What Turn Girls On Sexually That Works All the Time

Men and women views sex in different manner. How they look at it can be compared to a storm and an emergency response team. Sex for men is urgent, and they can be ready in just a few moments just like an emergency response team. Women on the other hand would wait for everything to be perfect before she decides that the situation is sex worthy.

Sex is not that complicated though. It just takes some preparation and a bit of hard work which makes the difference between getting laid anytime you want and growing old virgin. So what turn girls on? Read on the full list below.

#1. Workout and get toned. Have a fit and healthy body. Your body is your number one asset. Build some mass, tone your body as much as you can. This will make you look sexy and fit. Most female species in the animal kingdom choose their mate putting a lot of importance on his health. This goes to say that having a healthy body results into good looks and enough sex hormones to make you more attractive to girls.

#2. Hygiene and Looks. Be hygienic, smell good, be clean and groom yourself. Get a new haircut, shave, splash some cologne. Don’t forget to brush your teeth swish some mouthwash. It won’t hurt to chew some mint to freshen your breath too. Spend sometime on your looks. Decide if you need a makeover or your current get up will do. Look sharp, you don’t need new suit or jacket. Sometimes your usual wardrobe will do because it makes you feel comfortable and cool.

#3. Treat a woman right. Be a gentleman, respect should always be your mantra. Make her feel beautiful by genuine compliments and thoughtful small presents.

#4. Be confident. Believe and be proud in your capabilities, but don’t be cocky. Confidence makes you sexy, sharp, and attractive.

how to turn on a girl

#5. Be a good kisser. We always say that if you are a good kisser then half of your work is done. Knowing how to kiss a girl, and where to kiss her will keep her turned on all the time. We have some posts here which talks about different techniques to kiss a girl and how to make out for the first time. It will help if you will read it.

#6. Learn to use your tongue. It’s nice to receive oral sex but be generous to reciprocate. Lick her up and she will love it. Just the thought of you getting down on her will make her dripping wet. This should be something that she will anticipate when meeting you.

#7. Use sensual touching and caressing. A touch can mean and can do anything. You just need to know where and how to do it. Take advantage of her erogenous zones these parts of her body are very sensitive to your touch. Make light very light touch and movements.

#8. Take your time or prolong foreplay. Take your time when making out with her. Don’t go directly into penetrative sex. Talk to her, hold, caress, cuddle, kiss, and cuddle. Kiss every inch of her body, explore her and let her explore you back. Prolong the foreplay as much as you can. Don’t directly touch her vagina or rub her clitoris. Touch her with her panties on. Play her boobs and focus on the nipples.

#9. Be considerate. Let her finish first or warn her minutes before so she can join you to the end. Ladies first is a saying that should not be ignored. Consider her needs too. You can ask or suggest that you do your sex fantasy, but be sure that next time you do what she has in mind.

#10. Be unpredictable. Learn new sex techniques  sex position, kinky moves, that will bring more pleasure and anticipation to your love bed. Why not surprise her with some sex toys. Vibrators nowadays are not taboo anymore. They are coming as regular stuff that you can find anywhere and you can buy anywhere.

#11. Be an alpha male. Dominate her once in a while, but let her take the glory when she feels like it. It’s okay to take the lead both socially and while having some sexy time with her. But from time to time let her dominate you.

#12. Be desirable. Always be desirable not only to your girls but also to other girls. Let her know that other girls are chasing after you. This will give her mixed feelings of excitement, jealousy and satisfaction. Excited to get your attention hooked to her, jealous that you may wonder to somebody else and satisfied that you are sleeping with her. Who is all to win than you? Simple right?