Live Chats are seen with disapproval from the majority. The practice is still considered taboo and even considered immoral in some countries. However, to look at it from a different perspective, live chat and online dating is actually a safe medium to meet people. The rules are similar to traditional dating, only it’s accomplished in front of a screen. According to advice from the Huntington Post, when dating online, and really any relationship in general, one must have set rules and limitations when maneuvering within the environment; sort of an etiquette that, though not expected to be enforced at all times, shall serve as a guideline. Establishing this ensures that the parties involved in the exchange will have a more comfortable experience. The website A to Z of Manners & Etiquette recommends laying down and managing expectations so that the exchange is smoother for both parties, and each will get what they expected to get out of the experience. This sentiment is echoed by Happen, the online magazine from

Getting Started

Live Chats and Online Dating may be unfamiliar territory for some, but is actually a simple process. As with any technology-based activity, one has to create an account / profile, then set your targets based on your intentions (friendship, casual relationship or something more serious), the vicinity that you want to target (whether you want the people to be within X miles of your area or people from a country on the other side of the world), and other preferences. Once set up, a selection of possible matches based on your preferences will be presented and it is up to you to filter further from this list and select whom you find attractive or you share similar interests. In this way, according to, “online dating takes a lot of the guess work out of the dating process.”

Managing Expectations

Clearly defining and disclosing each party’s objectives upon getting started with Live Chat and Online Dating increases the chances of finding a match whose goals are similar to yours. According to Psychology Today, matching is generally accurate as Dating and Live Chat Sites often have questionnaires as well as personality and compatibility tests which shortlists possible matches for you. The sites determine your matches through an algorithm which the users configure via their profile and sometimes a questionnaire. As suggested by Sociology of The Family, what people look for when they want to have fun, go on a date, or settle down are often completely different. This is something that might not be as easy to define in real life without coming off too bluntly if one is looking for some fun and the other expects something serious out of the relationship. The process of elimination and shortlisting is not as precise in the real-world, thus making the whole dating and getting to know phase somehow complicated, something made simpler and more straightforward through a couple of codes and algorithm pre-programmed through Dating and Chat sites.

More Choices

The presence of Live Chats makes people realize how big the sea truly is, and how diverse the available fishes are in the sea. In traditional dating and social situations, meeting people is confined to a small circle – often within your workspace, through an extension of your immediate friends, people whom you share interests with, or the extent of where you spend your free time. One must remember though, that these people who are directly around you, might not be the best partners. After all, there’s a number of factors people consider when choosing their mate / partner, and according to Sociology of The Family, finding one that “passes” all your “requirements” might not be easy if you’re only dealing with such a controlled sample. As pointed out by, engaging in Live Chat can benefit people in broadening their horizons with a potential mate or life partner, and meeting people you are not likely to encounter in real life.


As the world gets more connected through technology, people find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of information available to them. Furthermore, according to Entrepreneur, much of the population are just too busy for a social life which means dedicating time for dating and meeting people may seem impossible.

Live Chat is available to anyone with internet access, and these days, that means 40% of the world. Just about anyone can do this in their downtime as apps and Live Chat websites are available on smartphones.


As the English online publication Daily Mail points out, the reality is that dating is expensive. Spending money for a date, which includes transportation, entertainment, and food cost for a 50-50 chance of compatibility may seem like a bad investment for some. Free Live Chat and Online Dating gives you the same experience of getting to know someone minus the added expense.

Dating Anxiety

For those not as outgoing in the real world or perhaps suffering from social anxiety, a condition that can adversely affect your dating life as detailed on Thought Catalog, live chats are one of the easiest ways to meet people. You may meet someone around your locality or someone miles and miles away. People who are not comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger in the real world (be it a man of a woman) might not feel as shy or vulnerable if the whole “getting to know someone” phase is done behind a keyboard and a screen. In such a scenario, the participants feel more loose and relaxed making the whole experience less jittery and overall better. In a less anxious state, a person who typically shies away from social situation may realize that interacting is not as torturous when conversations are done through a screen or online, leaving them with a heightened sense of confidence and a feeling that they can do the exercise in a real-life situation next time.


Meeting people online through Live Chat or Dating Sites and Apps is still seen as an unconventional way to maneuver the relationship environment, but it must be known that with the unstoppable influx of technology, stories of people meeting online and ending up with successful relationships will continue to grow.

Men who use live chat are often assumed as predatory and to a certain degree, it’s true. According to this Thought Catalog article, it can become easier to prey on vulnerable young females. Women are slut-shamed and seen as cheap according to Your Tango and some people may assume they are getting money from men in exchange for live cam sex.

As with real-life interactions, and any relationship, consent plays a big role and it rests on both participants to set the tone of how the exchange will occur. Abuse is a possibility not only in the online space, but also in ‘real-life’ relationships if consent and limitations are not defined by the parties from the start.

Another negative connotation is that people who are unable to “get” real-life relationships are the ones who are forced to resort to meeting someone online. This implies that people who use Live Chat or Dating Sites are somehow not the choicest bunch around, a theory put to rest by this article on

People have different reasons for why they try non-traditional approaches to dating and relationships and it can “enrich” the lives of those who try it, according to Technology and people’s lifestyles are paving the way for this avenue to flourish. If one perceives the Online Dating arena as a place of lower quality options, it is only a reflection of their attitude.

Getting Hot

Considering that sex is a primal human need and Live Chats bridge the gap between people, one way or another sex will enter the equation and indeed, there are many sites for the sole purpose of hooking up.

As opposed to regular casual dating, Live Chat provides a level of protection to highly emotional individuals who might not be able to differentiate feelings of love or lust if exchanges are done in the real world. This is a better option than actual sex if both parties are not equally interested in anything serious. Keeping the experience online sets the tone of the ‘relationship’, or lack thereof.

It also serves as a safety measure for both parties in that it minimizes the likelihood of contracting STDs, STIs or unplanned pregnancy due to the fact that all interaction is done remotely. Should the participants decide to take it to a deeper level and finally meet to see if the online relationship can work in the real world is always an option.

Getting Serious

Online relationships through Live Chat and Dating Sites are not something completely distinct from real-life relationships. If anything, it should be seen as supplementary and in the long run, complementary, according to the article, “Online Dating: Good Thing or Bad Thing?”. Long distance relationships don’t have to stay long distance relationships. People who meet via Live Chat and live in different states or even countries, may and can decide to see each other, and turn the romance on in real life. If these two people have careers or other responsibilities in their respective residences that they’re not quite ready to give up yet, they may go back home but decide that they’ll continue the relationship despite the long distance with the help of the internet.

Then there are also love stories that started out on the world wide web and blossomed into something deep and meaningful. Here are five great examples from Woman’s Day. It is these ‘happily ever afters’ that prove the negative association to Live Chat must slowly progress, and be seen from another light.

Rejections and Disappointment

While online interactions might seem to lessen the impact of rejection, according to The Guardian, people are not completely impervious to pain especially after some time of online communication. As experiences detailed in this article from and this article from The Telegraph, just like real-life rejections, mutual agreements to part ways, and disappointments, there is still a process of moving on, depending on the depth of the relationship or feelings, the parties’ attitudes and their courteousness.

Free Live Chat Sites

Free Live Chat Sites abound and caters to any interest / objective. It can be for clean fun and making friends, dating or serious relationships or completely wild and sexy. Listed below are top Live Chat sites with their descriptions. allows its user to watch up to 4 webcams in chat room, chat privately, follow people and receive offline messages easily. They have set community rules to safeguard all participants.

Stranger Meet Up is the online equivalent of sitting in a bar and chatting with some random stranger. The website’s goal is not necessarily love, but just meeting people and seeing where the conversation takes you.

Wow Chat claims that it can change your life. They offer live chats to experience face to face conversation with people, no matter what your initial objective was, whether it is just to kill time, meet people, gain friends or meeting the love of your life.

Chat Avenue offers services for all types of people. They provide custom rooms for different categories including general chat, singles, dating, gay, lesbian and adult chat. Everyone is welcome to participate. is one of the more popular sites with live chat capability. It exists with the idea of matchmaking. Connecting people based on targeting preferences set up upon signing up to the website.

EliteMate’s tagline is “Where Singles Meet”. The service offers private emailing, live chat and SMS messaging among many others. They even host events, parties, and provide astrological compatibility to those who want to use the platform into finding “The One”.

Free To Love You focuses on uniting people and provides ethnicity-based categories bridging the gap between countries and finding people from different parts of the globe with whom you might find love and relationship compatibility.

Flirty Mania sets itself apart from other chat sites with its iOS and android apps, its capability to control who the users chat with, virtual gifting and fun stickers.

A casual dating site that allows singles to mingle online and enjoy private messaging and video chat for its members. The title of the site alone sets the mood and expectations of the users, allowing them to even create their online “’little black book.”

Bazoocam prides itself in its capability to pair complete strangers to chat, roulette-style. Members have webcams, and it’s just a matter of a few clicks to be connected to random strangers, thus the concept of chatroulette.

WhoaGirls is a credits-based site that lets guys chat with girls who love being watched and the attention online. They also have a Couple Cam featuring live couples.

Cam Rabbit is a live cam site created with the goal of making regular people access models and porn stars and see them in their sexiest acts.

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