#1 Simple Trick To Getting Laid

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Everyone is looking for the latest easy trick that is going to: make them look pretty, make them smart, shed those pounds, make them rich or get them laid. Heck even the title of this page suggests that there is one easy trick to getting the girl. The reality is that you have to earn it.
There are some short cuts and the best thing is that your personality instantly changes and morphs into what is attractive to women once you have earnt it.
There is a reason why so many women are attracted to NBA stars and it’s no coincidence that they all have that same swagger about them. It takes a certain personality to be the best.
They have earnt the right and privilege to be on the world stage competing against the best.
They can pretty much pick and choose from the single women watching.
I wouldn’t call this one simple but it sure will guarantee that you get laid. Status doesn’t mean that you have to be… Justin beiber… ahem… yeh… or a movie star.
Any role within your community, sports team or group of friends that allows you to display dominance will increase the chances of getting laid.
Team captain or the guy that get’s things done to bring your team to victory in the finals is obviously going to be attractive.
Status is a sure way to get women noticing you. They have makeup and flirtatious behaviour and we have dominance and an alpha male status. Now you can be top dog in your field and still not have women notice you.
If your head IT manager or lead gamer in a room full of dudes it’s just not going to draw the crowds.

Status is relative

It’s all relative to your local area – you might not even be that great at football compared to the best but if you help take your team to victory the after party is going to be your lucky night… but it’s not luck!
Through history mate choice has often come down to male dominance and fighting.
The modern equivalent so happens to be sport. Make no mistake about it – if you win the game you do more than just beat your opposition.
Why do you think guys have so much enthusiasm and interest in sports to begin with?

#3 Simple Tactics Guaranteed To Get You Laid

On that note here are 3 simple tactics that will get you laid even if your too lazy to earn it.

#1 – Drunk Chicks

Women are often reserved and very picky when it comes to mate choice but get a few shots in them and they take on a whole new personality.
This is not a classy move but this is what it takes when you don’t earn the modern mating rights.

#2 – 4‘s and 5‘s

Punching below your weight is a sure-fire way to get laid tonight. Let’s say you’re a straight 6/6 on the appearance scale.
If your prepared to sleep with 2 levels below you just because your too lazy to earn the right to be with a 9 or 10 then this is the sacrifice you have to make. Guys with no status have to deal with carrying around a 4/10.

#3 – Friend Finder’s

A great quick way to find new contacts… Meet up with people that are thinking down the same lines as you are!

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