Do 100% Free Chat and Dating Sites Exist?

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Few things are more frustrating than downloading an app or registering for a site that claims to be free then asks you for your credit card.

Unfortunately, sites and apps that don’t offer premium features that require purchase are basically nonexistent these days.

The good news is there are sites and apps that can be used effectively for free. Check out these completely mostly free apps that will meet your chatting and dating needs.

Best for Millenials: Tinder

Best for Dating: POF

Best Chatrooms: Chatzy

Best for Messaging: Whatsapp

Tinder: Best for Millenials

85% of Tinder users are under 35, making it the perfect dating app for millenials.

Simple and minimalist profiles and the ability to swipe left or right based on your interest, or lack thereof, make Tinder a fun and effective choice.

Once you and another user like each other, you can begin chatting with them.see tinder likes

You can purchase a premium membership on Tinder, but the app is effective for free. The key to Tinder, especially for free users, is a great profile picture.

You should also fill out the profile section. Keep it short and witty, entertaining, or interesting.

Lastly, activity is important on Tinder. You will be shown to more people when you are online, so the more often you log on the greater your chances of finding someone will be.

POF: Best for Free Dating

POF claims to be the largest dating site in the world. Similar to Tinder, you can purchase a premium membership.You can use it effectively for free as long as you can handle the ads.

In fact, 30% of POF users find a relationship within the first month on the site. POF is a traditional dating site. You will create a profile, and then be able to browse and search for other’s profiles.

POF has personality tests as well, similar to Ok Cupid. The basic tests are free, but for a more in depth look at your personality and who you are compatible with, you’ll need a premium membership.

You can play Meet Me on POF, which allows you to like or dislike profiles. If they like you back, you’ll find them in your matches.

POF essentially operates based on profiles and searches. Create a good profile and actively search for what you are looking for, and you can have success on POF.

POF is known as a hookup site. There are a lot of scams as well. Be aware of these issues and understand they plague even premium dating sites.

Chatzy: Best Adult Chatrooms

Chatrooms have regained their popularity in recent years, making them a great place to find friends and hookups.

If your looking for someone to sext with online, Chatzy has many rooms devoted to sexting and finding sexting partners. Best of all, you can chat completely free.

Some chatrooms do require you to register with your email address, while some allow you to enter without an account.

If you wish to make your own chatroom, you can create a room for free as well. However, to create a room that has all of Chatzy’s more advanced features and unlimited guests, you will need to pay for a premium room.

Dust: Best Anonymous Chat App

If you are concerned about privacy, Dust is the dirty chat app for you. Any messages you send through Dust will automatically be deleted from your device as well as the device you sent it to after 24 hours.

If you want them to disappear quicker, you can set the time yourself. For maximum privacy, set them to delete as soon as they are seen.

Dust is also highly encrypted. This keeps your persoanl information safe from hackers and large corporations.

Similar to Kik, you can chat one on one or in group chats on Dust. You can send Dust invites to your friends, or sync your contacts to automatically add your friends to your Dust friend’s list.

Perhaps the best feature of Dust is the ability to delete messages before they are seen.

We’ve all done it. You either send a message to the wrong person, or send something while you are emotional (or drunk) and instantly regret it.

With Dust, you have the option to delete the message completely at any time. Including before it is seen.

What’s your favorite free chat and dating app? Let us know in the comments!

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