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100% free adult dating

100% Free Online Casual Dating

Hey guys…

I have some exiting news for you – PL Dating just launched yesterday. It’s a 100% free online casual dating site which allows you to find singles near you! You don’t pay a dime… ever.

Check it out here dating.fckme.org

Sign up today by either choosing a username or syncing the platform with your face book… It’ll pull the information into your profile that it needs. Upload a bunch of pictures and edit your profile.

The profile fields are similar to the friend finder network where your able to input personal and physical information about yourself. There is an activity wall on the front page along with the ability to write your own blog posts and participate in forums.

At this stage video uploading is enabled with the ability to embed videos only.

But I need a favour!

We have to get the word out. You can help by sharing and liking the page with friends or just mentioning it on other sites.

Another feature of the site is the ability to create your very own group…

This could be a location group or sexually related group of your choice.

Contact other members and attach photos using the send private message button inside the member profile.

By the very nature of 100% free casual dating it’s expected that there will be more males than females in ratio…

So how about heading over and starting a new forum thread?

Share your stories and fantasies with the community or just introduce yourself with a little information about yourself.

The site is designed to be simple as possible to navigate.

The DASHBOARD is a great place to start… In the sidebar you will find:

The friend INVITE feature

A list of your friends and a facebook like button.

You will also find a Newsfeed with updates of what’s going on around the site (uploads, new members, profile edits)

Within the dashboard also find a tab which says Profile Edit.

If you want to search for members near you click on MEMBERS

Then on the tab SEARCH – On the left you have a detailed list of filters. This will enable you to find singles that live close-by but also have similar intents and sexual orientations.

Alternatively you can search by user name on the right…

At this time there is just the US UK CAN UK and AUS countries available.

If you reside outside these countries simply select Not Listed and include your country in your profile.

Let’s get the word out!




Paid Dating Sites: They Are Worth Your Time And Money

If you really care about finding someone special then you should have no hesitancy about paying money for a quality service.

These sites are packed with amazing singles ready to chat and share their stories with you.

If you get good at spotting matches that you think will match your personality you can cut the time down that it takes to find an amazing date.

Don’t be put off by singles online not having photos.. They may be some of the most amazing people on the site but could be just feeling a little anxious about the prospect of showing their face to the world.

You can simply say hello and then ask for a picture at some stage down the road.

So why pay for dating when you can get it for free?

Very simply the users that are on paid dating sites are of far higher quality than on free sites. Money is a fairly decent filter – when singles pay for a dating site they are letting you know that they are serious about connecting and sharing life stories. With free sites it’s often easy come easy go…

So are you willing to pay for quality? And should you? If money is tight you will be weighing up if finding someone special is important to you.

Let’s put things into perspective…

Your personality and life situation is going to be central to your decision regarding paid vs. free vs. real life dating.

Are you great in the bar scene? Do you find flirting with girls natural and fun? Or are you more introverted and need to get to know someone before you really open up and give 100% of yourself to a women.

Are you interested in casual dating?

Most singles on free dating sites don’t take the whole dating experience very seriously. If you are at a point in your life where you are just experimenting and testing the dating waters perhaps free online dating is a good place to start.

Do you mind if many of the singles on free dating sites are young, unattractive or of low social economic status?

This is not meant to come across harsh but it’s just stating the facts and reality of free online dating. Don’t expect to find too many rich bachelors or 25 year old blond law students hanging around on free dating sites.

You might find them at vip singles or harmony but it’s unlikely they will be kicking around on plenty offish.com

So the argument here is that PAID dating sites are worth your time and money when compared to free dating sites. And the reality is this: All you need to do is pay for one month at say cupid, match.com, mature dating uk, be naughty, etc etc – let’s call that ~20-40 dollars depending on the site.

This is about 1 dollar per day… For this you get a very professional service with features that allow you to connect with local likeminded and quality singles easily.

You only need that one month because in that month you could have sent out an email to almost every eligible single in your area!

You will be surprised how much response you get, how many numbers you get and how much fun you will have.

Those willing to step up – post a profile and make it happen online by paying for dating and sending out a ton of introductory emails are those that have all the fun.

However you will only be at the introductory stage – it’s only a number! After that you will have to use seduction to woo your perfect match.

Hopefully you have done the hard work and matched your zodiac signs so that your personalities match so well it’s a date made in heaven.

All you need to do then is be yourself and let love and a little luck do the rest. In the end if you have similar interests conversation should run smoothly.

image source: Ambro

Free Online Dating Advice: A Numbers Game + Your “Value” In A Free Market

When it comes to finding dates via free online dating sites – you have to be aware of a few basic principles… The reality is that as a guy on a dating site you have a lot of trust building to do before you blast your cell phone number out their.

On a site like oasis active you actually have to send out a friend request and then it has to be accepted by the person you sent it to. So unlike plenty of fish, oasis active is actually more like real life…

It’s harder to make that initial connection but once you have it you can really start to get to know them very well. You area able to chat live within the site which you cannot do on plenty of fish.com

You are also able to send gifts and flirts to get attention…

The trick with oasis active and any other free dating site for that matte is to pick a number of singles that you are interested in going on a date with and contact them all… Play the numbers game and don’t expect that they will all reply…

Also be persistent, they might think you are another weirdo trying to get into their pants… Send another flirt and another email message suggesting that they get in touch… Just because the well crafted introductory email flopped doesn’t mean the second or third will.

Follow up emails don’t suggest desperation – they suggest that you are actually interested in getting to know them. In time they will get back to you.

Once the contact has been initiated play it slow!

Send them an initial email and WAIT – give them at least a few days before you follow up with another

Hello here is my phone number… please ring me (don’t say this)

When you are using free online dating sites you have to be prepared to be very thick skinned. Users might say nasty things to you and your profile.

You might get the odd ill tempered sexually frustrated single sending you weird messages. Thanks to flagging and anti spam functions you should be able to block members from contacting you.

If you’re a female on say plenty offish.com you might receive the odd nude photo… This can be rather alarming when you first get it…

Completely out of the blue some guy sends you a picture of himself posing nude. Once again if your not interested block him from contacting you.

Despite the free online dating myth there are a TON of great guys and girls online looking for SERIOUS love. Most of the women are looking for a guy that really gets them and doesn’t just want to have sex…

They are looking for some sort of long term relationship. So as a guy (who wants the same) how do you bust through the stereotypes and not get grouped in with all of the other sex crazed teens? How do you let women know that you are a safe loyal and respectable guy when there are soooo many guys online that are the exact opposite?

I mean you have to realise that women (especially the hot ones) are getting BOMBARDED with messages on a daily basis… the emails will be short and action orientated and there will either be a picture or a phone number attached.

These emails will never build trust and talk about common interests first but go straight for the “lets meet up” end target in mind.

So how do you differentiate yourself online from rude obnoxious and generally shallow guys? Guys that are able to superficially display a big game but have little to back it up?

Well your best bet is to actually NOT use online dating sites at all – I know that is not the anwser you wanted but it’s so easy to lie and deceive on line unless there is some sort of direct face book integration sync. You can be anyone in an online dating profile which is why very often people are much different than in real life.

Guys who really have something going for them “should” be able to bust through the clutter offline… you do this by showing some sort of authority and confidence (whether it be through sport, work or any sort of title)

It’s just tough to not be thrown in with everybody else online because the real strength of online dating is that it’s an open market…

For guys that would call themselves a “good catch” – high paying job, laid back personality, easy to approach and converse with, well kept, athletic etc. Free online dating really is not a great option. If you think your in the good catch category then perhaps using a higher end site such as vip singles could work for you.

Because free online dating is a free market there are no constraints and social constructs in place… This is what makes it such an amazing tool for finding singles!

BUT if you happen to be at the higher end of the social ladder it can be harder and harder to find someone that suits your personality and goals in life.

I’m not suggesting free online dating sites are built for the masses – I’m just saying that you should give offline dating a good hack before resorting to it. EHarmony, Chemistry, Match Affinity, Yahoo personals and all of the other plethora of paid sites are going to give you a better chance at finding love.

Problems you may face with free online dating sites…

The Dudes

Just go to woome.com and click on shuffle people and you will get and idea of what I mean… Just a pre-warning: You will see naked dudes in front of webcams.

I am not quite sure what is going on there – I mean what a terrible greeting…

You are meeting someone for the first time and as an introduction you flip your wang out… come on fellas where are your manners.

It has been leaked before that the dudes on pof are equally rude.

An article by mashable titled “Dating on Plentyoffish – Trading Fees for Scumbags?” says it all.

The big one (if you a guy) is the women or lack thereof…

There is usually much less feminine presence on dating sites when compared to men. Sites like girlsdateforfree are trying to flip the ratio in favour of men.

Attractiveness Or Quality Of Singles

You may be no oil painting yourself but when it comes to free online dating sites you might just want to rethink that.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course and you simply need to make a decision about the benchmark you will accept…

Sounds horrible to say and I would actually recommend that you allow yourself to be OPEN about chatting to everyone on the site.

However excluding women based on looks is a blunt reality of male life (which will neve understand) …but can you afford to be that picky?

The problem guys will have on dating sites is that they’ll have a warped or inflated sense of themselves and only go after 8-10’s on the “attraction scale” that are within 3 years of their own age…

This is a very strong filter wouldn’t you agree?

Ease up on the restrictions and you could find yourself with a very suitable (and wild) cougar of your choice.

The pool of single women and men starts to get pretty large as you move down the attraction scale so the further down your prepared to go the more chance you will have of finding someone you really get on with.

Christ that last section was blunt…

Nobody Home

Singles in your area could be few due to the site just starting to grow in popularity or you living in a small town.

Browse outside your location and you will find some smoking hot singles that are ready to chat… Just be prepared to do some travelling if you want to take things offline.

Login Problems

Plenty of fish has long had problems with users unable to login. Recently it was rumoured that the database was hacked and information collected about some pof users.

Confusing Interface

It is obvious when you are logged into a paid dating sites because everything is where it should be…

The site is very easy to navigate and find what your looking for. There photo uploading and syncing with other devices is easy.

The only other free dating sites which is like this is okcupid. You might find that free dating sites have a confusing website setup and finding what you want fast is a headache.

If you are into pretty layouts and nice graphics then free dating sites are not what your looking for.

The reality is you are there to meet people and set up dates so it shouldn’t be on your mind however it is nice to be present in a great looking environment.

After all – the better looking the site and the easier it is to navigate the better time you will have and the more dates you will find.

RE: No-Reply

You might find that few singles actually reply to your emails. Despite plenty of fish growing at a reported 20,000 singles every day there will still be vacant/stagnant profiles lying around.

These women haven’t checked their profile in years and their inbox will be jam packed full of dudes checking them out.

Email the female profiles that are active and have logged in recently. That way you increase your chances of actually getting some interaction on the site rather than an inbox that says (0).

Free Online Dating: Profiles , Photos and Philanthropy

At pullingladies.com/dating the login authentication has changed to allow you to connect with your gmail, yahoo, twitter or facebook accounts.

This means you don’t actually have to register but simply allow access via the front page. There are a number of profile fields which you can edit once you sign up to better express yourself.

Simply hold down the CTRL key to select multiple hobbies and interests. Be ready to answer questions such as:

dating profile edit

Do you smoke?

Would you date someone that smoked?

Do you have kids?

Would you date someone who had kids?

Many singles that have not signed up to a dating site before have to think for a few minutes before answering many of these types of questions.

You may have never thought about whether you want kids or not… thats find just leave the question blank or select N/A

Questions such as – would you date someone that smoked? Are useful because they allow you to let other members know that you’re not open to anyone that does smoke.

Filters in your profile allow you to limit the number of emails that you DONT want.

A few seconds thinking about your profile can save you a lot of time in the future.

At present pullingladies.com/dating does not have the ability to reject members who are seeking different types of relationships.

Within plentyoffish.com you are able to filter out singles that are looking for casual encounters by not allowing them to email you. This saves your time and clears out your inbox .

When you register you will want to go and edit your profile: There are not to many fields to fill out and with the multiple check box selector it only takes 2 minutes.

Height, annual income and occupation historically gets altered somewhat in your favour. It’s natural to want to conform to the norm and if your significantly shorter or taller than average you might lean toward shaving a few inches of your real height.

Same goes for annual income, most rightly understand that the more they earn the more perceived success and value they have within a dating site.

In the end a small white lie is not going to hurt anyone but one needs to ask oneself if they are really serious about meeting someone offline. A thick trail of lies is tough to cover up and a relationship based on lies to begin with is unlikely to be successful.

So I would advise you to accurately predict your personality as best you can so that singles looking at your profile are able to get an honest picture.

One of the more important features of your online dating persona is your avatar. If you sign up using the facebook authentication method the system will import your profile picture which will be an important communication tool.

Humans relate to faces and singles looking to choose a profile to email want to see your pretty face smiling back at them. The best way to increase your profile views and incoming email is to add more interesting and thought provoking photos.

This is easy to do at http://pullingladies.com/dating/modules/?r=photos/home/

You simply click on the add album icon on the right hand side or go into an existing photo album and add more photos.

This photo album feature allows you to categorize your online photos and group them into profile pictures, travel pictures or even provocative sexy pictures! Don’t worry – not everybody can see your pictures if you don’t want them to. If you only want your friends or certain people to see your photos then click on the EDIT ALBUM text and change “Allow viewing album to:”

To any of the following:



Me only


This means you have control over which member (or visitor) see’s certain pictures that you upload.
You can write about your dating experiences and post stories from your personal blog:

Future Updates:
One annoying feature of the site currently is the photo uploading… It just seems like it’s really hard to find. Rather than being able to upload an image straight away you first need to create your own album and click through 4 or 5 pages just to get to the uploading page. Members seem to be finding the page ok but it could be a much simpler process.

Pullingladies.com and free online dating on the internet

Good 100% free online dating sites are hard to come by:

Okcupid is perhaps the most impressive example of a site which allows free dating but also “scientifically matches” you to other singles on the site.

One of the biggest complaints you will get with a site like plentyoffish.com is the quality and intent of it’s users.

The word FREE means there is no risk up front – signup and email doesn’t cost you a dime and so easy come easy go…

Many women are often frustrated that they cannot find guys on free dating sites that are interested in a more serious relationship. Women (quite rightly) are looking for guys that they can get to know slowly over time. Meaning that you meet up online and email until you feel acquainted, then perhaps go for a casual lunch or coffee date in the weekend.

The intent of men on free dating sites is usually for casual encounters – that’s ok if there are enough women to satiate the influx but most often there are “too many dicks on the dance floor”.

Pullingladies.com/dating allows 100% free online dating with no ads… It is by no means an example of a good free dating site but has everything you need to browse and contact other singles. In time the growth will allow the features and structure of the site to be upgraded.

Until then small errors and photo uploading quirks will have to be dealt with by the users who sign up.

So the main value that is added with a dating site in general ( in case you hadn’t realised), is the ability to get into contact with people you don’t know.

The problem with any dating site that starts off is the growth phase in which there is just not enough database size for it to be useful.

When plentyoffish.com grows at 20,000 singles a day!…It’s tough to compete.

When a new user signs up and realises that there is nobody present on the site from their area it quickly becomes a useless exercise. In time of course this problem is dealt with.

Jan-rain integration has just been implemented at www.pullingladies.com/dating so that the sign up process is much more seamless and the profile picture uploading process happens automatically…


Apart from that though general site growth is the most important aspect.

3 Advantages of Free Online Dating

Free online dating is certainly popular amongst the majority of online users… The statistics of online dating use is impressive and free sites such as plentyoffish and okcupid continue to grow ~20,000 new singles every day according to plentyoffish.com… Pullingladies.com has launced a free dating site at http://www.pullingladies.com/dating

So why are these sites so popular?

It sure isn’t looks… Pehaps there are just alot of daters that are not prepared to pay to contact people online, they end up at sites like pof. Once you become so big you have reached a point of growth that you cant stop?

Free online dating has it’s pros and cons: Here are the 3 reasons why free dating is better than paid…

1 – Cost:

Obviously the fact that it will never cost you a red cent is the biggest benefit of free online dating. eHarmony might cost you around 40 US dollars or more per month!

Other dating sites are based on a per credit basis which makes it very easy to chew through the coin just for emailing one person! You buy a certain amount of credits and use them up when you initiate contact with someone.

With free dating you can take your time and email as many singles as you want anywhere in the world…

You never have to think about the subscription costs or fishing out that credit card and typing in the numbers and dates. Just roll straight to the registration form which is usually on the front page and get searching.

Once you find a gal you fancy click on the contact button and your good to go!

Free online dating often leans toward the casual dating scene rather than the serious marriage and relationship dating such as eHarmony.

This could be a positive or negative aspect of the free dating online but either way everybody is usually fairly laid back and open to meet up.

No stress or limitations on your time or money. Because you never have to get your credit card out free dating sites attract huge numbers of singles every day…

They get shared with friends and grow rapidly which leads to the next benefit

2 – Size:

A dating site is only as useful as the singles that are able to reply to you in your area. It can have all the matching features and expert compatibility questions under the sun but if nobody shows up then the site has no value. The top free dating sites : plentyoffish.com, oasisactive.com, okcupid.com etc have huge databases in specific areas of the world…

Most of the singles come from America so if the recession is taking it’s toll on your wallet and you don’t want to be single in 2011 then you should be looking into 100% free online dating.

You can visit sign up and email a local single that takes your fancy in a matter of minutes!

Now that’s impressive. Sites like facebook are groups of closed door friendship circles which is great as social status is everything in the real world.

However dating sites allow you to search and contact anyone… regardless of their size location age or financial status. You can Join a free dating site such as okcupid and rank male singles by annual income if that’s what your after.

If you live in a small town you might find that there are only a few singles that have signed up – If your willing to drive to the nearest big city to go on your date then hundreds if not thousands of dating opportunities become available.

3 – Comparable Features:

Paid dating sites boast fast loading feature rich dating sites…

They are not wrong…

But sites like okcupid are pushing the boundaries of what free dating sites are able to offer. Okcupid is known as the google of online dating as a result of offering a complex statistical matching system…

There is also a large database of user submitted questions and quizzes that you can take. These help you describe yourself to other singles and can be used in the matching process.

Free dating sites like plentyoffish.com are so successful because they were the first to enter the free dating market but they also work because they do ONE thing very well. All singles want to do is get into contact with other singles in their area…

Plentyoffish understands this and makes it happen in a fast and reliable manner. No bells and whistles here just plain old boy meets girl. You have a login box, a whose online and an email field…

What more could you want?

I mean video chat and fancy graphics are nice but once you have used plentyoffish to grab a skype account you can take things further right?

The Future Of Free Online Dating And Facebook

There sure are enough 100% free online dating sites out there and few have the stability, functionality and user base to be worth signing up for…

Sites like plentyoffish.com have reached dizzy heights and continue to grow in the thousands upon thousands of users per day.

Many of these profiles are inactive of course but most large cities have more than enough singles that you can contact.

Well pullingladies.com now has a dating site at:


It’s the first iteration and will of course be upgraded in time. The problem with a free dating site start-up is the low number of initial users. What’s the point in signing up to a dating site with nobody home? Especially when there are number of other alternatives.

Well the answer is that there probably is very little point apart from the fact that there will be more users signing up every day to join you.

Free dating appeals to many singles who either don’t have the cash or think that paying to email people should be free. Sites like plentyoffish can compete with paid sites because of it’s size. With the obvious popularity of facebook which is also free will free dating sites be thought of as obsolete?

Facebook is not a dating site and would never like to be thought of as one… It’s a place to connect and share with the people in your life. It’s not a place to where you can search for singles in you area looking for casual encounters or discreet relationships.

There will always be dating sites and there will always be free dating sites because the emotions of love and sex and loneliness will always be there.

These sites will grow and evolve into better products, allowing more connection and sharing capabilities but in reality plentyoffish.com (the most basic popular site online) does exactly what it’s users want it to do!

They want to create a quick profile and describe themselves online – they then want to check who is online now and lives close by so that they can get in contact (chat or set up and offline date).

Facebook is set up to be much more than a dating site, facebook is reality online. When you post, or update your status your
REAL friends and family actually see it.

Dating sites bring strangers together who have never met – facebook brings friends and family together in one place.

Facebook will continue to be the best online representation of YOU there is…

You will use it as an identification for commenting on other sites. Facebook is authentic, perhaps the most important aspect of the entire structure of facebook is that it’s an honest representation of real life.

So don’t expect dating sites to be going anywhere in the near future. I do think the current free sites should be doing more to help users connect and share using the substantial ad revenue generated.

However because they do not receive monthly subscription payments like the paid sites (eharmony, match.com) they are somewhat growth limited.

100% free dating sites do have the benefit of substantial user signups. Zero friction on signup means there is little reason
NOT to sign up for the main free sites. You have nothing to lose and more profiles to browse.

But easy come easy go… If it’s so easy to sign up the user has nothing invested in the transaction apart from the small amount of time it took.

This is why it’s important for free dating sites to add website interaction tools such as forums, blogs and chat as well as sending out regular email updates to remind the free user what they were doing last night.

Facebook has such amazing user retention and return rates because they meet with these REAL people every day and interact with their friends and work colleagues on a day to day basis.

There is accountability intertwined within the facebook setup. Their friends might remind them that they posted / shared a funny video etc…

Facebook needs to work on it’s categorization of users: Dont you think it’s kind of weird if you were to update your status about waking up next to a girl you have never met?

You think twice about sharing this information because you understand who will read it right?

Facebook categorization has to happen soon – eg share with (family, mates, friends , work) etc…

Anyway – free online dating is getting left behind by a more authentic and real experience BUT it will always be a vital part of the web because of it’s ability to connect like minded strangers who would have never met before!