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100% free sex hookups are pretty easy to organise once you find the right person. The trouble is.. where do you find them?

Much of the worlds internet users are now very used to and expecting of fast free services… Google facebook twitter and many others are free to contact professional mainstream social sites.

The biggest sex hookup site adult friend finder is becoming more and more social and facebook like but it is a paid membership site. It’s free to respond to messages but you cannot send any messages.

This site is free but currently has a small number of users. Using a site like craigslist for sex hookups is free but usually ineffective.

There are some medium sized free hookup sites which are often slow or lack features you come to expect from common web properties. If you can deal without these and you want to stick with this idea of free sex hookups using sex dating sites then it’s going to take you a bit more time. Expect to signup to 10-20 different sites and send a lot of email out.

I would suggest that you craft a good introductory email about yourself and save it in a .txt files. That way you can copy paste it into the message area to save time. It’s also a good idea to split test the messages you are sending. These introductory emails can range from very sexual and straightforward describing what you want and when right through to very nice and non sexual.One should be very different from the first and include a gentle introduction. Introduce yourself like you would in real life and be unsexual to begin with.

Hey sarah how are you? I noticed we live in the same city and have x in common. I’m doing x this weekend if you’re interested or maybe we can go grab a coffee at some stage when you’re free.

I have attached a few pictures of me doing x last month with a few friends which was fun. We are looking for a new member 😀

My number is xxx-xxxx-xxx
skype: xxxxxxx
Get back to me if your interested.

Hey sarah, iv attached my dickpick, I live in your state and can be available this weekend anytime you are. We can meet up at x bar or organise a group swinging hangout which we both have as fetish interests.

My number is xxx-xxxx-xxx
skype: xxxxxxx

Get back to me if your interested.

Understand that most women online will get many “wanna see my dickpick?” messages so you want to stand out as being someone with substance and interest. You will find that starting off with few sexual remarks and remaining in normal conversational tones will work better but it depends on who you are talking to. If the site is specificlaly sex dating like xhamster.com dating you can afford to be pretty explicit and direct but this might get you banned on other serious dating sites.

If you know what you’re looking for you can send out messages and chat requests to people within your state/city and organise meetups with groups at times that suit everyone involved.

The trick is finding the right sexual match at the right time. In many cases you might not be that fussy or worried about who it is. If thats the case broadcasting your cell number openly in forums sites blogs and sites like twitter seems to be popular.

That kind of public advertising in classifieds is fine just make sure that your safe when meeting up. You wouldn’t want to organise a hookup at a private location on your first meeting unless you really trust the person you are meeting. Even then it wouldn’t hurt to let people know where you are going and how long you will be. A strange precaution maybe but its always important to be safe especially if you are a women meeting a man for the first time.

Sex hookups are usually set up within a one to one chat/instant message environment where cell phone numbers are exchanged or skype usernames and ongoing contact occurs over days or weeks. Sometimes a meeting is organised on the same night… on other occasions sex chat and IM flirting occurs over months because of the distance issues.

Its possible that you will find interested parties from other countries and each of you are so interested you decide to fly to meet each other. The initial motivation of sexual contact gets transferred into love and a serious relationship blossoms.

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