10 Proven Success Tips for Dating and Relationships

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Dating Success Tip 1 – Heal

Ensure that you heal from the previous relationship before moving on the next. Baggage and emotional scars
from previous relationships make the building of a new relationship hard

Dating Success Tip 2 – Goals

Before dating someone get a really good overview of whereabouts they want to go in the future. This can save alot of time for the both of you.
Pet Hates
Its amazing how often dating partners have no clue about their partners life goals yet they are investing so much emotional energy in them. Its worth checking first.

Dating Success Tip 3 – Take It Slow

Did you know it can take up to 6 months to truly determine some ones else’s true character? If you do not take it slow you may end up marrying a monster!

Dating Success Tip 4 – Communication

Open communication and honesty are the pillars that hold up and solid relationship. Neglecting to tell the ones you love about what’s going on in your head can cause relationships to break up and trust to weaken.

Dating Success Tip 5 – Responsibility

Personal responsibility for your own actions, your own love, your own comments and your own thoughts ensures a conscious effort to make the relationship better.

Dating Success Tip 6 – Emotional And Physical Self Help

Rather than relying on your partner to pick up get proactive and practice at least 2 hours of self help reading and audios every week.

Dating Success Tip 7 – Flexibility In Your Approach

You ability to compromise in a relationship is the key to its success. NO ONE is perfect and there will be things you do not like about the way your partner acts. Rather than condemning them, notice the personal attributes in yourself that you could change to help them.

Dating Success Tip 8 – You Cant Change Them

Attempting to change and mould someone into who you want them to be will not only hurt the person you love but it will play havoc on your mind… its just not worth it

Dating Success Tip 9 – Conflict Is Good

Avoiding fights and conflict will lead to a big fight down the road. Deal with the issues the two of you face today.

Dating Success Tip 10 – Win Win Not Lose Win

Go for win win deals with your relationship. Rather than looking to gain out of someone elses expense from now on only look for emotional and physical transactions where the both of you benefit.

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