100 Free Online Dating Sites

100 Free Online Dating Sites



The number of free online dating sites has grown exponentially in recent years. You now have access to more than enough options when you are choosing an online dating site. However, all of these options can make finding the right one an overwhelming task. Here you will find 100 free online dating sites that claim to be free. Find out what these sites are all about, and if they are actually free. Whether you are looking for a regular dating site, or something more specific, you are bound to find at least one website that suits your needs. If you find a site you are interested in, click on the hyperlink at the beginning of the paragraph to go to it. Let’s take a look at 100 free online dating sites.

General Dating Sites

General dating sites give you access to a broad user base. They are perfect for those who aren’t seeking something very specific in a partner. Some of them also have filters to allow you to find people that don’t fit into the “regular” mold as well.


OkCupid is one of the larger free online dating sites. With 30 million active users, you are bound to find someone you like. The site has a unique way of matching people. The site asks you questions that span a broad range of subjects. A few questions are “Are you a morning person?”, “Could you date someone who was messy?” and “Do you like scary movies?”. These questions are fun, and you can compare your answers with those of your matches.  The more questions you answer, the better matches you will get. You can also answer a few questions each time you get on so you don’t have to spend too much time creating your initial profile. When it shows your matches you will see a compatibility percentage that lets you know how compatible you are.

Ok Cupid does have paid options, but these aren’t necessary to use the site. The paid options are perks instead of necessities. They include things like message priority which moves your messages to the top of the recipient’s mailbox, and advanced search options.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish, also known as POF, has over 30 million users. The site begins with completing your profile with the same basic questions as other sites and an essay section where you describe yourself and what you are looking for. Similar to OkCupid, POF has a 73 question chemistry predictor test. You can answer strongly agree, agree, somewhat disagree, or strongly disagree to the questions. POF then matches you to other users with similar answers. You can also take other tests if you wish, including “The sex test” and “Relationship needs assessment”.

The site also has a premium option, but you can get plenty of use from the site without it. The premium option offers perks like no ads, priority status for your profile, and the ability to see when a message is read or deleted.

Date Hookup

Date hookup is very popular with younger singles. It is ranked as the third most popular dating website. The limited search features of the site may be off putting to those looking for a meaningful relationship, but a look at the sites testimonials show you that it’s not all about casual sex.

It only takes minutes to complete your profile, and messaging someone is as simple as clicking the message icon. You can also add virtual gifts to your messages. If you are looking for an easy to use bare bones dating site, then date hookup is the one for you.

Luv Free

Luv Free is a smaller dating site with a membership of 120,000. However, those that are members are very active on the site. The profiles are filled with information, so you can get a good idea of who someone is and what they are looking for by viewing their profile. Pictures are voted on by members and assigned a numerical value based on their attractiveness, so be sure to upload a flattering photo. You also have the option of adding several more photos, and other members can vote on this as well.

Luv Free has members from all over the world. Most of us aren’t interested in dating someone from another country, but getting to know someone from a different culture is always fun. The site seems to have a pretty balanced man to woman ratio, with the women being more responsive than they are on other sites. It’s also accommodating of all sexual orientations, and completely free.

Mingle 2

Mingle 2 offers all of the basic dating site features for free. You can search for members with pretty detailed search options, and send messages and winks. The site had over 200 pages of women and over 1,000 pages of matches for men in my area, which is pretty impressive considering I don’t live in a large city. The site does have ads that can look like part of the site, so I found myself going to a few websites unintentionally.

It’s very simple to sign up. The initial sign up takes about 30 seconds, but you do have to enter in more personal information to be included in the search results. This means you can create an initial profile and see if there are members you would be interested in before going any further.

They do have a premium option, which basically puts your profile at the top of the search results and places your messages at the top of their inbox. It also allows you to see who you mutually match with. If you like someone’s profile, you can click on a heart. If they click on your heart as well, then you mutually match.

Dating Site Free

Dating Site Free has members from many different countries. It is completely free, but the ads can sometimes look like part of the site. You can search for a potential partner based on their location, age, weight, body type, hair and eye color, children, and marital status. If your search turns up someone interesting, a click will let you view their desired age for a partner, zodiac sign, smoking status, and religion.

You can fill out just the basic information in your profile, or you can get more detailed. The more detailed your profile is, the better chance you have of appearing in someone’s search results. The multicultural user base of this site is probably its biggest asset. However, you may have a hard time finding others in your local area.

Young and Single

Young and single is geared toward the younger dating generation. The site is designed to be fun and intuitive. The free option will give you access to everything you need to meet someone on the site. You can search, send and receive messages, and send instant chat messages as well. If you would like more advanced features, they are available as well. Of course, you have to pay for them. Of course, many of the top free online dating sites are now using this model. Sites with free and paid options seem to be higher quality than completely free ones that rely solely on ads to generate revenue.

The site puts its focus on helping you find love with other local singles in your area. They also have dating tips and a blog. These can be great resources when you are trying to navigate the online dating world. If you are young and single, you may want to give this site a shot.


Spark has some good things going for it. After you create a profile, you must upload a photo within 72 hours to keep using the site. You are also required to take a color personality test. In addition to this, they also require you to fill out your profile pretty thoroughly. Some fields like your lifestyle habits and the type of person you are looking for are required. Background information like your education and religious affiliation are optional, as is your physical characteristics.

Spark isn’t as free as many of the other sites on our list. If you have a free profile, you are allowed to search, wink at members, and respond to any messages you receive. To send the first message, though, you have to have a paid membership. The free option would be okay if you are the type that likes to sit back and let others make the first move. If you prefer being in control of your own destiny, you’ll have to pay for the privilege. All in all Spark seems to be a reputable site with people that are looking to make genuine connections.

You Date

You Date is a small dating site. While you can sign up for free, you don’t have full site functionality without paying for a membership. With a free account you can create your profile, search for members you are interested in, send winks and flirts, and receive messages. This will at least let you know if there are members near you that you are interested in before paying a monthly membership fee, which you will have to pay to actually send messages to members. At least if you are a male. Females can respond to messages from men without having a paid membership. This may be why the site has a fairly even men to women ratio.

The downside of this site is that if you want to be a paid member, you have to pay over $100 for a year membership up front. No monthly payment plans here. The upside of the site is most of your profile is filled out in essay style instead of generic responses. This may give you more of an idea of who people are based on their profile.

F Dating

F Dating is completely free. They have members from the U.S. as well as many European countries. The reviews for this site are mixed. Some claim that it is a good dating site, but others say there are a lot of scammers claiming to be females. Of course you will run into some of this on any dating site, so it’s hard to say if there is more scamming than usual going on here.

The site does have a very solid search feature. You can search by age, location, physical characteristics, children, religion, marital status, smoking, drinking, and language. The fact that it is completely free and the search feature makes it worth a shot. Just be aware that there are scammers on the site as well as genuine people.

Love Awake

Love Awake is an International dating site. They have a large member base in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, India, Africa, and Australia. This is a high quality site, especially since it is completely free. The site has a seven to one ratio of men to women, but this is common on dating sites. They are truly an International site, including countries from Afghanistan to Yemen.

The most intriguing thing about Love Awake is their partnership with relationship coach Roy Biancalana. He provides high quality video courses on many different dating topics and challenges, and Love Awake members get free access. One course called “Finding Love Online” is four hours long, so you are sure to learn a lot about the do’s and don’ts of online dating.

Jump Dates

Jump Dates is another site that is completely free. You can send messages, chat through instant messenger, and post on the forums. It also has a dating blog that gives you some informative tips to help you find Mr. or Mrs. Right. The biggest issue with the site is many people don’t fill out their profile enough to give you much information.

If you are looking for a 100% free site that lets you take the reins and browse through profiles, this may be the site for you. The ads can be intrusive, since they are found on the sides and in the middle of the profiles that pop up when you do a search. There are better free dating sites out there, but this one may be worth a shot.

Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles is one of the better completely free dating sites. You can contact other members by messaging, instant messaging, video messaging, e cards, and forums. They also have local singles event calendars. Options like video messaging and event calendars make the site stand out, especially in the completely free category. The site has members from Canada, U.S., United Kingdom, and Western Europe. It’s also open to anyone over 18, including all sexual orientations.

The other aspect that makes this site stand out is that it reviews each profile and photo for quality assurance. This means that you are more likely to find well thought out profiles that actually give you an idea of who someone is on this site. In addition to these great features, they have many fun personality and compatibility tests that you can take if you like. This is one free site that you shouldn’t miss.

Metro Date

Metro Date is different than other dating sites because it is actually ran by users for users. The site focuses on larger cities, so you may not find much if you live in a rural area. However, you can expand your search to your nearest metropolitan area. The site is completely free. Once you complete your profile, you can search for profiles based on location, physical characteristics, education level, and religion among other things.

The site also offers a city guide. This includes events, restaurants, and other points of interest in your local area as well as forums dedicated to different cities. Metro Date is a good option if you just moved to a new place or live in a city. Since the site is free, you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a try.

Lava Life

Lava Life is one of the larger sites with over 10 million members and about a million messages exchanged each day. It offers three different sections titled dating,relationships, and intimate encounters. It also allows you to create different profiles for these sections if you like. You can send smiles and reply to members for free, but you’ll have to pay if you want to make the first move.

The site also allows paying users to call each other with a guarantee of confidentiality. They also host five “parties” each day. These parties allow you to video chat with all members who are at the party. Given their large membership base and unique features, this site is worth checking out. You’ll have to pay to get access to some of the sites features, but it is worth it.

I Dating 4 U

I Dating 4 U seemed like a legitimate site. They had a thorough registration process, and categories for everything from religion to military service. They are also open to all sexual orientations. The first thing that was odd about the site was they required me to validate my email upon sign up. This is normal, but I couldn’t find the email anywhere. I even clicked the resend link, and it still didn’t appear. When I couldn’t find the email, I closed the validation box. The system that claimed I had to validate my email to continue seemed fine with that.

The site has a free option and a premium option. You must pay $1 to have your account validated which means giving them your credit card number and getting a seven day free trial that you will be charged for if you don’t cancel it before the seven days is up. They claim that validation keeps scammers off the site. However, I had full use of the site without validating anything. When I looked at the profiles, I didn’t see anything stating whether or not they were validated. The site looks great, but these issues give me pause. There are so many other sites reputable sites out there that I would steer clear of this one.


Matchdoctor is a smaller site with an estimated active membership of 47,000 across the UK, USA, and Canada. You can get full functionality of the site for free, although they do have a paid option that removes ads and puts you at the top of the search results.

The most interesting thing about the site is the blogs, forums, quizzes, and dating advice that can be found. They also have event listings. The testimonials forum is full of people who have met the love of their life on the forum, so some people are obviously having success here. Matchdoctor seems to offer both dating and an online community where you can get advice or express your opinions, making it worth checking out.


Matchopolis is an interesting dating site. It is completely free. Signing up can be done in under a minute, and you can always add more information to your profile later. The thing that sets Matchopolis apart from the rest is their messaging system.

They don’t have two different types of messages. They have standard email type messaging, however, it updates in real time like instant messaging. They also have a “junk” folder similar to email spam folders. You can configure parameters for those who message you based on age, location, and other factors.  If someone who doesn’t meet these parameters, their first message will go into the junk folder. Messages that the system believes are spam will also go into this folder. You are free to view these messages if you wish, but they aren’t cluttering up your regular inbox. They also limit users to ten messages a day to new contacts. This means once you have sent one message to someone and they respond, the only one that counts towards your limit is the first message. This is done to reduce the amount of spam that scammers are able to send. All in all, the site is ok. It’s pretty bare bones, but it is free. If you like simple to use dating sites, this is a good option.

Live Date Love

Live Date Love is a free site with everything you’ve come to expect in a dating site. They have some unique features as well. You can view a map and directions to find out how far away matches are from you. Give your profile more personality by uploading music and videos, and see if you are astrologically compatible with your match.

You can also read about your sign and view your horoscope, and you can get tarot card readings. They have a shop where you can purchase books, candles, and other items to spice up your private life. The site even has its own classified section. You can buy and sell items or even look for a job on your dating site. If these things sound interesting to you, head over and sign up.

Six Singles

Six Singles doesn’t have frills like free Tarot readings, but it is a straightforward and easy to use site. The initial sign up takes about a minute to fill out if you are doing the bare minimum. You can fill out details if you wish. You are required to write the About Me and the I’m Looking For sections, but that and your basic info is all you have to fill in to get started. Once you’re registered, you can search for other members.

You can conduct your search with just a location, or choose personal details and lifestyle habits to include in your search. You can also add keywords. The site has users from many countries around the world, and they had a good member base in my state. The only downside about the site is that about half of the profiles contain no pictures and little information. If you want a simple user friendly site, this may be the one for you.

Love Access

Love Access is free to register. When you sign up you are given a five day trial membership. Add a profile photo and you get an extra two days. The unique thing about Love Access is that you can use a personal matchmaker to help you find love. A real person will ask you about what you are looking for, and find matches for you. They will also contact your matches and set up a phone call for you while keeping your phone number private.

It’s a little pricey after the first week, but taking advantage of the matchmaking service can save you lots of time and headache. If you can also opt for the free membership after your trial period, which still gives you access to the basics of the site. The site also lets you know about singles events in your area, and gives you access to chat rooms. This gives you different ways to connect with others, increasing your odds of finding someone special.

ELove Dates

ELove Dates is completely free. They have members all over the world, with nearly 8,000 members in the U.S. The site has messaging, chat rooms, blogs, and forums. It also allows you to rate others photos. You can make your profile very detailed, or you can just include the basics.

The site allows you to search using basic or advanced search options. The site is like many other free dating sites. It doesn’t have anything that makes it stand out from the crowd, but it is a solid free dating site.

Meetup 2

Meetup 2 is completely free. Creating a profile is very quick and simple. You choose your basic information from drop down menus, and you can complete the about me section if you like. The site is very simple, but a quick search did show members in my area. You won’t find a ton of information in the profiles, which may make your search to find someone you are compatible with more difficult. This site is ok, but there are better options out there.

Friends Match Me

Friends Match Me connects with your Facebook account. Then they search for any of your friends friends that are using the app. It also takes into account any mutual Facebook likes that you have. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. In reality, it’s basically like other free dating sites. The difference is that your match preferences will show if you have any friends in common and if you have any mutual Facebook likes.

You are only required to fill out the basic profile info, but you can get much more detailed if you want. You can also update your match preferences based on location, lifestyle, and whether they would be willing to relocate. You can also enter “like” keywords and search by those. The Facebook concept is one you won’t find anywhere else. The site is also devoid of the thinly veiled desperation that some other dating sites possess. This one is worth giving a chance, especially if you already have a Facebook account.

A Dating Nest

A Dating Nest is another completely free dating site. The site is open to singles around the world. In addition to all of the features found at other dating sites, A Dating Nest has lots of articles to help you on your dating journey. You can read about everything from the basics of online dating to how to find a rich woman to date.

The feel of the site is that the site and the people themselves are genuine. You can do a basic or advanced search to find matches. The advanced search allows you to choose everything from religious affiliation to whether they live alone or with a roommate. The profiles contain all of the basic information, so you can see if it’s someone you are interesting in contacting.  The site isn’t really anything special, but it is free and functional.

Date Me Mate

Date Me Mate is completely free.  The site seems to be higher quality than many free sites. It has many informative articles to help you find love and maintain a relationship. In addition to the basics of a dating site, you can upload voice or video messages. This gives you a better idea of who someone is than just words and pictures on a screen.

They have members all over the world, and they allow you to conduct searches by country or zip code. This gives you the opportunity to meet singles from other countries or those in your own backyard. This is a great dating site to use, because the site seems genuinely focused on helping you find love.

Go Fish Dating

Go FIsh Dating is another quality free site. You can rate members photos, and you can view or post videos. Some people put quite an effort into making their videos, which shows that they are serious about the site. You can quickly see the top photos, or you can use the search tool to browse profiles.

My favorite part of the site is the success stories. You’ll find lots of stories of real people who have found real relationships on the site. Go Fish Dating is easy and fun to use, and it seems to be effective for those looking for a relationship.

Dating N More

Is it possible to have a scam free dating site? To know that everyone you talk to on the site is who they say they are? This is what Dating N More claims to offer. Dating N More claims that they have ways to identify scammers before they are allowed to connect with others on the site. How well does it work?

I created a profile by connecting to my Facebook account. My Facebook profile picture was automatically set as my profile picture for the site, which I found to be convenient. After answering the profile questions, my profile went into the pending approval stage. It seems they do verify profiles before allowing people on the site.

My profile was approved after about 24 hours. My profile said I had 12 credits. You get ten credits for joining, two for logging in, and ten for posting in the forum, and other things. Sending a message or initiating an IM Chat costs three credits. Adding someone to your hot list costs three credits. This system is designed to encourage participation on the site, and to discourage spam. When it costs credits to send a message, you aren’t likely to send it to someone you aren’t genuinely interested in. The credits can only be earned by participating on the site. There isn’t an option to purchase credits. Dating N More has all of the features of other dating sites, and their credit system could make for a better user experience. If you are a lazy online dater, however, you may want to skip this one.


Lets 101 has features that you would expect on a pay dating site. You can actually call other members through their system without disclosing your phone number. They also have a personality test. Once you take the test, Lets 101 searches the site for potential matches based on your match score and preferences. When you get matches, you can have the site introduce you. This allows you to make an introduction and ask a few questions about the person you are interested in. You can also ask them when it would be a good time to call them for a phone conversation.

These features aren’t found on many dating sites, and a phone chat can give you a feel for whether or not you have chemistry with someone. If there are awkward silences on the phone, you will probably experience them on a date as well. Lets 101 should be on your list of sites to try.

Tango Wire

Tango Wire has free and paid memberships. You have to be a paying member to initiate contact with someone, but free members can reply to messages or date invitations. This is the interesting aspect of the site. You can actually create avatars and go on virtual dates. This is a fun way to break the ice and get to know each other better. It’s also great if you are used to socializing online, because it allows you to get more comfortable with each other before you go on an in person date.

The other notable aspect of the site is that it has 70 different communities that cater to different niches. You have access to all of the communities, and this allows you to narrow down your search if you are looking for something specific in a partner. What Tango Wire doesn’t have are tests and quizzes to help you find matches. If you think that you know your personality and what you want better than a test, this is a good site for you. It’s also great if you feel more comfortable interacting online than in person.

Daydream Dating

Daydream Dating is completely free. The most interesting thing about this site is the review section. It lists all of the most popular free online dating sites with user reviews and ratings. This is a very unique feature. The list is ordered by the number of stars users give the sites, and Daydream Dating is number five. This indicates these reviews are genuine, and a good resource for you if you are looking for love.

The site has all of the basic aspects of other free online dating sites in a simple and straightforward format. They don’t have as many options and frills as other sites, but if you are looking for simplicity, this is a great option.

Free Date Club

Free Date Club is actually free, and registering is a simple process. The search tool is very basic. It only allows you to search by location, gender, and age. However, the site seems to have an even balance of women to men. This is something that is hard to find on free online dating sites, and it gives guys a better chance of success. They have members from all over the world, as well as different ages and ethnicities. This site is simple, but it delivers when it counts. It’s easy to use, and easy to find members in your area or around the world. If you like the simple and straightforward free online dating sites, you should check this one out.

Date Icon

Date Icon has me on the fence. The site looks interesting, but trying to figure out what it’s about is difficult. The introduction to the site is very poorly written. It mentions something about age gap dating, The site says, “Even though it’s not at all extremely hard that will consumers in the very same get older found an actual interconnection in this free dating site, the web page really does are experts in joining elderly singles using young versions along with vice-versa.”

The site offers messaging, instant messaging and chat. I wouldn’t recommend this site, because the information about the site is so poorly written. There are too many other sites to choose from to take a chance on one that doesn’t clearly state its purpose and appears to be written by someone with a very poor understanding of English.

2Date Me

2Date Me appears to be an online dating site at first glance. It talks about the advantages of online dating. While the information about free online dating sites and creating a profile is useful, it turns out that 2Date Me isn’t an online dating site. It’s a site that gives you information about online dating. You can find some useful information in the sites articles, but you won’t find a dating site unless you click on one of their advertiser links.

Live Date Search

Live Date Search is completely free. To get started on the site you need to register, upload a photo, and complete at least 60% of your profile. This means the profiles of others should contain the information you need to know to decide if you are interested, which makes the process of finding someone much easier. Once your profile is filled out, you will need to rate other members. You do this by looking at profiles and clicking Like or Don’t Like.

The rating system is unique, because you are actually rated on your activity level instead of the number of Likes you receive. This puts the most active members at the top of the list, and increases your chances of getting a response from someone. When you find someone you like, you can send them a Flirt. If they send you one back, you can move on to messaging.

You can send email messages or Instant messages on the site. Instant messages give you the option to communicate by text, audio, or webcam. This is a big perk of using the site, because if you chat via webcam you know the person is who they say they are. It’s also easier to see if you have chemistry with each other through audio or video chat. This site is one you shouldn’t miss, especially if you want to communicate with other members through video chat.


Cyberdating is a free site. It’s essentially a personals site. You can search for people, view their profile, and send them messages on the site. Cyberdating has two options in the “looking for category”. You can choose from “Loving Relationship” or “No Strings Attached Sex”. When I did a search in my city, about half of the members were looking for a relationship and the other half were looking for a good time.

They also have chat rooms. These can be a good way to meet lots of different singles at once, and you can find interesting people that you may not have chosen otherwise. The site isn’t bad, but since about half of the people there are looking for sex, you may be better served using other sites to find a serious relationship.

Free And Single

Free and Single is free, although there isn’t much more you can say about it. You have to fill out your profile before you can even access the site, so you can’t do a quick search to see if there are users in your area ahead of time. The site is difficult to navigate, partly because of the overwhelming amount of ads. Signing up just takes a few minutes, and I did find a few people in my local area on the site. However, there are much better options out there for free online dating sites.

Speed Dating Cupid

Speed Dating Cupid is a free dating site with the same basic features as most others. The best thing about the site is when you do a search it shows you the last time the members were active on their profile. This saves you the time and trouble of messaging people who haven’t been on in months or years. The site also has a blog with interesting articles.

The sign up is simple. The site is fairly bare bones. You won’t find any extras, but it is user friendly. If you are looking for an easy to use site that clearly displays active members, this is a decent option.


Flirtbox was designed to be fun and friendly, and it certainly delivers there. It’s completely free, and there are many different types of people on the site. You can find people looking for serious relationships, and people who just want to flirt. You can find everything from country guys and gals to furries.

One of the most interesting things about the site is the profile creation. You only have to fill out your basic information to access the site, but you can be very thorough if you want. You can fill out everything from what you are looking for in a partner to your political views. You can let others know all about your hobbies, including your favorite music and tv shows. State your feelings about important subjects like the importance of family and your relationship with money. The advanced search option is almost as thorough as the profile options.

The variety of users on the site and the ability to really show who you are in your profile make this site worth checking out.

Turbo Flirt

Turbo Flirt is another completely free site. Registration is fairly quick and easy. You can choose to fill out the basic information or go more in depth in your profile. You have the ability to search profiles, send gifts, and send and receive messages. The site is very plain, and offers no interesting features. A search in my area returned no results. The only redeeming quality of this site is that you aren’t bombarded with ads. The problem is you aren’t bombarded with anything else either. This is honestly the most boring dating site I have ever seen. Skip this one, it’s not worth your time.

Book of Matches

Book of Matches is a free site. They have a smaller user base than some sites, but most of their users are in North America. The site offers a few features that you would expect on pay dating sites, including forums, blogs, and chat rooms. Some of the chat rooms give you the ability to video chat, which may help you connect with someone. You can also customize your profile with color options, sound, and video. The ability to show your personality in your profile can also help you find your ideal match.

Book of Matches is a good option, but given its lower user base you may not want to use it as your primary dating site.

Dating Better

Dating Better claims to be a better dating site than others. They do monitor the site for fake profiles and inappropriate content. The site is designed for serious daters looking for a long term relationship or marriage. According to the website, they have a high female to male ratio. This is a big issue with many free online dating sites, because there are usually more men than women. This competition can make it difficult for a man to get the time of day. A higher female to male ratio means more opportunities for men to make connections and find relationships.

Their advanced search allows you to search by physical characteristics, drinking and drug use, religion, and more. You can also search for matches according to your Zodiac sign. Dating Better also has forums and articles with advice about online dating and relationships.

Specialty Sites

General free online dating sites are great. However, if you are looking for someone with a specific ethnicity, religion, fetish, or lifestyle, you may be better served by a specialty site.


Religion is very important to many people. You will have a higher chance of success in your relationship if you have the same religious beliefs. Instead of sorting through profiles on a general dating site, why not use free online dating sites that cater to your religion?

Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe is an exclusively Christian site. You can search by how involved they are in church, by how important faith is in their lives, and by religious denomination. In addition to this, you can search by physical attributes and other things. This gives users a lot of control, and it can save you the trouble of scrolling through profiles that aren’t right for you.

They also have a quick search, which uses the information in your profile to create a search. This makes it quick and easy to get matches. The site falls short when it comes to cost, however. You get a 10 day free trial if you add a photo. After that you have to purchase a membership, and with the cost of membership you would probably be better served with Eharmony. If you think you can find someone great in ten days and not have to pay for a membership, think again. You aren’t allowed to give out contact information without being a paying member.

Catholic Match

Catholic Match seems like a great site for Catholic singles. They allow you to detail the specifics of your faith in your profile. They have forums that can help you connect with other singles. Unfortunately, this site isn’t free either, but it may be worth it considering it is the largest catholic dating site.

Catholic Singles

Catholic Singles takes Catholicism more seriously than any other site. They have a blogging chaplain that can answer any questions you have. You can search for mass times in your local area. When you sign up there are a barrage of profile questions, but you can come back and answer them later. I’m not sure what being the youngest or oldest sibling has to do with your dating life, but it’s on there. In depth questions about your religious beliefs and lifestyle habits are also included.
Just like the other sites, this one isn’t free. You can search for members, but you can’t even send them a smile if you aren’t a paying member.

Christian Dating For Free

Christian Dating For Free is actually free. The only thing that will cost you money is if you choose to make a donation the advertisements no longer appear on the site. However, the advertisements aren’t as intrusive as on some other sites, so you can easily use this site without paying a dime. It’s basically like your average dating site, but it is only for Christians.

After you’ve filled out your profile, you can send winks and messages to anyone who interests you. You can also participate in the online chat room, giving you the opportunity to make new friends and get to know people better without the pressure of sending that first message. You can also post in the forums. This is a great way to put yourself out there, or ask a question and get some advice. If you are looking for a Christian dating site that’s actually free, this one is a great choice.

C Match

C Match puts more emphasis on your faith than Christian Dating For Free, but this site is free as well. To become a member, you need to answer the usual profile questions. You’ll also be asked about your commitment to your faith. After that, you’ll answer an essay question about what Jesus means to you. When you are done with your profile, it has to be approved by a moderator before you are accepted.

This site has a smaller community of members, but they are all committed to their faith and serious about finding a lasting relationship. The moderators also monitor the site for inactive profiles and delete them. You won’t find profiles that haven’t been used for years on here, and you won’t find incomplete or poorly done profiles either. What the site may lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. C Match allows you to message and Instant Message members and search profiles for your ideal match. The great news for men is that there are five times more women on this site than men. Men are lucky to find a dating site with a one to one ratio, because most sites have many more men than women. If you are a christian man, this site is definitely worth giving a try.

My Jewish Matches

My Jewish Matches is a very impressive site. They are completely free, and you won’t find advertising for things you would prefer not to see, either. The site is run by volunteers, and the only ads you will find on the site are for things of interest to the Jewish community. They also review your profile before allowing you to become a member of the site. They have a copyrighted system they use to determine if someone has a criminal record or is a scammer. They also remove inactive profiles from the site.

In addition to the standard features found on most free online dating sites, My Jewish Matches allows you to choose who can contact you by choosing settings for age, location, and religious affiliation. You can chat by text, webcam or voice. You can participate in the forums and post a blog. Additional features include Jewish news and music, and “Ask a Rabbi” which allows you to ask questions of the Rabbi. This is a very well thought out site created by people who are passionate about helping you find your soulmate.


There are also plenty of sites that cater to certain age ranges. People over fifty and those looking for older or younger partners can benefit from these types of sites.

Over 50 Match

Over 50 Match is a dating site for singles over 50. The standard membership is free, but it is limited as well. It allows you to create your profile and send winks to other members. You can also reply to messages sent to you by Gold members, but you can’t reply to winks. You can conduct searches, but it only allows you to conduct basic searches. Since you can’t initiate contact, the search function won’t be of much use.

If you choose to get a gold membership, you can conduct an advanced search. You can also respond to other’s first date ideas. Basic members can post first date ideas, but they can’t respond to others. Other perks of becoming a paid member include seeing when someone last logged in and how often they respond to messages. This is a good site for singles over 50, but you will have to purchase the Gold membership to use all of the sites features.

Real Mature Singles

Real Mature Singles is a perfect example of just how much of a scam some websites are. This review has only good things to say about the site. The terms of use mention free memberships and paid subscriptions as well as the legal disclaimers you find on any dating site. It seemed legitimate. When I tried to sign up I had to knock my age down into the 60s to be “accepted”. When I clicked on the sign me up button, it redirects me to advertisements. I did this a few times, and I saw everything from a foreign dating site to claims I’d won an Amazon gift card.

Most seniors aren’t as technically savvy as their younger counterparts, and I imagine that’s why only older seniors are “accepted”. It’s sad anyone would target seniors in this way, but scammers are the biggest risk involved with online dating whether it be the website itself that’s a scam or people trying to get you to send them money. Be careful out there.

Cougar Passions

Cougar Passions is one of the few Cougar free online dating sites that are actually free. It’s part of the passions network. Passions is dedicated to niche dating. If you are interested in their other free online dating sites, you can add them to your account as well. You can upgrade to a Network WIde Membership that gives you access to over 260 sites within the network. You can then add as many of these sites to your account as you like.

Cougar Passions allows you to create a profile and search for others. You can chat via messaging, audio chat, and video chat. Instant messaging, virtual gifts, and blogs are available as well. You can also join groups. These are categorized by Cougar Passions, Books, and Video games. Joining a group can be a good way to find other members that you have a shared interest with. Cougar Passions is a great site for anyone interested in Cougar dating.


Cougared is a free dating site for cougars and the younger men who want to meet them. This site has a membership of around 800,000 which is a large community for a niche dating site. Once you complete your profile, it has to be approved before you can access the site. This helps weed out fake profiles and scammers, and it helps ensure the profiles are filled out so that you can get an idea of who someone is.

You can do basic or advanced searches, as well as search by who’s online or newest members. You can contact members by sending winks or messages. You can also send instant messages, which makes the who’s online search particularly useful. Create blogs or post on the member forums to let people get to know you better and get more exposure. While the site is technically a dating site, most people here seem to be looking for a good time rather than romance. So if you’re looking for a young stud or an attractive older woman to marry, you may be hard pressed to find it here. Regardless, this site is worth giving a chance.

Ethnic Dating

While you can find people from different countries and ethnicities on most general free online dating sites, if a particular ethnicity is on your must have list, you may have more success on a site devoted to the ethnicity you are looking for. Unfortunately, finding one that is free is nearly impossible.

Arabian Date

Arabian Date has a different model than most freemium sites. It’s free to join, but not exactly free to use. I couldn’t quite figure out what the model is for this site. They mention everyone being given an introductory “starter” package which consists of 20 credits. Then it mentions other “packages, but doesn’t say anything about what they include or how much they cost. You have to create an account to get that privileged information. So I created an account to see how this all worked.

Upon signing up I found that I could spend $2.99 for 20 credits. Each message you read or send costs one credit. They also have a video chat option, which is one credit a minute.After the initial purchase, 20 credits cost you $15.99. The next package is for 160 credits, and it will cost you $96.00. Reviews also claim that there are either lots of bots or females that are paid to message men on the site so they will spend credits chatting with them. For a site that calls itself free, Arabian Date could get very expensive very fast. Arabian Date is part of the Anastasia network, so you may want to avoid any site ran by Anastasia.

Find Love Asia

Find Love Asia is one of the few ethnic free online dating sites that are genuinely free. The site has a few interesting features that are normally found on social media sites. These are an ability to friend people, and a timeline that lets you view recent activity. The search function and profiles are fairly basic, so it can be hard to tell if you match well with someone just from their profile. Most of the women on this site are Filipino or Thai, but there are women from other Asian countries here as well. There doesn’t seem to be many scammers on this site, so it’s a great place to start if you are looking for an Asian beauty.

MiGente Amor

MiGente Amor is a free dating site for latinos. The site has a very extensive profile, but you can fill out as much or as little as you like. It also has chat rooms, forums, and blogs. You can search and message people whom you are interested in. They have several chat rooms, and they were all active when I checked them out. You can read about Latino news or play rate me. They have great features, including several search options. You won’t even be bothered by a ton of ads, which is the price you pay on most free sites. The site is well laid out and easy to use. This is a great site if you are looking for a Latino love interest.

Black Planet

Black Planet is a free online dating site for African Americans. You can find love, friendship, and even a job on the site. You can post pictures, videos, and music on your profile to express yourself and give others a better idea of who you are. More interesting features of the site include the ability to create events and add people to your friends list.

Black Planet effectively combines features found on social media, job search sites, and free online dating sites to create a one stop destination for all of your social needs. Some features of the site will cost you “member points”. Member points are earned by participating in certain activities on the site, and they cannot be purchased. This helps to ensure that the Black Planet community is active and engaged on the site. The site has a one to one ratio of males to females, giving men better than average odds of finding a new love interest.  With over 1 million active users, you are sure to find someone you like on this site.

Interracial Passions

Interracial Passions is part of the passions network that we discussed earlier in this article. The Passions Network has over 200 different sites to accommodate different niches and interests. Interracial Passions is completely free, and it has features found on free online dating sites as well as social networking sites. After you create your profile, you can search for members and send them messages. You can join groups including Book and Video Game Groups. You can send instant messages to members that are online, or enter the video chat room. The site is easy and fun to use. If you are looking for an Interracial relationship or just friends, this is a great place to find it.

Alternative and Fetish Sites

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone that’s into bondage, whips and chains, or polyamorous relationships on a general dating site. Free online dating sites for those with fetishes or alternative lifestyles let you find someone who shares your interests, without having to search through all of those vanilla profiles to find them.

Alt Scene

Alt Scene is a completely free dating site for those who enjoy alternative music and the lifestyles that come with it. If you are Goth, Emo, Skater, or just a hardcore Metallica fan, you will fit right in. The ads on the site are non intrusive. The search function is pretty basic and only allows you to search by age, location, and sexual orientation. You can also participate in the forums or chat rooms. This is a great way to get to know people better. The people on the site put enough information on their profile for you to know if it’s someone you would be interested in. If you are looking for someone in the alternative music scene, this is a great place to find them.


Fetster is a free online dating site devoted to BDSM and fetishes. If you are new to the world of BDSM, the site has a glossary of terms to help you make sense of everything.  The site is a great place to connect with others that share your interests and learn more about BDSM, make new friends, get advice, or find a lover who is as kinky as you are. Fetster has a community feel to it.

You can join groups, chat on the forums, view photos and videos, and find out about upcoming events in your area. Of course you can also post classified ads and search for members with similar interests. The site has a detailed search function, and you can send as many messages as you like. You can also create your own groups and exercise full control over them. If you are into any sort of BDSM fetish, from the mild side of being bound and blindfolded to more extreme pain or suspension, Fetster is a great place to not only find love but friends.


Vampersonals is a dating site for Goths and Vampires. If you’re looking for someone who understands your love for the dark side, you’ll find it here. A free membership will allow you to create a profile, send winks, and answer messages sent to you by Gold members. It also allows you to conduct basic searches.

If you want to take your destiny into your own hands, upgrade to a Gold membership. This gives you the opportunity to message anyone on the site and conduct detailed searches. If you are looking to find friends to have a bite with or pledge your undying love to your soulmate, you can do it at Vampersonals.

Diaper Mates

Diaper Mates is an online dating site for adults who enjoy wearing diapers and those who want to have a relationship with them. The site offers many of the features of a traditional site, including messaging, chat, search, photos, videos, forums, and blogs. The site can be used for free, but you can only send five flirts and ten messages in a 24 hour period. With the cost of a Gold membership being only $20 a year, however, it’s well worth it if you are interested in playing Dad/Mom and Baby with your partner.

Full of Desire

Full of Desire is a dating website for swingers. Only couples or single women are allowed to join. You can search profiles, message other users, send instant messages, upload photos, and find out about or create events in your area. You can also join groups or create your own. The site also focuses on being discreet. Living the swingers lifestyle can be difficult. Trying to maintain your privacy and find others who want to play can be an arduous process, but Full of Desire makes it easy and fun.


Fetlife is your destination for all things kinky. Creating your profile consists of inputting your basic information, and selecting any specific fetishes you are interested in. The list is extensive, and you can select as few or as many as you like. After you create your profile, you can join groups based on your interests. Polyamorous, Sadists, Doms and Subs, Spanking, Rope Play, and Homemade Sex Toys are just a few of the groups you can find on here. There really is something for everyone interested in an alternative lifestyle or fetish. Once you join a group, you can post in the group. You can also send messages to others in the group.

In addition to this, there is a wide variety of kinky stories and videos to look through. You can also search for members by a particular fetish or location. Fetlife is a very welcoming community. The people you will meet are very friendly. Whether you are looking to hookup with someone or just make some like minded friends, Fetlife is a great place to do so. It’s completely free, so what do you have to lose?

Furry Date

Furry Date is a dating community for Furries. The Furry movement is steadily becoming more popular. With more people identifying as furries comes more opportunities for you to find a friend or a companion who shares your interest. Furry Date is dedicated to helping furries find love or friends, and 30% of their membership fees go to the ASPCA. This means you can show your love for human and animal furries by becoming a paying member.

It’s not necessary to pay to use the site, however. As a free member you can conduct basic and advanced searches, view others complete profiles, save up to ten friends and favorites, send and receive gifts, and chat using regular or instant messaging. You can also create a profile and upload photos. You can add music to your profile, and watch adult videos. Free members can only send four messages per hour, however. If you choose to become a paying member, you can send more messages and save more people to your friends and favorites list. Furry Date is a great site for anyone who’s looking for some furry love.

Niche Sites

Niche sites are slightly more specific than specialty sites. There are free online dating sites for believers in the paranormal, men with beards, farmers and Star Trek fans. So if you have a hobby that dramatically influences your life, a niche dating site might be right for you.

Farmers Only

Farmers Only is, of course, a dating site for farmers and those who identify themselves as being “country”. There’s something sexy about farmers. They have a certain sex appeal and charm. If you are looking for a special farmer to fall in love with, Farmers Only is a good place to find them. Even if you are a city slicker who dreams of moving to the country and leaving city life behind, you should give this site a shot. The first thing you will notice is that Farmers Only goes out of its way to help its members. All profiles and photos are approved before they go live on the site. You can also report users who act inappropriately on the site, and Farmers Only will ban them if there is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing. This means you won’t have to browse through inappropriate words or pictures in your search for love.

Farmers Only does charge if you choose to become a premium member so that you can correspond with other members. However, you can sign up for a standard account for free. This allows you to search for members and send them flirts before you pay for a premium membership. If someone sends you a flirt back, then you are mutually interested in each other. This takes away any risk of paying for the site and not finding anyone you are interested in.

The other thing you will notice that is different on this site is that country people in general have different values than city people. They are more likely to be laid back, respectful, and open. It’s part of the “country” culture. If you think chivalry is dead, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Trek Passions

Trek Passions is a social site specifically designed for those who identify as nerds or geeks. You don’t need a pocket protector to fit in on the site. All you need is a love of some aspect of science fiction. Do you enjoy renaissance fairs? Have you watched every episode of star trek? Do you play fantasy RPGs? If you enjoy any of these things you will love Trek Passions. It is designed as a social and dating site, so you can find whatever it is you are looking for.

Your profile consists of required questions about your gender, physical attributes, and orientation. You can fill out many other areas including personality, religious views, and deal breakers.  You can also join different groups. These include everything from J.R.R. Tolkien to gaming conventions. You are only allowed to join eight groups, so choose wisely. Once you join a group, your name will appear in the search engine for that group. This makes it very easy to find others who you have something in common with.

I enjoy Sci-fi myself, so I decided to sign up for a free account. The first thing I noticed was that there were 22 options for gender, including non-binary and two-spirit. You can choose up to five different choices, so don’t feel like you have to choose just one. The site isn’t the most intuitive, and the ads can be a little overwhelming. However, the site is free. You can use it for dating or just friendship. They have forums, but no one uses them. They also have a live chatroom option, and a webcam section.  It’s the one site I’ve found in my research that I think I may keep active. Maybe I can get some tips on Final Fantasy.

Positive Singles

Positive Singles is a dating site for people with STD’s. Dating is difficult enough for most people. Trying to find someone you like that will accept the fact that you have an STD can be nearly impossible. That’s where Positive Singles comes in. It’s a very active site with 12,000 members logging in each day and over one million members. You can sign up for a free account and search for members, send them a wink, and respond to messages. To send the first message, you have to have a paid account.

You can perform a basic search with a free account. To conduct an advanced search where you can choose which STD’s you are willing to accept, religious views, and physical attributes you have to have a paid account.

You can post photos with a free account. However, if you would like to choose who can see your photos, you can create a private album with a paid membership. When someone requests to see your photos, you can allow or deny them. Positive Singles is considered the best dating site for those with STD’s, and it has a larger user base than other sites in this category.

Single Parents Meet

Single Parents Meet is a dating site for parents. Dating is difficult for parents. Why waste time finding looking through profiles of people that won’t accept the fact that you have a child? Single Parents Meet isn’t just for single parents. It’s also for singles without children who would like to date someone with children. Membership is 55% male and 45% female, which is a better ratio for men than many free online dating sites.

With 1,000 profiles created each day, you have a good chance of meeting someone special on the site. The free membership option lets you create a profile, conduct searches, and send flirts. You have to be a paid member to communicate with others, but you can send some flirts and see if they send a flirt back before paying for a membership. Paid members have the option of communicating via text, audio, or video chatting. The profiles are fairly detailed, and you can upload a personal audio or video greeting to give members a better idea of who you are. This is the largest dating community for single parents.

Military Cupid

Military Cupid is designed for people in the military, and those who would like to date someone in the military. The site does have free and paid options, but Military Cupid allows you unlimited communication with other members for free. It will also show you matches based on your profile, allow you to conduct searches, and give you step by step instructions on how to use the site, which is great if you are new to online dating. The search feature lets you choose physical attributes, cultural preferences, and branch of service.

Paying members have the option to communicate with instant messaging, video messaging, and chat rooms. They are also able to include a personality section on their profile where they can add interests and hobbies. If you want to use the site’s basic features, you should have no trouble connecting with others with the free membership. If you like the added features that are available with a paid membership, you can choose that one as well. You also have the option of using the site for free, and upgrading if you feel it’s worth it.

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is a dating website designed for singles that make over $200,000 a year. The basic profile requires you to provide your age, gender, location, and income. After you’ve completed these necessities, you can provide information on children, religion, lifestyle preferences, education, and more. To further personalize your profile, you can add headlines, essays about who you are and what you are looking for, and a video greeting. You can also answer questions about your ideal first date, favorite jokes, and hobbies. Members are also encouraged to participate in the forums and write their own blog.

Millionaire Match has over 2 million members. Unlike most free online dating sites, the site requires you to verify who you are. This includes things like your driver’s license and financial statements. When you find someone you like on Millionaire Match, you know they are who they claim to be. You can use the site for free. However, you have to be a paid member to initiate messages, conduct advanced searches, and receive priority status in the search results.

What’s Your Price

What’s Your Price is a very interesting site. Filling out your profile is similar to most free online dating sites. You answer questions about your physical attributes, children, lifestyle preferences, what you are looking for, and your ideal first date. What makes this site so unique is that you choose one of two categories. Generous members are those willing to pay others to go on a date with them. Attractive members are the ones willing to go on a date, for a price. In the relationship section, you can choose everything from looking for a long term relationship to sugar daddy/sugar baby.

When you go on a date, the site recommends only accepting cash, and getting half at the beginning of the date and half at the end. The concept of this site isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind paying someone to go out with you or getting paid to date someone then you can certainly have success on this site. The site is free to join. However, the generous members must purchase credits to message attractive members or send and accept offers. Offers are the price that will be paid for the date, and they must be accepted by both members before you have any further communication. The site guarantees that there are more women than men on the site, and it reviews all profiles and photos before they go live on the site.

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar is for those who want to be sugar daddies or sugar babies. The site is completely free for sugar babies. Men do have to pay to communicate with sugar babies, but with an 8 to 1 ratio of women to men on the site, it’s completely worth it. I did a quick search and found nearly 300,000 sugar daddies in my state, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone close to you. In addition to the regular profile questions, you’ll find “what is your ideal arrangement”. All sugar daddies have their income listed right by their picture in the search results, so ladies can easily narrow down their search. They have a sugar baby mentor for ladies who are new to the concept. They also have a blog that includes articles on safety, flirting, sugar babies, and more.

The site is easy to navigate, and they go out of their way to help people succeed in finding a sugar daddy/baby relationship. Some people are on there for no strings attached fun. Others are looking for someone to spend their life spoiling. Some are married and seeking a discreet relationship. This is a good site for men with disposable income, or attractive ladies who enjoy the finer things in life.

Beard Date

Beard Date is a site for men with beards and the women who love them. You can sign up for the site for free, but you have to be a paying member to communicate with other members. The site has options for weekly, monthly, and annual memberships. All memberships include a large number of messages you are allowed to send, and several gifts you can send as well.

The site has a “cool” feel to it. It claims to cater to hipsters, bikers, and lumbersexuals. Men with beards tend to have different morals and personality traits than those without beards. It may sound strange, but you can tell a lot about a man with a beard. Guys with neatly trimmed beards are generally more conservative. Those with untamed beards are more free spirited and laid back, and those with very long beards are usually the hipster or mountain man type.


PlayStation isn’t normally considered a place to find a date. However, if you enjoy gaming, socializing on the network may allow you to find a love connection. There are a few ways to connect with people via your PlayStation. You can meet people playing online games or watching twitch streams. You can also chat with other players on the forums, which are very active. Once you find some people you are interested in conversing more with, just add them to your friends list. Once they are in your friends list you can chat by voice or text from your PlayStation.

If you choose to look for a potential partner in this manner, be sure to become friends first. Remember, this isn’t a dating site. Get to know people better and then you can take things farther if you are interested. The big plus of meeting people through PlayStation is that you can find others interested in gaming, just like you. Assuming you already have the PlayStation Plus membership, it doesn’t cost you anything extra either.


Xbox allows you to socialize in much the same way as the PlayStation. You can chat via your headset or Kinect. You can chat and meet new people on the forums, and meet new people by playing online games. You’ll need an Xbox Live account, but chances are you already have one.

Fitness Singles

Fitness Singles is a dating site designed for active individuals. It focuses on matching you up with other singles that are interested in the same activities as you. When you are completing your profile, you will have a wide range of activities to choose from. You can choose your interest and proficiency level in each category. Your profile will also include other lifestyle habits, employment, physical appearance, and a description of yourself. Fitness Singles reviews each profile before it goes live on the site. They do this to keep out fake profiles that are there to sell you something instead of trying to find love.

You can sign up for a free membership. This will allow you to create your profile, conduct searches, and show interest, which is the same as sending a flirt on other sites. However, you can’t communicate beyond showing interest without a paid membership. This set up does allow you to find out if there are singles that you are interested in that are interested in you before you pay for the site.

You can conduct a basic search with age, the type of relationship desired, and location as the parameters. The advanced search lets you choose from many different parameters, including hobbies and activities. The site has a membership of over 100,000, making it the largest dating site focusing on fitness. However, some larger general free online dating sites also allow you to filter by activities and hobbies. If you are a very active person, you’ll need someone who shares your interests and fitness level. Check the site out and see if you have any matches that you would like to know better before paying for a membership.

Dead Meet

Dead Meet is for people who work in professions relating to death or dead bodies. Certain occupations make it more difficult to find a date. People who work in death industries have a difficult time finding people who aren’t put off by their profession. It’s also hard for them to talk about their day with someone who doesn’t have some sort of understanding of the industry, and a comfortableness with the topic.

This is where Dead Meet comes in. It’s created for all those sexy singles working in professions including morticians, taxidermists, gravediggers, forensic pathologists, and anyone else who works with the dead in some way. The site is free. All you have to do is complete a simple profile and upload a picture. You can browse members, search, send messages, and chat on the forums. The site is simple and easy to use. It only has about 5,000 members, but it’s still a great place to meet someone in the death industry.

Paranormal Date

Paranormal Date is a site for lovers and believers in the paranormal. The site was started by George Noory, the host of the radio show Coast to Coast AM. When you sign up for the site, you will be asked an array of questions. Your physical attributes, interests, and a special section to describe who you are looking for.

I like that the site doesn’t focus on paranormal experiences. It’s enough that you are both believers, so it focuses on the more mundane criteria other free online dating sites use to match you up. You can sign up and create a profile for free. However, you’ll have to upgrade to a paying membership to communicate with other members. Your dating diary functions the way blogs do on other sites, allowing you to open up about who you are and what you are looking for or your successes and struggles.

Conspiracy Date is Paranormal Date’s sister site. Of course, Conspiracy Date is for those who believe in conspiracy theories. Some of your sign up information transfers from one site to the other, making it a little easier to sign up for both sites.

Established Men

Established Men is a dating site for men who are financially established and women who are looking to date them. With over a million members, it’s a great place to check out if you feel you are established enough. There are actually more women on the site than men, which increases the chances of success for men. Ladies have free access to all aspects of the site. Men can create a profile, conduct searches, and send flirts with a free membership.

Men should be prepared to disclose their income and occupation, and have it displayed prominently in their profiles. The site has a classy feel to it, which is something lacking from many sites of this type.

Hook Up Sites

While some people use online dating to find the love of their life, others are just looking for a good time. Whether you are married and seeking a discreet affair or just love the single life, here’s a look at the hottest sites for no strings attached fun.

Quick Flirt

Quick Flirt is, as the name suggests, quick. You only need to enter your most basic information to get your profile started. The site is clearly designed for those seeking hook ups, so it’s not for the faint of heart. I was surprised to find many people in my area that were using the site. You can create a profile for free, but there are three paid packages that have different benefits.

The extra security package allows you to browse incognito and won’t show others when you’ve read their messages. Chataholic will place your message at the top of the other member’s inbox, and let you know when they’ve read it. Premium Dater gives you the benefits of both of these packages, and it gives you a boost in the search results. It’s certainly worth giving the site a try. After all, all you have to lose are your lonely nights.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the most well-known adult dating website, and it has over 60 million active members. You can sign up and get a feel for the site for free, but you will have to be a paying member to communicate with other members. Once you upgrade to Gold status, you’ll have all of the features found on traditional free online dating sites, and some that aren’t. The instant messaging feature allows you to chat via text, audio, or video. They also have adult chat rooms, which can be a great way to meet people with similar interests. You can choose from over 100,000 interest groups as well, which allow you to have forum style discussions.

Adult Friend Finder also offers lots of adult content. You can watch adult movies on the site. You can also watch live webcam feeds of other members on the site who enjoy putting on a show. On the more professional side, you can also watch professional cam models. Models usually charge for these shows, but you do get a credit for being a member of the site, which gives you a discount.

Peach Mate

Peach Mate seems to be a site for finding escorts, not casual dating. The site has tabs for escorts, ads, forums, and groups. If you are looking for a hooker for the night, this may be preferable to cruising the seedy side of downtown. Other than that, I see no purpose for this site.


Fling links to the Instabang site. Instabang is frustrating because you can’t even look at the site because of the fake profiles popping up. Things like “cutie22 wants you to add more photos” were literally popping up faster than I could close them. First of all, I am a woman seeking a man. Second, I don’t have any photos. So you can safely conclude that beautiful women aren’t flocking to my profile. Even if there are real people on this site, it would be nearly impossible to find them.


Xpress claims to be the #1 rated casual dating site. I found it hard to find reliable reviews for the site, so I decided to sign up for an account. Upon entering my email address and other basic information, I was taken to a screen showing how to remove Xpress from my spam folder. No thanks. I also found a review that said “enter at your own risk”. Again, no thanks.

What I did find at the bottom of a long flashy page full of attractive singles was their terms and conditions page. It actually encourages you to interact with their fake profiles to enhance your experience on the site. It uses the term Online Emissaries, and goes on to explain that these emissaries don’t correspond to legitimate profiles. So you are expected to take security risks, and choose a paid membership so you can talk to fake profiles? Assuming you want a casual relationship that you can take off line, this site is a waste of your time.

Saucy Dates

Saucy Dates is a completely free site for casual dating. The site is simple to sign up for and easy to use. The local search function makes it easy to find members that are near you. Whether you want a one night stand or a no strings attached affair, you can find it at Saucy Dates. The site doesn’t have the glossy style of the higher end sites, but it is effective.

The site does have some interesting features. You can take part in an erotic chat room every Friday night. You can have a private conversation in chat as well. You just type Start Private and they type StartPrivateB. This will put the two of you in a private room where you can chat your heart out. You can also find dating advice and tips. The site is very basic, but it is free and functional.

Casual Dates

Casual Dates is a hookup site as well. You can create a free account and search for other members for free, but you will have to have a paid membership to message other members.  You can send winks, flirts, and view users on the map. You can comment on their profile, much like you can on Facebook. You can conduct searches and send instant messages. You can also watch adult videos and video chat with sexy singles.

Casual Dates is a well laid out site, with features that are useful for those seeking casual relationships. You are also given a social score which is determined by how active you are on the site. This allows you to not waste time on someone who isn’t likely to respond to you.

Up For It

Upforit.com is a casual dating site for those up for… whatever. When you are completing your profile you will be asked what kind of relationship you are looking for. Some of the options include discreet, casual, and couples. Next you’ll be asked about your physical attributes, location, and sexual orientation.

This is where it gets more interesting. After a quick explanation of yourself and what you are looking for, you get into the fun stuff. Things like your favorite sex positions, what you are willing to do on a date, and other things you like in the bedroom are just some of the more explicit questions here. Since the site is designed for those looking for something casual, I think it’s helpful that it cuts right to the chase. After all, you wouldn’t want to get all the way through dinner before you realize he likes doggy style while you prefer missionary, would you? Women may feel awkward if it was a specific person asking these questions, but they are more comfortable answering them in a profile.

One of the more unique features on the site is the reverse search. You can search for people looking for someone like you with a keystroke. You can also search by the standards like age, sex, location, and many other preferences. Instead of messaging members who you find interesting one at a time, you can send one message to each person that shows up in your search. This makes it easy to play the numbers game. They do have different membership levels. Essentially, everything is free for the ladies, but the men have to pay to have access to all of the sites features. This may be advantageous for both sexes, since there tend to be more women on sites with this model. The one negative thing about this site is that it employs fake profiles. This might make it more difficult to find the real thing, but this is a problem on many free online dating sites.

Mobile Dating Sites

We are an on the go society, and many of us expect online dating to be on the go as well. Many of the aforementioned sites have mobile apps, but these are specifically designed to allow you to date on your smartphone.


Tinder is dating at its simplest, if not finest. You simply download the app and connect it to your Facebook account. It takes photos from Facebook (you can choose which photos to show and which not too). It also allows you to write up to 500 characters to describe yourself, making it short and sweet. You choose either ten miles or fifty miles away for your location range, whether you would like to meet men, women, or both, and your age range.

Tinder then searches its database for potential matches. When your matches pop up, it will display their photo front and center. Any mutual Facebook friends or interests will also be shown on this page. Click the “I” for more information, but you likely won’t find much. If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you don’t, you swipe left. If you mutually like each other, then you can communicate.

One of the great things about Tinder is that you can go out to a bar with your friends, and see if there are any Tinder matches nearby while you are there. Traditional online sites don’t have the flexibility of on the fly meetings.

Swipe Flirts

Swipe Flirts sounds like something akin to Tinder. However, there is a huge difference between the two. Swipe Flirts charges you after a two-day trial. It also charges you for an adult website after a “free trial”. If you actually pay for a membership, you will find that most, if not all, of the ladies on swipe flirts are “love stars”. Of course, love stars are just another word for fake profiles. Unless you have money to throw away, there are better sites than Swipe Flirts.


Dating.Mobi is great for those looking for a simple mobile dating experience. If you are one of those dinosaurs who still love your flip phone, you can use this site as well. This is perhaps the biggest thing that sets Dating.Mobi apart from other mobile dating sites that require you to have a smart phone. The site is actually free. You won’t find any hidden SMS fees or monthly subscription fees here. You can upgrade to a paid subscription, but it isn’t necessary to be able to use the site. Finding matches is easy, since it goes by your location. Why not find if there are any sexy singles near you? It may not be the coolest and trendiest dating app out there, but it is free, simple to use, and effective.

111 Dating

111 Dating is another mobile dating site. You may want to use a computer for the initial sign up, because the profile is quite lengthy. After entering in your email, password, and age, you are asked a series of questions that are mostly about your physical attributes. Things like your height, hair and eye color, and body type must be answered before continuing. You’ll also be asked what type of relationship you are looking for, whether you are currently in a relationship, and how far you are willing to travel to meet someone.

After this step is completed, you can choose what to add to your profile. However, the number of people you can communicate with daily will be determined by how much of your profile is filled out. Adding a photo counts as 10% of your profile. 30% is for submitting a verification photo. In a verification photo, you will perform a specific action like holding up a sign with 111 Dating and a verification number. What better way to prove that you are who you say you are, and that others are too? The rest of the profile is broken down into your personality, interests, and what you are looking for in a partner.

This method of encouraging members to completely fill out their profile may be more time consuming, but it also increases your odds of finding someone you are actually interested in. You also have the option of performing searches before you get into your detailed profile. The negative thing about this site is that it just allows you to search by location. However, it is free and the profiles are detailed. You just have to wade through them to find the right one for you.


Facebook isn’t generally considered a mobile dating site, but it can be. You have a wealth of information in users’ profiles and feeds to help you decide if you are interested in them. Having a mutual friend or something else in common can not only give you an ice breaker, but make the other party feel more comfortable with the initial contact. Browse their profile to some of their likes and dislikes, and build your first messages around that. Of course, every mobile device has a Facebook and messenger app. Most of us are connected all the time, making it more likely that you will receive a response on Facebook.

Gay and Lesbian Dating Sites

Many free online dating sites don’t discriminate based on sexual orientation, but you will probably find a larger community of compatible singles on a dating site designed for your orientation.

Compatible Partners

Compatible partners is a site for lesbian and gay singles. They claim to allow you to communicate for free, but you have to pay to communicate with other members. The site operates a lot like Eharmony. Once you register, you will take a relationship questionnaire. After that, you will need to complete a personality questionnaire. Once you complete these it will show you potential matches based on your answers to the questions. You aren’t asked to pay until after you receive your matches, so you can see if there are members that are compatible with you before you pay for the site. You can also take advantage of their guided communication feature, which will help you compose your first few messages.

Rainbow World

Rainbow World is a site for lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual singles. The sites main page mentions free so much you may think it’s actually free. However, you will need a paid membership to communicate with other singles. According to the site, it takes about five minutes to completely fill out your profile. You can then search for other members, and send them messages. The site claims to match you with others based on your location and interests, so it might be worth a shot.

Pride Dating

Pride Dating is a gay and lesbian dating site. The site claims that you can send and receive messages for free, but there are other perks that require a paid membership. They claim to have the hottest gays and lesbians online. They are also open to bisexuals and transsexuals. The site has search options, email, chat, and instant messaging.

Plenty of Pride

Plenty of Pride also claims to be free. When you begin reading the fine print you discover that you have to purchase a paid membership to communicate with other members. The site is open to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. They have over one million members, which is a very high number for a niche site. The site can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This makes it easy to find matches on the go. In addition to the search option, you can see who is currently online. There is also a blog with topics of interest to gays and lesbians.


Lesbianist is a lesbian dating site. It caters to women seeking all types of relationships, including long term, casual, and friendships. The site has a very advanced search engine. You can also post blogs, comment on others blogs, and send messages.

Lesbianist has chat rooms and instant messaging as well, but you do have to be a paid member to access these features. You can actually connect with members for free on this site. Given its large member base, detailed profiles, and advanced searches, this is a great website for lesbians seeking any type of relationship.

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