Upforit.com is a new dating site that is similar if not exactly the same to benaughty in that it’s a middle ground between normal dating and casual dating. It’s blurring the lines between making social and casual sex acceptable in an outward fashion rather than it being an underground motive of most online daters anyway.

You see a ton of singles online are simply looking for casual encounters especially women who are 30+. The problem is most of them would not join a casual dating site outwardly looking just for sex because quite frankly they can get it pretty easily anyway.

Upforit.com is a great concept and very easily marketable to the general horny male market (what was the old porn industry) BUT very few women actually come to the party and pay money to use these sites. Even if they made it free for women and alot of them do there is not enough women to satiate the male hunger for intimate encounters with no strings attached.

This is why these , in order to make money and keep men coming back for more have to create fake female profiles and email you constantly in order to get your hopes up.

I am not suggesting that upforit is a scam I hope that they don’t falsely lead men on into thinking a hot women is emailing them but I just think these sites are to good to be true. So you can go and check it out if you want and browse around but don’t be so alarmed if you don’t actually get to many real women’s numbers ( I hope you do of course).



Online dating personals for singles looking for a no strings attached dating experience. UP FOR IT means everyone on the site is up for some naughty discreet action. Apparently they are the fastest growing personals online dating service in the world (A HUGE CLAIM, that’s not backed by any stats)

They are saying that you can find the “perfect date” or a committed relationship however it’s obvious who they are targeting.
Upforit has millions of members and they also have great features such as:




Which makes the experience very social and interactive and intuitive thats to the cool modern interface and browsing options.

Get UPFORIT this weekend and you might just get lucky. They are also saying that their dating service is UNMATCHED in professionalism and privacy (another big claim)

You can test if there are really thousands of singles near you by signing up for free and searching who is in your area.

The database might well be an aggregation of other dating sites so the singles within upforit.com are not necessarily from upforit they might be from a partner dating site.

So when they are saying that they have millions of members or that they are on of the fastest growing dating site in the world they are really referring to their network of sites (that are potentially filled with bots) I sure hope they are not and I sure hope that the whole experience is real because if it was that would be SWEET!.

Upforit also has forums polls chat rooms and the online now in your location feature works by discovering who is chatting talking or messaging within your area.

UPFORIT.COM Live Chat Rooms have singles waiting for your smile, Instant Message, or email.
Is upforit free? No upforit is not a free dating service but it is free to signup search and reply via a wink. Which means you cant actually contact them yourself without paying or though they could just email you their number if they were forward enough.

Customer service at upforit.com is open 24/7 so if you have any issues with their honesty and reputation just head over and ask them a few questions.


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