding Friend zone – How to avoid being friend zoned. Have the ability to pick women to be on a one night lover, sex partner, and even for long-term relationship.

Part 2 – Setting up the Date – This part will teach participants how to ask a girl out with confidence and without getting a no for an answer.

  • Handling conversations – This is beyond pick up lines. It shows participants how to start conversation without sounding awkward and how to position your date proposal without sounding weird.
  • Getting her number – Prevent flaking when getting her number. Learn some techniques on how to get her number without the awkward moment.
  • Timing and location – Most guys don’t know when and where to set a perfect date. Learn  the best place, day or time to set up a date.
  • Secret date ideas – Learn secret date ideas that will make your date a standout. It’s landing on a date that she will remember forever.
  • Asking her out for a date – Learn the way to ask her out without being too sleazy or getting a no answer.

Part 3 – Preparing for the Date – this phase will talk about planning stage and how to make it favorable to your plans.

  • Planning – Crucial stage in planning a date is to make sure it end in a satisfying bed scene.
  • Secret location – Take advanatge the three secret locations available anywhere to have your date. Location and setting will help you get that physical action you want when ending a date.
  • 3 types of dates – Selecting the type of date that will make her want you more.
  • Emotional and sensual stimulation – Some ways on how to fire up her sensations and appeal to her emotions while on date.
  • Building attraction – How to use everything you got to build high level of attractions.
  • Date flaking – This is an advanced technique on how and why you should flake on a date and when or where to do it.

Part 4 – Going on the Date – this will talk about how to turn a perfect to end physically.

  • Re-spark attraction – Ways on how to re-spark attraction at the start of the date. This is crucial follow up technique if you get physical before.
  • Building connection – Learn ways on how to quickly build up a connection with her.
  • Physical escalation – Learn when to start physical escalation and avoiding awkwardness.
  • Spotting short cuts in physical escalation – This time you learn advanced techniques to perform short cuts in physical escalation. This should be done if you sense that she wants more of you.
  • Going for the first kiss – Learn 7 techniques on how to go for the first kiss and without being awkward.
  • Why being natural is important – Let her think and feel that everything is happening naturally. Girls love to think that they are experiencing ‘date magic’ or ‘spark’ between you and her.
  • Avoiding intimacy barriers – Break those barriers that prevents you from being intimate with your date.

Part 5 – Miscellaneous – special part with some important advice.

  • Thoughts on fashion. Date shares ideas on how to pick out apparels, shoes, and accessories to make you look attractive without losing your identity.
  • Turning your place into a dating place. Your place is the best place to ask her for a date. Prepare a dinner for her, and prepare your bed too.
  • Being interesting. How to make your life, job or career sounds interesting to her. Tell her something about you, but not everything.
  • Adjusting dating game plans. – When everything fails you should have a fall back plan or plan B. Date will teach you how to adopt or formulate your own dating technique or dating game plan to use on several types of women.

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