• marco polo aka little guppy calling to aka little bass

    This crew is one to stay away from.
    These people steal your intellectual property cause crazy people flag ya on the website.
    Then you lose your friendship with your deaf friend you take to the ballgame all the time.
    They have sexual parties in their offices…that are not decorated frugal people.
    Marcus sexual deviancy is regulated by his legal team… to keep afloat.
    His whole team are like cheerleaders as to not rock the boat.
    The prez marco polo brags about granola and a free beer on fridays.
    He has moderators young woman pics he uses to find bad folk on his website and kick them off but he doesnt pay them….thats illegal in this state.
    Marcos kate ben drew (who put up pics of squirrel and his private parts in the office had em laughing) these people as long as the get a piece of the pie its live and let live.
    I say time to adapt.

  • http://www.pof john

    Looking 4 a good looking chick that likes 2 have a good time

  • http://plentyoffish kawana pritchett

    I forgot my password

  • judy villemonte

    I cant log in thus I cant use pof. Please help!

  • Juicymidnight

    I has been on pof about 3mos, & all i can say is i love it!!! MauhMauh

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  • Anonymous

    Loves Wolves

    • Anonymous

      why no pic

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  • inga sterling

    cant get into account

  • pattycake36

    can’t get in to sign in

  • Ed Musgrave

    I can find me in pof site but I cannot log in refuses my e-mail address and password says not good –Whats up bee_catcher or bee-catcher ? I am both.

  • http://pof.com faithful22

    log in help please

  • Sharon Wilson

    I closed my acct. about a month ago. I would like to reactivate, it states that my email address is already in use by another member. How can that be? It is my home email acct.? How can I re-activate my account?

    • PL

      Perhaps pof never really fully delete your account – nobody else has used your account – it’s referencing your old pof account. It’ll still be in the database somewhere – if you want to get a new account I would recommend grabbing a new email address gmail, ymail, aol etc and creating your account with that.

  • skylare1990

    good morning

  • Briguy6575

    i filled out my profile and thought i was all setup,then when i went back it kept going back to same page…i filled it out numerous times and i cant seem log in…please help…thnx

    • kelly

      I agree this is stupid

  • http://harriet1@frontiernet.net rfr40

    This suxs on minute im talking the next minute it wont let me through.

  • dzenita batlak


  • PL

    I understand. As mentioned in the post


    plenty of fish is most likely having problems with its database – It may have even been hacked. I’m sure they will have it up and running within 24 hours :-)

    So information about how to login would not be of any use

  • berry51

    I had not been able to log in , could you send me and email with the information that I need
    thank you

    • http://pof.com faithful22

      i cannot log in, error message says in the change over from plentyoffish.com to pof.com my browser changed my password but wont emaik me a new one please help

      • PL

        hey your right … looks like it’s now pof.com

        try deleting your cookies and browser history

        try logging in through a different browswer (chrome,opera, ie, mozilla)

        try resetting your password


        if all else fails get a new account