10 Tips For Hookups

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Brief Summary:

Do it for the right reasons

  • You want to
  • You do it for you


  • Do it for peer pressure
  • Do it to feel better about yourself
  • Dont have sex with jerks!

They are people who are:

  • Selfish
  • Don’t care what happens to you
  • Are just using you for sex
  • See sexual encounters as a scoreboard (do it for ego)

Hookups can and should be healthy and fun experiences, but they wont be if you choose the wrong person! Remember it’s no strings casual sex but it’s still sex, which requires some level of connection to make it great.

Commitment expectations: Be open about your lack of commitment which should help prevent future breakup sadness.

CONSENT: Give them an out – it’s ok for someone to back out at the last minute if they don’t feel 100% ok with whats going on. Don’t pressure them or blackmail them into doing something they dont want to do. It shows they respect themselves enough to not do something they are not ready for.

PASSION: Be in the moment and experience great sex fully with the person you are with. Just because it’s a hookup and your not going to marry this person does not mean you cant have a fantastic night with them! Thats the point! The key here is open communication – activley ask them what they like and don’t be shy about experimentation. Make his/her experience WOW not shit screw this hookup thing!

SAFETY: Most of you may have already had unprotected sex with someone you don’t know the sexual past of fully. Don’t make the mistake again. “but it’ll never happen to me”, well it could and you’ll regret it for a looong time. No condom sex is for commited relationships where std info is known! Hookups should be quick crazy but strapped encounters. You don’t know where they have been so don’t go getting all YOLO on me and say what the hell stick that unwrapped dick in my ass with no lube. Be sexual, be fun but don’t be stupid.

Give And Take: Oral Sex , Massage etc

Alcohol: obviuosly no sexy time with somone who can barley drive home, no rapey stuff!

Embrace the awkward and LAUGH: It’s actually less awkward if you notie how awkward a situation is! So if you find yourself acting weird joke about it. ITS OK. Laughter heals pretty much every awkward situation but if you take yourself to seriously your life can get pretty strange when it comes to hookups. Use comedy to make this experience fun! Just don’t try the knock knock jokes moments before her climax!

SLUT SHAMEING: This includes the judement from others and the shaming of yourself. Don’t let friends and family determine what makes you happy. You know what you like and how to get it – if you feel its all to much keep your personal life to yourself. there is not reason why they should have anything to do with it. It’s your life you live it how you want.


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