10 “New” Rules Of Dating: Updated Edition

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Online Dating Rule #1

Modern Communication such as text and facbook messaging are fast becoming the norm. If you are not up with the new technology you will eventually be left behind.
Facebook is easily integratable with most paid dating platforms and allows you to transfer images information from one platform to the other.
Understanding how to use technology will enable your online dating experience to be fast and efficient. Nobody likes a slow texter! If you can type quickly you might also want to try testing and improving your typing speed at speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com
You can always get around these types of issues by emailing and using video chat but many singles online will want to chat in chat windows.
Smart phones are on the rise and being able to use one efficiently will at least put you on a level playing field.

Online Dating Rule #2

If you snooze you lose… If you leave it a week before contacting your date again assume that she has been emailed by someone else and may have even set up other dates!
Let your date know the next day or at least within 3 days that you are interested in hanging out again.

Online Dating Rule #3

Online avatars are a cool way of keeping your presence online anonymous until you want to expose yourself to others.
At least be aware that you should not leak your real address on a dating site because once it goes live and someone gets hold of it there is not much you can do about it.
The pictures you post on dating and social media sites like face book are private to your friends but you never know who private they really are.
One friend turned bad could swipe some of the images you don’t want to be shared. The internet is written in ink.
Drunk texting and tweeting is also a no go zone so make sure you think before you post something in a public manner.

Online Dating Rule #4

Even if you have been “seeing” someone for a few months do not assume that you are the only one on their mind. The modern day dating scene is far more relaxed than it used to be – setting up multiple dates for week is not uncommon.
If you think your heart is getting a little to attached to quickly – let them know how your feeling and ask them what there up to outside your meetings.

Online Dating Rule #5

Don’t assume that they are interested in marriage and kids just because they mentioned “serious relationship”.
The classic marriage with 3 kids model is a great one and should be celebrated but not everyone is so hasty to jump into marriage these days.
You can choose to be in an exclusive monogamous relationship without marriage… and keep in mind that kids may not be on his mind.

Online Dating Rule #6

You can look amazing and expect great dating experiences even if your 45+… don’t let your age get the better of you. Lay of the alcohol and cigarettes and enjoy a long prosperous love life. It’s exiting to know that you can widen your age expectations and enjoy some cougar or silver fox experiences.

Online Dating Rule #7

Who pays?
It’s ok to let a women pay half or even full if they want to… They would rather that you paid for it but the classic gender roles are easing up…
It really comes down to the person – a women might want to pay half to keep things fair and so that the relationship doesn’t get to serious to soon.
She might not want you expect something later that night just because you paid for dinner.

Online Dating Rule #8

Dating games and nervous flirting can be fun – but to often it will lead to NO DATE at the end of the night… If you want her – go out and get her.
You have to let her know that your interested… the days of sitting around and hesitating are over. Take charge and tell them how you feel.

Online Dating Rule #9

User data is online and just like wiki leaks the good bad and ugly areas of your past could be revealed for all to see.
All the more reason to be honest from the start about what your about… Your date might know more about you than you would like to think!

Online Dating Rule #10

Ethnic barriers are being blown apart with niche dating sites allowing all races to mingle and find love.
There are still strong differences in values, cultural backgrounds and dating preferences but thanks the internet these are becoming better understood by the general population.
Ethinicity is very important to everyone but thankfully (for most) it wont deter them when it comes to love.

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