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  1. Keo_636

    I usually get kicked off because i go off at rude people but ive tried so many times to sign up again but all it keeps saying is im using the wrong symbols like > or ‘ BUT IM NOT! Weehh i wanna cry so hard because my mates didnt get my number and thats the only way i could of talked to them! AAARRRRGGHHH

  2. Kona

    Plenty of Fish Login problems AGAIN…. in Canada….
    Countless people have reported leaving the free service POF ( a 2 person company) because they can’t access their IN-BOX… or they insist that ….. your password has expired ?????
    and does not accept any NEW passwords….. !!!

    talk about a negligent company !!!!
    this has been going on for over 2 weeks.. we are now Jan 27th 2011
    and they don’t care…..
    and i have found several other sites that are better…
    After telling them that i do IT myself… i have received 2 emails insulting me that i can’t basically use a computer … written probably by a young person that can’t spell or phrase a sentence correctly !!

    Markus the owner is not that hot of an IT guy after all…


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