10 Reasons Why Smart Men Fail With Women Part 1

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If you’re an intelligent man (or a nerd) I have news for you:
Here’s why you fail every single time with women and what you can do about it.
Here’s why you fail with women even though you know intellectually what you’re doing wrong.
David D refers to this as the Genius Failure Paradox and it refers to the seemingly weird scenario of the smart problem solver completely unable to solve ONE FINAL PROLEM. Your intellectual prowess is unmatched so why can’t you nut this one out?
Nerd guys not only cannot solve this solution but they actually fail BIG time in the area of female seduction!
Like you actually couldn’t get any worse at this shit
You would like to think that you have a few moves or that your money or job status will pull a few strings (perhaps why you worked so hard to begin with)
but now you realise… your fucked.
You have ZERO ability to attract *Attractive* women and deep down you know it…
Weird isn’t it
Because you secretly get PISSED when you see beautiful innocent women falling for the jocks over and over again.
They fall for the dumb guys that don’t have their best interests at heart. You know the jocks are getting all the women but you don’t know what to do about it.
If your women just noticed you they would realise what a great catch you are and how well you will take care of her.
But she never does
Any approach you have tried has crashed and burned an now you’re pretty much lost on the subject of attracting even average women.
So you resort to what you know best. Analytical solutions and using our mind to solve whatever tough problem work has for you… Of course you nail it, but this doesn’t get you any closer to macking chicks.
What you intuitively understand but cannot solve is that the area of:
It’s much different than your intellectual world.
Think of it like learning to ride a bike or a completely new language!
For you… it’s going to be harder than that.
You will have to face fears and learn to communicate in ways that seem alien to you know. You have probably jumped the gun and already know what you need to learn but it’s the DOING that counts in the real world of dating. You need to get outside of your head and make it happen.
Otherwise you could be hairy, fat, balding and uncool WITHOUT a women instead of hairy fat balding and slightly cool WITH a women. You might even have enough balls to lose a little weight and get out more but let’s take one step at a time.
Of course not all nerds are fat in fact most are skinny but you get the picture – lose the glasses, shave and throw in some contacts my boy because we are going on a transformational ride… sortof
Remember I implied earlier that your dating ability right now is actually worse than useless? I wasn’t wrong you know.
It’s like having the opposite tool for the job, it’s not going to get the job done and it’s just taking up space in your brain.
Rather than just smiling and listening you freak and throw in a nervous tick…
Get it?
“tick” meaning a nervous laugh or body movement that is unnecessary and wont get you laid… ever
So relax, open your smart mind, and let me share with you the ten reasons why smart guys fail with women… and what to do about it.


Your used to being right……….right?
You are probably proof reading this as you read it while coding c++ on the side.
The truth is, sometimes is OK to be WRONG.
Sometimes it benefits you to let a fact slide and just continue with the enthralling story.
It’s ok to tell a white lie and event your own personal avatar for the night.
Women love mystery and you have none of it because you are intent on being right every single time.
Have you caught yourself correcting women before? Women don’t care how smart you are! So it’s pointless trying to prove it with heroic stories of partial differentiation proofs.
Your stubbornness works against you when you fail with women because you are certain that you can sort this game out in your head before you try again.
The second and third time you try and fail you will not question the methods, instead you decide to look deeper and deeper inside your mind for the solution.
Your solution is think harder rather than using trial and error with a different approach each time.
Can you accept that you are wrong?
Yeh that’s easy but what about accepting that you actually have no clue where to start? Accepting that you need help with your clothes style and communication is the first step forward


After getting rejected one to many times
After getting teased for being intelligent
After seeing them shack up with jocks
You start to think to yourself – THESE WOMEN ARE INSANE!!!
Women must be stupid individuals with very little reasoning power if they choose to live their life with such little respect and admiration for what is truly valuable (intellect)
It’s natural to despise attractive women for mocking you, it’s natural to get frustrated with the game and what it takes to be successful with women.
But this “hatred” of the one thing that can bring you so much joy and further success needs to be understood before it can be conquered. You need to understand that women are running on a different operating system than your customized Linux
This linux is efficient at certain operations YES
But let me ask you a question:
If you were in a life or death situation tomorrow… and your linux would have you DEAD if you kept it while a simple dell xp would keep you ALIVE what would you do?
Obviously you would trade in right?
You need to cultivate a new operating system dude – I am not suggesting that you need to sell your old one (it works well) but learn some new skills.
Not all women are bad
Some women are amazing and will love you for who you are…
Look around and learn from what is going on… Becoming aware of your surrounds and studying social interaction becomes fascinating and you will soon realise what works and what doesn’t.
Getting out of your head is the best thing you can do for your “game”
Learn from some “dumb” guys… and let them teach you how to get what you REALLY want.

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