Top 100 Sex Tips That You Should Know

FCKME presents the Top 100 Sex Tips

Whatever your level of sexual prowess, there is always room for improvement. It is easy to fall into a rut of doing the same things in the bedroom. If your sex life is getting a little dull, I am here to help. I’ve brought you the 100 best sex tips, facts, and what not to do, to help you bring the life back into your sex life.

Sex Tips: Fore-Foreplay

Foreplay doesn’t begin in the bedroom. The best sex takes place when you’ve been wanting it and thinking about it all day long. When you finally do get it, it is amazing. Here are some ways to get your lover excited long before you head to the bedroom.

  1. Lick Your Lips

Tip number one: lick your lips. This one is for the ladies. There is nothing sexier to a guy than when a woman licks her lips, sucks a straw, licks an ice cream cone, you get the picture. It gets his mind on you licking… other things.

  1. Wear His Shirt

There is something sexy about a woman in a man’s shirt. Men find it incredibly sexy, and ladies wearing his shirt will make you feel close to him. This will get both of you thinking about taking the shirt off.

  1. Wet T Shirt

Everyone looks sexy in a wet t shirt. It is a universal law. Wash the car together, or accidentally get your t shirt wet while washing dishes. If it’s warm out, get out the hosepipe and wet each other. It is playful and sexy.

  1. Go Lingerie Shopping

Go get some sexy lingerie, and go to the dressing room together. Guys you can also pick up something sexy and bring it home to her. She will happily model it for you.

  1. Show and Tell

When your feeling frisky, take your lovers hand and guide it between your legs. This is especially effective when you aren’t in the bedroom. When you are at the movies or dinner, or just cuddling together watching TV. Letting them know the affect their presence is having on you is sure to light their fire.

  1. Exercise

For the ladies, doing Yoga in front of your man will get him going. For the guys, let her see you lifting weights. Every lady wants a big strong manly man.

  1. Grooming

Ladies, let your man watch you shave or groom your nether regions, or let him do it for you. Offer to shave him or trim his beard. It has to be done anyway, you might as well enjoy it.

  1. Dance

Go out to the club, or stay in and put on some music. Dance with each other, and mix it up between romantic waltzes and bumping and grinding. Not only will it get you turned on, it will make you feel more connected.

  1. Go Bare

Ladies, go out to dinner with your man. Wear a dress or a skirt, and let him know you aren’t wearing underwear. You can wear some thigh high stockings to up the sexy factor even more.

  1. First Time Feeling

Meet each other at a restaurant or bar, and pretend you’ve never met. It will help to bring back the excitement you had when you first got together. Ladies, let him take you home but tell him that you are a good girl and you don’t do this sort of thing.

  1. Sext It Up

Send a naughty text message letting your lover know what you are going to do to them later. They will have a hard time concentrating on anything else for the rest of the day.

  1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Send them a naughty picture when they are least expecting it. Guys, ladies like naughty pictures too.

  1. Phooone Call

Ladies call your man when you are in the middle of playing with yourself. The more vocal you are the better. Be warned, however. They masey decide to take the rest of the day off.

  1. Sock it to Them

Wearing socks can actually increase your chances of orgasming by 80%. If you don’t feel sexy in your socks, get some cute house shoes or some knee high socks and rock the school girl look.

  1. Pheromones

Pheromones can make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Ladies using douche or strongly scented body wash on your lady parts can actually cover up the pheromone smell. You can purchase pheromone perfumes, colognes, and even room sprays, but you may also enjoy just nuzzling your partner and smelling their natural smell.

  1. Bet on It

Bet on something, with the stakes being a sexual favor. Pool, chess, anything you can be competitive about will work. It will add playful competition, anticipation, and spontaneity to your sex life. It is a very exciting experience.

  1. Eye Contact

Make eye contact with your partner. It will improve your feelings of intimacy and make you feel more physically sensitive. Try spending a few minutes just staring into each others eyes like you did when you first fell in love.

  1. Fantasize

Spend time talking about your fantasies. It is a great way to spice things up and get to know each other better. Couples that have been together for a long time think they know everything about each other, but there are usually some secret fantasies you could explore together.

  1. Atmosphere

Make your bedroom sexy. Light some candles and make the bed. Turn the TV off and put on some music. It is much easier to get in the mood when the environment is conducive to it.

  1. Massage

A massage is a great way to way to treat your lover. All the touching is bound to put you in the mood. It also makes you feel pampered and loved. For a more sensual touch get some scented massage oil.

Sex Tips: Foreplay

Now we are going to talk about the type of foreplay that occurs as a way to initiate sex. Foreplay can help get you ready for sex, but it can also be very satisfying on its own. Don’t view foreplay as just a pit stop on your way to having sex. Prioritize it as part of the sexual experience, and the sex will be that much better.

  1. Teasing is Pleasing

Very softly stroke your partners private parts. You can also give very light strokes with your tongue. The light sensation will actually increase the sensitivity of the area.

  1. Pressure Points

Pressure points are also erogenous zones. The inside of the wrist, the lower back, the back of the knees, and the bottom of your feet are all very sensitive areas. Gently rub your partners pressure points to get them all fired up.

  1. Code Words

Make up a few code words with your partner. An example is doing the dishes = sex. This way when you are at your parents’ house and you say the dishes really need to be done when you get home, your partner will be envisioning getting it on.

  1. Time Out

Set a timer and don’t have intercourse until that much time has passed. This will give you more time for foreplay, and it will also build anticipation.

  1. Vocalize

Moans and grunts are acceptable communication during sex and foreplay. It will let your partner know that you are enjoying what they are doing. If your lover is completely silent, its hard to know if they are enjoying what you are doing.

  1. Porn

If you are both comfortable with it, try watching porn together. It is a great way to show your partner exactly what you want, and it will get you both turned on.

  1. Read It

If you enjoy reading, break out some erotica and read it aloud to your partner. You don’t have any issues with you or your partner looking at someone else naked, and you can still introduce some fresh ideas and get excited. Using your imagination can be very sexy, and you can always act out what is going on in the book.

  1. Bond over bondage

There is something sexy about giving up control to your partner. All you have to do is relax and take it. Being blindfolded while you are tied up will make you more sensitive, and the anticipation of not knowing what to expect will heighten your excitement.

  1. Come Together

Masturbating together before you have sex can be a huge turn on, and help him last longer. Everyone knows guys get turned on watching a lady play with herself, but many women find it incredibly sexy to watch their man masturbate.

  1. Good Vibrations

Playing with a vibrator together can be a huge turned on. Ladies start out using it on yourself and then let him take over. You can also run it up and down his shaft to get him excited.

  1. Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Kissing usually doesn’t get much consideration in the foreplay department, but it really should. Kissing your partner, especially if you’ve been together awhile, helps maintain intimacy as well as sexual attraction. The trick is to not fall into the peck on the lips rut. When you kiss your partner, kiss them like it is your third date, not your third or thirtieth year of marriage.

  1. Go Down Peppermint Style

Suck on a strong peppermint like an Altoid before you give oral. The peppermint will create tingling and cooling sensations that will drive your partner wild. Lick on it for a minute and then blow on it for a mind-blowing effect.

  1. Love Their Body

No one’s body is perfect, but if you act like they are the sexiest thing you have ever seen, it will lead to better sex. The more confident someone is the more comfortable they are, which inevitably leads to better sex.

  1. Suck the Finger

Ladies, grab your man’s finger and suck on the tip of it. The sensation will get them turned on, and get them thinking about you sucking something else.

  1. Change Oral Positions

There is more than one way to give oral. If you always do it in a certain position, change it up. Try having the man standing and the woman hanging her head upside down off the bed. The change in position makes it feel different.

  1. No More 69

A relationship is about giving and receiving, but giving and receiving at the same time makes it difficult for either party to fully enjoy it. Take an extra ten minutes and please each other one at a time, so you can focus on what you are doing or getting.

  1. Feather Your Cap

Take a feather and rub it all over your partner’s body. The light sensation will turn them on and get them more sensitive to the things to cum… I mean come.

  1. Kiss Everything But Their Genitals

Kiss all over your partner’s body. Get close to their privates but don’t go there until you have teased them so much they just can’t take it. Make them beg you to lick/suck it. It will get both of you extremely turned on.

  1. Share a Bottle of Wine

Getting sloppy drunk isn’t a sexy experience for anyone, but a glass or two of wine or champagne can relax you and help get you in the mood. Besides, it is romantic, and romance is sexy.

  1. Get Dicey

Get some sexy dice, or you can get some regular dice and make your own rules. It is a great way to add a little fun and playfulness, and it can be just the thing to get you out of the same old routine without pushing your boundaries too far.

Sex Tips: Doing The Deed

Now that you armed with some great new foreplay ideas, you are ready to try some new sex moves.

  1. Spicing Up Missionary

Ladies close your legs and then let the guy straddle you. It will make you tighter and make your man feel bigger. It is a small change that can make a real difference in how good it feels.

  1. Spicing Up Missionary 2

In the missionary position, the woman puts her legs at a 90-degree angle. It allows for deeper penetration, which can be fun for both of you. If you are fairly flexible, put your knees on your shoulder. This gives your man full access to your lady parts.

  1. Grandma’s House

If you have kids, let them spend the night with Grandma. The two of you need some alone time, and an empty house sets the stage for the next sex tips.

  1. Turn Up the Volume

Having the kind of sex that the neighbors can hear is fun, and it is also a great ego booster. Adding some dirty talk can really up the excitement as well. You don’t have to spout an erotica chapter. Four letter words, yes, there and harder are all you need in your sexcabulary.

  1. Play House

See how many rooms of the house you can christen in one night, or choose one room like the living room or kitchen and get creative. Doing it somewhere new makes it hard to stay in the same old routine.

  1. Park It

Remember when you were young and you went parking and did it in the car? Break out the nostalgia and go parking. That family car or minivan will work much better than the small vehicles you rode in during high school.

  1. Truck It Up

The bed of a truck with an air mattress can also be a great place to get it on. It can actually be romantic to use a truck bed and make love with the moon and the stars for an audience. If you don’t have a truck, find somewhere out of doors that is private and lay a blanket down and then “lay it down”. Just make sure there are no rocks. Rocks are painful. Trust me.

  1. Dressing Room

Try it in a dressing room, an elevator, a movie theatre, anywhere you can think of that is a public place. Yes you could get caught, but that is part of the excitement.

  1. Laying Down On the Job

Try this modified doggie style position. The woman lays down on the bed on her stomach with her butt slightly raised, and the man enters her from behind. This method gives you much more clitoral stimulation than traditional doggie style.

  1. Get a Little Rough

This should be done after a serious conversation about you and your partners likes and boundaries, but getting a little rough can be fun. Maybe you like to be spanked, have your hair pulled, have your nipples twisted… whatever. Don’t be afraid to have a 50 Shades Conversation with your partner.

  1. Switch Roles

Every couple has one person who is more dominant and one who is more submissive. The simplest way to tell where you and your partner stand on the scale is the person who usually initiates sex is the dominate one. If you are the submissive type, change it up and be the aggressor. You don’t have to go full on whips and chains, unless you want to, but you should initiate sex occasionally. Everyone wants to be wanted.

  1. Stop Faking It

The problem with faking an orgasm is your partner thinks what they are doing is getting the job done, when it clearly isn’t. You don’t have to be rude. Gently tell your partner “you like it better when” instead of “that does absolutely nothing for me”. Surprisingly women aren’t the only ones faking it. 50% of women fake it, but so do 25% of men.

  1. Lube, lube, lube

Sometimes a woman is actually turned on, but for some reason (usually hormonal) it just doesn’t get wet enough. If you do it for awhile, it can also get dry. If it starts feeling dry, lube it up. Make it sexy. Grab the lube and rub it all over yourself, and then your partner. Friction is good, but dry friction will make you both uncomfortable.

  1. Stop Doing It to Do It Better

This doesn’t mean just fall into the no sex rut. Have a conversation about abstaining from sex, and set a date when you are going to get it on again. We all want what we can’t have, and every day that you don’t do it the tension will build. The day that you are going to do it plan a romantic date or spend the day together. By the time you finally do the dirty, it will be like the first time awesome. Ok, the second time. Let’s face it, the first time is usually a little awkward.

  1. Relieve The Pressure

Have no orgasm sex. This is where both of you try your best not to orgasm during sex. Trying not to can lead to incredible naughty O’s for both of you, but if you don’t that is ok to. Getting off is great, but you can have great sex without it. Besides trying not to cum can get you to slow down and enjoy each other instead of trying to race to the finish line.

  1. Quickie Time

Having a quickie occasionally can be fun, but guys make sure your lady is actually in the mood first. Women’s hormones fluctuate throughout the month. Sometimes they are willing to go at the drop of a hat, and sometimes it is gonna take some serious effort on your part. Catch her in the right mood and have a passionate rip your clothes off and go quickie on your lunch break ( or nap time if you have kids).

  1. Make Sure You Are Both Satisfied

Guys tend to cum quicker than women, so if you get to the finish line first, don’t leave your lady hanging. Finish what you start. Go down on her, or just stay inside her and rock very gently. Whatever gets the job done.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Even if you are an incredibly skilled lover, you are not a mind reader. Don’t be afraid to ask what your partner if they are enjoying what you are doing. If you’ve been married for years, all the more reason to ask or suggest something different.

  1. Ban Your Go To Position

Ban your go to position for a night. This will force you and your lover to come up with something besides the usual. We are all creatures of habit, and sex can get stale because it becomes a you do this they do that, so predictable you know exactly what is going to happen. A small change can really add some excitement, and make you more open to trying other changes.

Sex Tips: All About Anal

Anal sex can be enjoyable for both parties if it is done correctly.

  1. Talk About It First

Guys never ever ever try to “slip it in” on your lady. Would you like it if she just “slipped her vibrator in” on you? Talk about it beforehand, and be clear on exactly what you are both comfortable with trying.

  1. Warm Up First

Get the woman very turned on before you go near her back door. Most women have to be extremely turned on to find anal play enjoyable.

  1. Use Your Tongue

Some women enjoy having the man lick around her anus. This is best done after a shower, so you are both more comfortable with it. This is a good introduction to anal stimulation.

  1. Use Your Finger

When your lady is ready for penetration, begin with one finger. Work your way up to two and maybe three before you put anything else in there. You may need to take it slow and use a finger or two only the first time or two. When she can handle that, try using a vibrator. This will help stretch her out and it is easier to control how far you are penetrating her with a vibrator.

  1. Lube

Make sure to use plenty of lube before you stick anything in her butt. The butt doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina does.

  1. Be Gentle

When you are sticking anything in your lady’s rear, be very gentle. Put it in a little and ask her if you can keep going. If she seems uncomfortable, just stay where you are for a moment. Do not under any circumstances try to ram it in. Just because it works in porn doesn’t mean it works in real life.

  1. #1 Rule Never Go From Back To Front

When a man enters the back door he will get bacteria on his penis. If this bacteria enters your va ja ja, it can give you a nasty infection. A condom is the best idea, but if you choose not to use one, be sure he washes really well before he goes into the front.

Sex Tips: Food

Some foods can help you to have better sex. Here are some sex tips concerning food.

  1. Oysters

The zinc and amino acids found in oysters actually increase the production of sex hormones.

  1. Chili Peppers

Chili peppers actually stimulate the production of endorphins, raise your heart rate, and make you sweat. These are all things that happen when you’re aroused, so spice it up.

  1. Chocolate

Dark chocolate releases dopamine, better known as your brains happy chemical. Plus the taste and texture of chocolate are very sensual.

  1. Honey

Honey has been a symbol of love and procreation since ancient times. “Birds and the bees”, “Honeymoon”, and the term of endearment “honey” all come from well honey. The boron in honey helps regulate estrogen and testosterone.

  1. Coffee

Studies say that caffeine helps women get turned on, and even if it doesn’t work, you could use the energy boost. Hard to be sexy when you can’t stay awake. Unless your partner is into that sort of thing.

  1. Black Licorice

The ingredient that gives licorice its flavor also increases blood flow to your genitals by 40%, making it a great aphrodisiac. Besides, you may get strange looks if you pull out oysters in a movie theatre.

  1. Vitamin D

Testosterone is boosted by adequate Vitamin D levels. Testosterone enhances your sex drive in both men and women. So go soak up the sun and some D, and then go soak up some D.

  1. Spicy = Macho

Ladies if you prefer manly macho men see if they like spicy food. Studies have shown that men who like spicy food have higher testosterone levels, and testosterone is responsible for those traits that make a man, well, manly.

Sex Tips: Fun Facts

Some fun and interesting facts about sex.

  1. Beards Are Sexy

Studies have shown that women find men with stubble more attractive than those who are clean shaven or have a full beard

  1. Brood/Smile More

Men find women who smile more attractive, and women find men who are cocky or brooding more attractive.

  1. OOH That Smell

Women don’t find men that smell like a family member attractive. Scientists believe this is a way to guard against incest. So when you buy cologne make sure you don’t smell like her dad. If the scent patent is over 10 years old, just pick something else.

  1. Looking For Something In Red

Ladies wearing red are more attractive to men. So when you want to be extra sexy, wear a red dress. You can also pick up a sexy red bra and panty set for when you need an everyday sexy pick me up. Let your man know you are wearing it, and you will both have a good day.

  1. Having a Headache No Longer Works

Having a headache is no longer an excuse for not giving it up. Studies show that having an orgasm can actually relieve a headache or a migraine. So the next time your wife says she has a headache, tell her you have the cure…. in your pants.

  1. Lavender and Pumpkin

The scent of lavender and pumpkin combined increases blood flow to the genitals by 40%. Who knows, it may just replace V. It’s definitely cheaper, and much less embarrassing when it comes in the mail.

  1. Full House Pron

They’ve made a porn parody of Full House called Full Holes. With names like Kimmy Gobbler, Handy Tanner, and Uncle Jizzy it is bound to be a hit, right? You can find it on PornHub if you are so inclined.

  1. Sex Drive

Some people are wired to want more sex than others. This goes for men and women, so if you want it more than your partner it isn’t because you aren’t attractive, they are just wired that way.

  1. Vibrators Prevent Hysteria

Vibrators were invented in the 19th century to “prevent hysteria” in women. Sounds pretty logical to me.

  1. Post Sex Facebook

36% of people under 35 check their social media accounts after sex instead of cuddling. Falling asleep afterwards is understandable ( although annoying), but this just makes me sad.

  1. Women Have Longer…

The average male orgasm is 6 seconds. Ladies take the record with 20-second orgasms, which is over 3 times longer than a man.

  1. Women Are Turned On By… Well Everything

A study found that straight women became aroused looking at everything from gay sex, straight sex, naked bodies of both genders, and even animals getting it on.

Worst Sex Tips Ever

These are some sex tips taken from actual magazine publications. I’m all for getting creative in the sack, but these are the most ill-advised sex tips. Ever.

  1. Slap It

Ladies grab your mans penis with one hand and slap it with the other. If he isn’t enjoying it, you are being too gentle. If that isn’t doing it, try pinching his sack. Seriously, don’t do that. Unless your man is actually into that sort of thing.

  1. Push It In

Ladies take his shaft and push in on it like you are trying to push it back into his body. Shouldn’t you want it to come out instead of going in?

  1. Strange Hand Gestures

Make incredibly complicated hand gestures while you are playing with his dick.

  1. Combine Complicated Hand Motions With …

Combine incredibly complicated hand motions with incredibly complicated head motions and combine these with moving your tongue in every way imaginable. If you have a hard time patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, don’t try this. Even if you can, why?

  1. Tickle His Feet With Your Nipples

Really? If you can’t find anything better to do than this, you need more help than I can give you. Call Dr. Sue.

  1. Spray it Off

Fill a spray bottle with ice water and set it next to the bed. In the heat of the moment, grab the bottle and spray your partner’s sensitive areas. Then say, bad boy, like you do when your cat pees on the rug.

  1. Lube it Up With What

Take a tablespoon of spit (why a tablespoon) and mix it with water to stretch your spit. Why would anyone do this? If you are too broke to buy lube, use cooking oil. I would even prefer motor oil to this option.

  1. Record it

Record your voice while playing with yourself and send it to him in the middle of the day. While he is at work. Be prepared for lots of sex when he leaves his job out of complete and total mortification.

  1. Ice Cream For You

Feed each other ice cream in the dark, and then you can have fun licking it off each other. This is for people who have plenty of time to clean up the mess after the supposedly mind-blowing sex you will have. Like when you are 18 and don’t need to spice up your sex life because it’s all new anyway.

  1. No Means Yes’

Men, sometimes its fun for the woman to play like she doesn’t want it, and let you take it from her. The thing is you have to know when no really means no. If you take it when she truly doesn’t want it, even if you are married, this is rape. A restraining order will put a real damper on your sex life.

  1. Stroke Her… Forearm

Apparently, a woman’s forearm is loaded with pleasure nerves that respond best to a touch of one to ten centimeters a second. This stimulates the part of the brain that deals with trust and affection. Of course, what is more trustworthy than a man stroking your arm with a stopwatch.

  1. Sweaty Make Out Session

Ok men, when you work out your testosterone levels go up. Since testosterone plays a part and men and women’s libido, you should make out with her and give her lots of your T-loaded spit. Nice sloppy saliva swapping frenching. Ummm not unless you are still in high school.

  1. Lick Her Hand

When you are out in public take her hand and slowly run your tongue down her palm. If she wipes your freak juice off, she is clearly not interested. In anyone that feels the need to lick her hand in public. Yep, you’ve blown it, pal.

  1. Yogurt… If You Would Like to Be Hung Like A Mouse

Apparently, some horny scientists got bored and decided to feed mice yogurt and measure their testicles, seriously. The mice who were on a yogurt diet had 5% bigger testicles… This one takes the cake… or the yogurt.

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