Top 15 Dating Turnoffs for Women

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Not every girl you approach or invite for a date will say, YES! We are all prone to rejection. But if you haven’t scored a date and you’ve been declined for far too many times then you must be doing something terribly wrong. If a girl agrees to hang out with you once or agreed to come for a first date it’s not a guarantee that a second date is coming. Matter of fact there are times when it becomes your first and last date. You must have done something awful to turn her off.

Here are some of the common dating turnoffs for women that men should know. Knowing and avoiding these things can greatly change your dating life. If you have something to add to this list we would like to hear your thoughts by commenting below this post.

15 Dating Turnoffs for Women

We have listed 33 common dating turnoffs for women that every guy must know in order to successfully date a girl. You can find the rest of the items on this list continued at the second part of this post. You can find the link below this article.

  1. Nervous or Insecure Guys
    All of us has our own insecurities, being nervous when approaching a girl and even at first dates is usual. But this should be handled accordingly because it shows that a guy lacks confidence. A girl doesn’t like insecure guys and those with no self-esteem. Just be yourself try to relax and act normal. Deep breathing can help you relax.
  2. Too Much Cologne
    It’s nice to smell good and fresh. It only means that you know how to take care of yourself. But too much cologne especially those that are strong scented can give a person a bad headache. It can also trigger sinus related allergies. So go easy on your body sprays, after shave and perfumes. Too much of it is not good.
  3. Boastful Guys
    Don’t glorify yourself and be overly materialistic. It’s okay if you are rich and affluent. But don’t announce it and don’t put too much emphasis on material things that you have. Girls like to know that their man has money to spend and with an admirable character. Guys with money and undesirable character are shallow and immature.
  4. Poor Hygiene
    A guy with poor hygiene is unacceptable. It shows laziness, with no self value and overall bad behavior. So stay clean and healthy. Clip your fingernails, brush your teeth and chew some mint gum as breath freshener. This is expected of you as a grownup and responsible person. And no one would really want to be around you if you are smelly or have a bad breath!
  5. Poor Grooming
    Guys with poor grooming are slobs. Wearing wrinkled shirts and smelling like yesterday’s laundry is also not acceptable. Tidy yourself up, do your hair and shave or trim your facial hair. Consider a closet makeover, you don’t have to spend a lot you just need to be a smart shopper. If you have no idea what to wear, consult a friend who has some good fashion sense or hire a personal stylist.
  6. Being Preoccupied with Sex
    Yes you are a sexual animal. Your testosterone is rising and you are dating a smoking hot girl. Just by looking at her is enough to turn you on. We can’t blame you if sex will not leave your mind. But keep it in there and don’t talk about it. Unless she is really into it. Being preoccupied with sex makes you less of a man. A woman does not want to be labeled as sex objects.
    Dating turnoffs
  7. Swearing
    Swearing is an ill-mannered act, but on your first meeting you should not say anything offensive to anyone. First dates and the first meeting is not the time to swear. If you do I swear she will leave you in no time. Swearing means lack of self-control.
  8. Rude or Arrogant Behavior 
    If you are approaching or dating a girl you want to make a good impression. The best way to do this is to be friendly and be a gentleman. It means that you have to keep your arrogance in check. Girls like a man who can step up but be sure you are doing this out of nobility and not by mere arrogance.
  9. Married Men
    I’m not saying that all married men are turnoffs. I am emphasizing married men who are dating or cheating. Girls don’t really want to destroy homes and families. They want a clean relationship and not ending up as the mistress.
  10. Guys With No Sense of Humor 
    Guys who can make a girl smile and laugh are the ones who can easily score a date. Girls like to be with a man who has a good sense of humor, someone who is funny and goofy, not an idiot or stupid.
  11. With Kids
    I am not against kids, in fact I love them. Also this is not intended to discourage single parent to go out and date. I only want to suggest that generally women or girls would not want to get tangled with men with kids. Single dads have different priorities and if you get into a relationship with them you have to think about sharing the parenting responsibility he already have.
  12. Aggressive Men
    Too much aggression can be a huge turnoff. Yes girls like to be with the alpha male. Someone who can give them security and stability. But too much aggression and violence is not what they like.
    This is also the same to guys who are sexually aggressive. Someone who will take advantage of a woman who agreed to out for the first date. Women may seem friendly and touchy feely but they are usually easy to get. Unless of course you are with a sexually charged woman who only wish to get laid. Then this time you can unleash the beast within you.
  13. Using Lame Pickup Line
    Using lame pickup lines can be risky. Women don’t like to be picked-up like just “any girl”. It shows that you are a womanizer and smooth player. They don’t like it. So avoid using pick up lines specially something that sounds like a famous line from a movie or a song. You need to adopt and use whatever is around you to pick up women. Comment or ask something about the place, event, or a thing of interest.
  14. Immature
    Girls like to be with a guy who can be their man. They don’t like immature guys, and they definitely don’t like to babysit their date. Have you heard how her boyfriend can be immature? It really pissed them off.
  15. Generalizing or Stereotyping Women
    If you want your date to take a hike before you realize what’s happening you can start by stereotyping or generalizing women. It doesn’t matter if you are referring to her or to somebody else. It does not make any difference because it shows your opinion about women. The best thing you can do is listen to her and let her explain herself. I’m pretty sure she has a nice and reasonable opinion about herself.

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