1. Andy Mcgill

    Hi, newly single, looking for fun and laughs

  2. Andy Mcgill

    Hi, lonely, newly single, looking for fun and laughs

  3. john

    Looking 4 a good looking chick that likes 2 have a good time

  4. judy villemonte

    I cant log in thus I cant use pof. Please help!

  5. Juicymidnight

    I has been on pof about 3mos, & all i can say is i love it!!! MauhMauh

  6. Ed Musgrave

    I can find me in pof site but I cannot log in refuses my e-mail address and password says not good –Whats up bee_catcher or bee-catcher ? I am both.

  7. Sharon Wilson

    I closed my acct. about a month ago. I would like to reactivate, it states that my email address is already in use by another member. How can that be? It is my home email acct.? How can I re-activate my account?

    1. Profile photo of

      Perhaps pof never really fully delete your account – nobody else has used your account – it’s referencing your old pof account. It’ll still be in the database somewhere – if you want to get a new account I would recommend grabbing a new email address gmail, ymail, aol etc and creating your account with that.

  8. Briguy6575

    i filled out my profile and thought i was all setup,then when i went back it kept going back to same page…i filled it out numerous times and i cant seem log in…please help…thnx

  9. rfr40

    This suxs on minute im talking the next minute it wont let me through.

  10. berry51

    I had not been able to log in , could you send me and email with the information that I need
    thank you

    1. faithful22

      i cannot log in, error message says in the change over from to my browser changed my password but wont emaik me a new one please help