#10 Partly True Dating Facts

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Roughly 44% of all  Americans are single


Do you believe in love at first sight? 71% of fellow Americans DO


There are more single women in America than there are single men at a ratio of 100:86


What’s the most important thing you look for in a relationship?
– Personality (30%)
– Humor (14%)
– Smile (12%)
What you look like comes in at 11%
So if you’re a weird looking fat guy with a great smile, great personality and great humour you to can snag a model. Do you believe that?
I think that if someone has a great personality and is able to make a women laugh then yes they can date attractive women. It would also help if they had money though.
It’s going to be tough for the fat guy at first though because the first thing women notice on a date is LOOKS. So after a rocky start you should be able to pull it back with humour and a great smile.
However two strikes because most people believe in love at first sight… So how does a fat ugly dude date a hot women when the first thing women notice is looks and 71% of Americans believe in love at first sight?
Keep looking for that other 30%


Currently more than 40 million American singles use online dating to find love and relationships online.


Make sure your dating profile has a picture – you will get TWICE the response WITH a picture than without one. Or though I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t use a picture in a dating profile that specifically asks for one. Perhaps you want to stay anonymous… If so you shouldn’t be using online dating – perhaps https://fckme.org


Still looking for relationships and love in a bar?
Only 2% of men are successful at establishing relationships in a bar!!!
David Wygants communication techniques and lifestyle is an example of how you CAN find and date amazing women.


More than 50% of people surveyed admit to dating MORE than one person at the same time! Naughty Naughty… well it’s not even that it comes down to morals and trust.
More than 50% of Americans sometime in their life were lying to a loved one about the most important aspect of their relationship. Doesn’t say much about the moral fibre of American culture but I suspect that this statistic will hold elsewhere.


Infidelity is the cause of about a third of all breakups.


Now I’m not so sure about this one – the average single male or female in America will go on 100 dates before finding a partner for life… That’s alot of dates!


80 percent of singles believe that the first kiss is a good indication of the potential of the future relationship… Ahem… what about their personality?

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