10 New Social Chat, Communication and Friend APPS


The play or ios store does not include any apps of a sexual nature – do get those like the adult friend finder app you have to visit the site and get the app link directly.

Here are 10 social and chat apps from the google play store for making new friends and sharing lifes fun times which may or may not include nudes.


Meetup makes community real. The meetup app turns online community into something more tangible which is great. The Internets social sites were not made so people could hit like a million times and never meet up in real life. Social clubs such as moms clubs, astronomy clubs and knitting clubs don’t sound interesting at first but the app is very good at matching you with your interests. When you start the app has categories like dancing, games, music, outdoor and social. These then get filtered down into sub categories which you can tap to choose. The next page is a list of events in your city. So it’s a great way to find new friends and social activities in a new city.





This app is ok. It’s style is very google/youtube and it’s similar to tinder in that you simply swipe right or tap yes no and hope for matches.



9CHAT – Connecting people with similar passions and interests

It looks to me like chat is a large feed of user submitted posts organized into groups that you join. You can get to each users profile and start chatting with them personally. This app is very popular and effective in allowing you to express yourself and chat directly with anyone.
Initiating 1-1 chat with users in your city without needing to add them as friends seems to make this a dating app but it’s more of a social chat app which I guess is the same thing.



Apparently 23,000,000 people use Wamba with 1 million online. Easy login and register with social accounts and your hit with a screen of profile pictures and ALL NEAR ONLINE NEW tabs for filtering. So a pretty standard location based chat app that focuses on dating. Doesn’t seem to be any limit on the number of photos as one member at 300+ to browser through.



Instantly connect with people nearby with link – they even allow you to have a casual dating setting in your filter.

Moments seems to be a sitewide activity feed so you can check out what everyones up to.

The nearby tab is a list of users based on your prefs of gender age and location

The more tab gives access to everything else like account settings and privacy settings.

The chat screen is google because before chatting you get info like when the user registered, what you both like and how far away you are from each other.

LINK seems to dominate the chat space when it comes to what it offers in flexibility. You can have private chats, send emoticons and join groups based on interest and location. But it also allows you to vitualy fly to another city and meet and chat with members there (if you are planning a trip soon). I’m really not sure how these apps control spam

Want to know more? Visit us at http://linkmessenger.com/?tag=blog&sys=android
Got questions? Need help? Check out our FAQ at https://linkmessenger.com


I believe hi5 is more popular among teens but there will still be users in your age group, just a smaller dating pool.

The browse and meet me tabs are most useful in this app.
Download the hi5 Android app to:
-Check your “Meet Me” feed
-Browse friends and new people
-Chat with people nearby or around the world
-Play popular meeting game “Pets”




Another free chat app with add privacy features however as we have mentioned before… nothing is really that safe online so be careful. I like the idea of them mentioning that this can be a clean slate, if your moving town you can be your real private self away from your family and friends.

Forget emoticon reactions, instead try hookt personalized photo reactions. Hookt does not store your messages anywhere after they are received. Much like facebook you will know if a users has received or read a message.



This is an interesting idea and revolves around video sharing of any length and size taken from your phone. Instagram like video filters and telegram like privacy as well as livestreaming capabilities.

It seems to be pretty unfiltered because the first video I saw was gay pron. Seems to be some kind of vine equivalent with no restrictions. So not really a great dating app but interesting nonetheless.



Chat apps continue with twoo – this one has 5 million android installs.

Quick facebook login leads to a tinder like photo rating page called discover. Google style menu with everything from search, messages to visitors and who likes you. Very similar to many other social dating apps that are listed above. It’s free but there is a credit based system much like badoo.



Tapatalk is all about forums and interest groups.

Into hiking ? tapatalk will hook you up with a great hiking group in your city.

The app asked me to choose interests which I found annoying because sometimes you could not find interests as tags that you wanted. The app only works great for you if you can find the right groups and add lots of interests.

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