The Erosion Of Monogamy

A mans rule of thumb: no matter how good she looks, some other guy is sick and tired of putting up with her.

The marriage/divorce statics in the US are alarming

Marriage rate: 6.8 per 1,000 total population
Divorce rate: 3.4 per 1,000 population

Why is the divorce rate so high? Are the numbers reliable or skewed toward one area of society?

After a period of honeymoon bliss lasting no longer than  one year marriages tend to default back to a love hate relationship. What is the cause?

What is the true secret to a happy long lasting marriage? Does the secret lie with ancient sexologists and the tao/dao.

Is a content marriage simply one where heavy compromise is present?

I would hate to think that the title of this post is coming true – we are most happy when we feel connected to those around us in harmonious relationships. The problem is – how do we make them last?

Casual sex is fun but it doesn’t last – it’s a fleeting thrill that soon fades. What you secretly want is a special deep connection and understanding. Not only is this hard to find but it’s also hard to maintain over time.

I am now going to link you to a very thought provoking book “peace between the sheets”

It’s had mixed reviews and I am yet to read the full text but so far it’s been very interesting.

read peace between the sheets here on google.

It’s main points so far have been

  1. The limbic system of the brain, also known as the primitive brain is programmed to produce a neurochemical buzz that compels us to pursue orgasmic sex, whatever the consequences.
  2. Orgasm cause subsequent negative physiological changes that can easily last two weeks.
  3. Orgasm can lead to a shift in perceptions that often makes out partner look less appealing and may make use want to leave.

Ancient teachers of sacred seduction warn that orgasm has negative consequences such as feeling drained , irritability, energy imbalance, health problems and most significantly a growing aversion to ones’ sexual partner.

You might be wondering why I am suggesting that you try to avoid ejaculation on a sex positive online dating advice site….

Good question: All I am suggesting is that you give it a go – the common jewish practice of abstaining for two weeks every month to allow your body to re-balance seems like a great idea for growth and happiness…

I believe everyone is trying to maximize their happiness and contentedness in life… Some are just more short sighted that others.

Could you go without masturbation and sex for two weeks every month? More to the point… do you think the sacrifice would be worth it? If your still drinking alcohol regularly it’s because you do not believe that the sacrifice is worth it… How would you know until you try?

Getting back on point – the erosion of monogamy…

You hear tweets that mention:

“saying humans are not designed for monogamy is not a good enough argument… Infidelity is still a choice”

I completely agree!

According to peace beneath the sheets it’s sex it’s self that forces us apart.

I would suggest that it’s abuse of the pleasure centers that the orgasm triggers that may contribute to the erosion of monogamy.

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