Nick Sparks Is A Boss: College Game

She just’s wants someone to take her hand and lead… For some guys this is a scary aspect of their lives because they are not used to leading. This stuff just comes from practice guys – get out their and live life more and learn how it FEELS to lead in an interaction.

Basically do the opposite of what the popular feminist movement is telling you. They have no idea what real masculine attraction is and it seems that we have lost much of that knowledge through time.




Plausibile deniability Рuse ambiguity in your physical escalation.

Girls don’t want to be slutty – they have been programmed to expect and reject sexual advances from guys.. meaning EXPECT them to resist just enough for them to feel comfortable with the idea of it.

This means that LOGISTICS are very important – if getting back to your flat means two bus rides and a subway ride your screwed. The passion and sexual tension will likely be lost along the way. (living close to campus is a good idea)


What is Confidence?

LOOKING SOMEONE IN THE EYES – and saying YES I CAN DO THAT – with no second thought.