The Hot Girl In The Line At The Bar

The metaphors you use to describe yourself will have profound effects on your behavior.

When or if you go out with friends or even on your own… how do you view yourself? What image do you  have of yourself in the bar?

Hints of self doubt will filter through into your outward appearance and actions.

Some guys think that because they are going out to pick up chicks or get laid that they are somehow a predator and the women are the prey!

Has it occurred to you that women LOVE to be approached by eligible guys? Women love attention and by approaching them you are giving your direct attention to them.

I was out the other weekend and I was observing…

This gorgeous women of about 23 was in line at the bar…

She was their for a good 10 minutes and not a single guy approached her or talked to her despite many passing her in the line. She got a LOT of looks and awkward side-ward glances but not a single dude had the nuts to say hi.

I was wondering why any guy wouldn’t want to talk to her…

It’s either:

  1. A lack of interest
  2. A lack of confidence
  3. Manifestions of your self mataphor

If you believe that you have bad intentions or that you are intruding on a women in any way your personal values will stop you from doing it.

How about we switch up our views on the world here and try something different.


You are a valuable and worthy male!

Women are waiting for you to approach them because you bring such joy into their life.

Ross Jeffries suggests that you should view the bar like:

This place is a party, you are the host, there to make sure all feel happy and welcomed. And what a gift it is for them (not arrogantly so), that you give special attention to THEM.

(you have to BELIEVE all of this)

It’s not enough just to think that you are worthy of a beautiful women… it comes back to building an attractive lifestyle and holding yourself accountable to a high set of personal values every day.

You can boost up your EGO all you like and drink booze to fake confidence but at the end of the day your real personality will shine through… This personality is shaped when you least expect it… When your indulging in masturbation or sitting on the couch watching to much TV or consuming a poor diet.

Do you get it?

Your subconscious knows who you REALLY ARE!

And will fight to ensure that your true self get’s portrayed to others. So throw away those quick fixes and create a lifestyle that really is attractive to everyone that enters it.

Create a brand new set of life metaphors that will help you during your interactions with women. They should accurately represent who you want to be and who your going to be in the future.


So back to this women in the line – She looked to me like the ideal women, I think every other guy in the line was a little intimidated by her.

She got her drink and returned to the table where her friends were waiting… Not ONE guy said so much as hello to this drop dead gorgeous girl.

Did they assume she must be dating?

Did they assume they were not good enough?

I then went over and asked this girl whether she usually get’s approached in the line of a bar and she said…

not as much as you’d think” She had no idea why…

I ended up going home with this girl but that’s not the point…

There are plenty of guys unworthy of such a women so I don’t want you to think that you should be jumping at 10’s just because you think highly of yourself.

(sadly there could be good reason for your low self image… If you genuinely don’t give a shit about her and don’t think much of manners or personal respect then disregard this post)

If you are trying to learn and grow as a guy then the hot girl in the line at the bar is your’s for the taking! Because by the looks of things, nobody else is!

The real reason for this post is just to make sure that your personal view of what your doing is important. You must believe without a shadow of a doubt that your worthy of love and respect from a beautiful women. This one element of your personality will be enough to attract her into your life.

Your presence in the bar will relax others rather than creep them out

You presence will bring excitement and energy

The feeling of being worthy and entitled to appreciation and respect will shine through every action



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